square2-slices1_r2_c1.gif (15071 bytes)
square2-slices1_r3_c1.gif (2016 bytes)

quhwfy ivcwrW dw suAwgq hY... swnUM ilKo            

square2-slices1_r4_c1.gif (3518 bytes)

suKbIr Aqy suKdyv, AmrIkw


sat shri akaal ji
               happy new year to all of you
          sukhbir and sukhdev
     from  richmond . virginia usa

AimRqpwl isMG rwey, inaUzIlYNf

010103_amritpalNZ1.jpg (15482 bytes)01/01/03

To: B S Kandola

Happy new Year
From:Amritpal Singh Rai Auckland

- Amritpal

rijMdr isMG, bYljIAm


Hello Everyone,

a s bwhrI, nvI id`lI


Dear Friends,

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year 2003.
May this year bring peace and prosperity in your lives.

From all of us here at:

997A/9, Govindpuri, Kalkaji
New Delhi - 110019, India

swihb jIq isMG, PrWs

010103_sahibjit1.jpg (3441 bytes)01/01/03

vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw
vwihgurU jI kI Pqih !!

f`by iv`c f`bw
f`by iv`c kyk[
hwlo mweI fIAr
hwpI inaU XIAr !!!

hor myry swry prvwr v`lo swry pMjwbIAW nMU nvy swl dIAW vDweIAW[

pMjwbI siBAwcwr sBw, iSkwgo

010103_pcs1.gif (32421 bytes)01/01/03

Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago (PCS) wishes you and your family a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2003. May all your efforts be rewarded and all your wishes come true.

BuipMdr isMG tWfw pRIvwr skorr nwrvy

010103_tanda-norway1.gif (11691 bytes)01/01/03

vIr jIE,
gurU Piqh pRvwn krnI[

AkwlpurK ieh vrW vI dUsry virAW dI qrW
sB jgq leI suKW-BirAw ilAwvy[
5AwbI.kOm-pRIvwr,qy sB Awpxy ivrsy,c syvw kr rhy,
mIfIAw,cVdI-klw ,c iesy qrW hI juitAw rhy [
swfy lIfrW nMU vwihgurU hor vI sumiq bKSy [

DMnvwd sihq
BuipMdr isMG tWfw pRIvwr skorr nwrvy

Aimq im`qr, brnwlw


Happy New Year To You All
Let us Contribute something for the better future of Mankind -
With Good literature, Participation in struggle or thinking high at least
Amit Mitter
Editor - Vigyan jot

gurimMdr kMdolw, knyfw



Hope that health, happiness, and good times ...greet you each day of the new year. All the best to you and the family. Hope you were safe and partied it up last night.


bljIq ig`l, AmrIkw


Hello Everyone:

Here's wishing you and your families, Season's Greetings and Best wishes for the New Year. May you find Joy, Health and Happiness during this holiday  season and throughout the New Year.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Baljit Gill

gurdIp isMG mMf, AmrIkw


sat shri akal to all happy new year 2003, good luck

gurdip singh mand richmond va usa

siqnwm isMG sivtzrlYf


lY siq SRI Akwl, kro guf bwey rqw hux muskrwau s~jxoN
suKI v~so, sdw h~so Kyfo, kro do hzwr do nUM ivdw s~jxoN[

swry sMswr nUM nvyN swl dIAW l~K l~K mubwrkW hox qy nvW swl
sB leI KuSIAW dy KyVy lY ky Awvy[

siqnwm isMG sivtzrlYf

sRIinvws Awnn, AmrIkw


Dear Baldev,

We wish you and your family a happy and wonderful new year 2003.

Srinivas Annam
Aksharamala Team

f: t: P buks, ieMglYNf


May the New Year 2003 be prosperous, brings Good health, Wealth and much more for you

Happy New Year 2003

D.T.F. Publishers & Distributors

Birmingham U.K.

gurSrnjIq kOr, b s Kwlsw, jpwn


Sat Siri Akal ji . we see your site 5abi first time & we like that you give the katha of japji sahib & we request you that please give also shabad kirtan in your site. We live in Japan & here we watch only internet religion program& punjabi programms.

We wish to Happy New year 2003.Ok ji waheguru rakha ji waheguru ang sung ji.
B.S.Khalsa&Gursharan Jeet Kaur /Japan/Tokyo

cwrlI gryvwl


Happy New Year 2003 to Every One in 5abi World

sqivMdr jIq isMG

311202_satwinder1.jpg (13822 bytes)31/12/02

To: 5abi.com

Sat Shri Akal to All,

Success is Unlimited.

The World is Yours.

