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37 Upperton Road,
Leicester - LE3 0BH
United Kingdom
Tel: 0116 282 7979,   Fax: 0116 224 3832


There is a strong feeling amongst Punjabi community and in particular, artists and literary writers that they should have a meaningful and effective organisation which would represent them in the wider world of art, culture and literature both nationally and internationally. There are many organisations in Britain and worldwide whose mission has been the same but, in terms of their effectiveness, these organisations have failed to deliver. Consequently, Punjabi art and literature has been mainly confined to its own community and even in this community there is a lack of interest in exploring art and reading literature. Writers, some students and some scholars read most publications of Punjabi poetry, short stories and novels. The Punjabi Theatre and its plays are virtually non-existence. Second and third generation Punjabi community has not developed any interest in either reading or writing literature in any form. Furthermore, there has been no attempt to promote Punjabi art and literature amongst multicultural society of Britain and worldwide. Similarly, no attempts were made to introduce Punjabi Language in the mainstream of linguistic studies in British education system. Provision of studying Punjabi is patchy at all levels of education.


To set up a multi purpose Panajbi Centre in Leicester to promote Punjabi Art, Literature, Punjabi language and Culture in the multicultural society of Great Britain and the wider world.


To establish Punjabi Academy Leicester, to:

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promote Punjabi language in the mainstream of multi-linguistic Britain
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) serve humanity by promoting Culture, Art and Literature
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) promote Punjabi culture, art and literature in multicultural society of Britain and abroad
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) encourage and motivate new generation to learn Panjabi
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) act as an intermediary resourceful organisation for establishing links and channels of communications between Punjabi community and other communities and similar organisations in the UK and abroad
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) purchase rent or acquire land or buildings and to train, hire or appoint suitable personnel(s) to achieve the objectives of the academy
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) promote research and development in culture, art and literature
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) translate information in Panajbi for the benefits of Panjabi community
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) help to set up and ESOL and IT classes for adults
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) encourage new poets, writers and visual and performing artists

To meet these objectives the Academy will undertake to:

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Develop robust policies, procedures and the projects to deliver Punjabi education, art, culture, literature and research
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Work towards obtaining funding for its projects and capital funding for buildings from the Punjabi community, lottery grants and other funding organisations
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Organise Punjabi, multilingual and multicultural functions, conferences and workshops in Leiceste,r across Britain, Europe and the wider world
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Translate Punjabi literature into English and the other major languages in the world and vice versa
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Publication of original and translated work and make it available to other organisations
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Act as a resource for translating other works for community and other organisations such as health etc
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Arrange exhibitions of Punjabi art and craft
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Organise public functions and festivals of literary, educational and cultural in nature
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Honour distinguished personalities in the field of literature, science, medicine, arts, drama and performance arts with cash awards and certificates of honour, honorary membership and fellowship of the Academy
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Award scholarships, bursaries and trust funds
Promote and sponsor Punjabi language throughout IT, media and journalism
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Engage 2nd and 3rd generation Punjabi community in all activities. It will also include older generation and women
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Undertake research on Punjabi art and culture and practise evidence based activities
bullet2-red.jpg (785 bytes) Perceive the world and the life on it as a symbol of unity, peace, equality, freedom, aestheticism throughout the realisation of its diversity and globalisation.


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Academy is open to everybody who wants to promote the cause of Punjabi language, art, culture and literature irrespective of their race, creed and religion. Its activities will be open to all others interested in any form.



Secretary General

Dr Karnail Singh Ajaib Singh Nagra Surinder Mahal