From: Satwinder Jit Singh

gurbKS isMG, inauzIlYNf


congratulation to the editor, team of 5abi.com, writers and readers of 5abi.com on the eve of new year.

gurbax singh new zealand

lilq mohn


Respected Baldev Ji All other Friends,

I wish you all a very prosperous and happy new year. May God bless us all.

Love Lalit

rwjw iF`lo, hWg kWg

311202_RajaHK1.jpg (15610 bytes)31/12/02

To:5abi.com & everyone ,

Happy New Year 2003

From:Raja Dhillon(Hong Kong)

it`kw-bwlIAW, nwrvy


myly ivc rOxk lweI Fol qy Fm`ikAW ny, vwro vwrI pYx jd hr pwsy bolIAW,
ZolIAw dw lMbV vI m`Gy ipAw k`Fdw ey, drs�kw nw Br leIAw cWvW nwl JolIAw,
PYs�nw puSwkW hr pwsy s`q-rMgIAw ny, ipV ivc AweIAw sB rwxIAW qy golIAw,
gofy lwlI n`cy sBnw dy m`iQAw qy, nFIAW vI AweIAw jd bMn 2 tolIAw[

swfy smUHh pRIvwr vwlo,
5abi.com and 5abi.com dy pwTkW nUM nvy swl 2003 dIAW l`K 2 vDweIAw[
swfI r`b A`gy Ardws hY ik Adwrw
5abi.com. idn dugxI rwq cOgxI qr`kI kry[


pwl isMG shoqw, mnjIq kOr,jspIRq isMG, ikrnpIRq kOr, ggnpIRq isMG

311202_sahotas1.gif (6402 bytes)31/12/02

swry pMjwbIAwN Aqy swry sMswr nUM nvyN swl 2003 dI l`K l`K vDweI hovy jI!

pMjwbI kOm dI cVdI klw leI vwihgurU A`gy Ardws krdy hW!

pwl isMG shoqw, mnjIq kOr, jspIRq isMG, ikrnpIRq kOr, ggnpIRq isMG

nIqU sMDU, hWg kWg

311202_neetuHK1.jpg (24131 bytes)31/12/02

To: 5abi.com & Every One

Best of Luck

- From:Neetu Sandhu(Hong kong)

j isMG, AmrIkw


Dear Veer Panjwad Ji, 

I like your sincere thoughts for the first time.
In the coming New Year, while I like all the  other readers, writers and friends to share good wishes, let us do a little soul searching.

For quite some time, www.5abi.com.  has been a venue for us all  ( worldwide) to read   literary items, Gurbani Katha,  news and share views, free of charge.  A few times I read pleas, from like minded friends to help this wonderful Punjabi magazine financially. But ever since, not one person had the courage to come out with a $ 100.00 or $ 50.00 donation.

While some people like to show off  their vanity ( I am sure they know) by sending their letters almost every day.  And then they boast of being one of the INTELLIGENCIA too.

If you care to see a box on the right, second from the top that reads PATHKAN  DA  SEHYOG. you will see only one donor from America, one from Austria, and rest from Australia. I am one from them. I really request all of you to please pledge and send cheques to:

5abi Limited
3 Applecross Close,
Gorse Covert,
United Kingdom

Most papers nowadays thrive on Ads from these Babas and Peers, and Sayyads, selling CURES OF ALL WORLDLY  ILLS. We have always seen, the editor  has a self respect of not sending a general appeal.  So it is our bounden duty, to realize that his or his team's time ( in India) is not free.  Let us feel responsible and not UNGRATEFUL, if you care about Punjab, and the Punjabi language.

Gurbani says  AKIRT GHAN DI NAZAR.....  Hope we all understand.


jsbIr isMG, AstRylIAw


Dear editor,

Another year is passed as usually. Thousands killed by Indian Goveronment under the name riots, encounters
still waiting for justice. Sajjan Kumar is acquited after 16 years. It was just an eyewashing by the Indian Goveronment. "Justice delayed is justice denied." Killers or alleged killers of Indra Gandhi, General Vadiya,Rajiv Gandhi were hanged even after passing through so many courts and long procedures. How do we celebrate 1st day of year 2003.

To protest against Sajjan Kumar's acquital, Sikhs worldwide should protest in a democratic and religious manner on republic day by wearing black badges in republic day celebrations. Republic Day is the day when
Indian constitution was instituted. Indian constitution has failed to address wrongs to Sikhs. Killer of  thousands of Sikhs in 1984 cannot be indicted. HKL Bhagat, Jagdish Tytler & Sajjan Kumar all were acquited. Sikhs still have to be married under Hindu Act, and pay tax under Hindu undivided Family Status. If India is a secular republic why cannot word Hindu be changed with Indian or simply "Marriage Act" for marriage and "Undivided Family" for tax purposes.

It is a shame that thousands of Sikh youths could be killed in fake police encounters. Why cannot Sajjan Kumar be done away with by Indian police like Sikh youth.

The Jathedar of Akal Takhat should give a call to Sikhs to protest worldwide peacefully on republic day. Indian Embassies worldwide should be targetted by reciting Kirtan peacefully in front of them. Similarly Kirtan should be recited in front of DC's offices throughout North India especially Haryana, Punjab and New Delhi. Black badges should be worn in republic day celebrations by Sikhs.

Jasbir Singh

pMjwbI st`fI srkl AwstRylIAw (isfnI)


pMjwbI st`fI srkl AwstRylIAw (isfnI) vloN 5abi.com dy kwimAW nUM, lyKkW nUM,Aqy smUh pwTkW nUM nvyN swl 2003 dIAW l`K l`K vDweIAW phuMcx jI[

r`b krky quhwnUM swirAW nUM ies swl iv`c mnocwihAw AnMd pRwpq hovy Aqy byAMq auqSwh nwl pMjwbI jgq dI syvw krdy rho[

swbI soml, knyfw

301202_sabbyX.jpg (31085 bytes)30/12/02

hi there, New year di lakh-lakh vadaie hove!!

301202_sabbyX3.jpg (26561 bytes)

saaby somal, surrey, Canada

pirqpwl isMG ibMdrw, surjIq kOr ibMdrw, knyfw


Happy New Year from Pritpal Singh Bindra and Surjit Kaur Bindra

Comes the years two thousand and three,
May Satguru keep it trouble free.

Sometimes, have to pass through prickly walks,
But, may Almighty not give twisting calls.

May life-music not lapse into discarding notes,
And God may fulfil all our modes.

New Years may bring New Thoughts,
And let life extend without any rots.

(Based on greetings from Gyani Karnail Singh

jsivMdr isMG brwV, inaUzIlYNf





BgvMq isMG pMjvwV, jpwn


bhaji asi aap ji di 5abi.com bahutpasand karde han ji .guru ji aap ji te kirpa karnte ese taran hi panth di seva da aap ji nu hor ball baksish karn. asi aap ji nu pura jogdan devage ji .sade laik seva dasni ji.jis nal sikh kom da hor naam roshan ho sake ji.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

jogI iblgy vwlw, knyfw


swry pMjwbIAW ƒ Aqy swry smu`cy jgq ƒ nvyN swl 2003 dIAW l`K-l`K vDweIAW[vwhygurU sB leI KuSIAW BirAw nvW swl b^Sy[

jogI iblgy vwlw (knyfw )

ieMdrjIq isMG rwxw, knyfw


Dear Editor Sahib.Sait Sri Akal,

I wish you and your staff happy new year, and convey my best wishes to all the readers of 5abi.com. I like to read more to Mr Amarjit singh Tanada, Bibi Anmol Kaur of canda and Dr Ms Gurminder k Sidhu,thru your cloumn I would like to appriciate the efforts of my fellow brothers of Punjab Youth club Hong Kong ,to help the needy brother and sister in Punjab,and expect the same in coming new year,and would like to suggest all my brother and sisters setteled in abroad to help the less fortunate peoples in punjab,by providing them financial help and education to children.
once again best wishes for all.
Warm Regds
Inderjit singh Rana(Calgary Canada)

sucw lohtIAw jrmnI

291202-lohtia1.jpg (18283 bytes)29/12/02

Adwrw 5AwbI.kOm Aqy smUh pwTkgx nUM nvyN swl dI l`K l`K vDweI hovy.

Wishing You A Happy New Year!

sucw lohtIAw jrmnI

nvqyj isMG Atvwl, hWg kWg

HK-pyc2002.jpg (25895 bytes)29/12/02

Dear Dr. Kandola

We wish you a magical New Year and may all your dreams come true this special year.

Best Regards.

NAvtej Singh Atwal
Punjab Youth Club, Hong Kong

rwj BuipMdr isMG, Bwrq


291202_raj1.jpg (25577 bytes)

h-shake1_100.jpg (3191 bytes)h`Q imlwaux dw F�g Aqy quhwfI mnodSw
- fw� hrc�d is�G srih�dI

' hor bweI jI , kI hwl cwl hY ?'
" TIk AY "
' kI g`l , h`Q kuJ TMfw TMfw lg irAw ey '
" bs Xwr, 2 ku idn mMjy qy ipAw irAw vW "

h`Q imlwauxw........ ie`k siBAk qrIkw, dUsry nUM jI AwieAW kihx dw qy Awpxw ipAwr jqwaux dw [ lyKk ny v`K v`K qrW nwl h`Q imlwaux dy qrIky d`s ky kmwl hI kr idqI [ 'rwjnIqk h`Q imlwauxw ' qy ' hQylI nUM aupr jW Q`ly kr ky imlwauxw' ie`k nvIN jwxkwrI hY jo ik pihlW pqw nhIN sI [

ie`k gl jo h`Q nw imlwaux dI , auh hY jW qW Aglw AwpxI hYNkVbwjI ivKw irhw hY qy jW aus nUM h`Q dI soj hY jW auh hweIjYinkqw ivc ijAwdw ivSvwS r`Kdw hY [ pr ieh sB iks qrW jwixAw jwvy ? ies qoN ielwvw jdoN koeI aumr ivc v`fw jW ruqby ivc v`fw ivAkqI swhmxy hovy qW dono h`Q joV ky Piqh bulwA dyxI cwhIdI hY [ pr jy Aglw aumr ivc Cotw hovy qy ruqby ivc v`fw qW iPr ? ies bwry lyKk cu`p hY , Swied Agly lyK ivc ies qy cwnxw pw sky [

bwkI pwTk ies bwry AwpxI rwey Byjx dI Kycl krn qW bhuq vDIAw hovygw [

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq [

gurmIq isMG hysitMgz, inaUzIlYNf


siqkwrXog sMpwidk swihb jI,

mIfIey dI mh`qqw nUM iDAwn ivc r`KidAW hoieAW hmySW hI koiSS kIqI geI hY ik sQwink p`Dr aupr is`KI dI koeI g`l SurU kIqI jwvy[ iesy ivcwr dw sdkw AsIN lokl AMgryzI A^bwr hOks by tUfy nwl rwbqw kwiem kIqw [

11 sqMbr nUM AmrIkw ivc vrqy Bwxy dy duKI Aqy pIVq lokW nwl APsos Aqy hmdrdI pRgt krn Aqy ies duKdweI Gtnw dI inMdw krn leI dws, gurduAwrw swihb dI pRbMDk kmytI dy mu`K syvwdwr sR: svrn isMG jI Aqy ^zwncI bljIq isMG jI A^bwr dy d&qr phuMcy Aqy AYfItr nwl mulwkwq kIqI[ A^bwr dy sMpwdk ny pihlw iehI suAwl kIqw, “Are you Hindu? qW ausnUM sMKyp ivc is`K Drm bwry jwxkwrI id`qI[  Hawke’s Bay Today dy 15 sqMbr dy AMk dy m`uK pMny aupr ijQy bwkI crcW vloN A&sos pRgt kIqw igAw auQy nwl hI is`K suswietI vloN pRgt kIqy A&sos dy Sbd Cwpy gey[

auprMq 5 nvMbr 2001 nUM tI vI ONE dy cYnl aupr 10-12 imMt dw pRogrwm pRswirq kIqw igAw jo ik isrP inrol hysitMgz gurduAwrw swihb dw irkwrf krvwieAw igAw sI[

auprMq RADIO KIDNAPPERS AM1431 aupr hr Su`krvwr nUM Swm dy 7.00 to 8.00 q`k gurbwxI kIrqn, FwfI vwrW, Dwrimk gIq, pMjwbI ^brW Aqy b`icAW leI Dwrimk pRSonqrI dw pRogrwm SurU kIqw igAw [ ieh progrwm vI gurduAwrw swihb hysitMgz vloN SurU kIqw igAw [ pr kuJ lokW dI eIrKw kwrn ieh bMd krnw ipAw [ izAwdw ilKxw kuQW hovygw[ vwihgurU ny imhr kIqI qW dws Biv`K ivc in`jI qOr qy ies pRogrwm nUM iPr SurU krygw[

auprMq 3 nvMbr 2001 nUM Hawke’s Bay Today dy irportr dy sihXog nwl pUrw Pu`l pyz dw AwrtIkl is`K Drm Aqy ivcwrDwrw bwry CipAw [

ienHW koiSSW dw sdkw hI Hawke’s Bay Today dy irportr ny Awpxy qOr qy 3rd June, 2002 nUM dwVHI bwry lyK iliKAw ijs ivc hysitMgz invwsI sR: gurcrn isMG qoN ielwvw A^bwr dy sMpwdk lUeIs pwierf, grIn MP Nandor Tanczos, igzbrn invwsI irkI cYpnn, nypIAr imaUzISIAn bolo ikMg, tYrwfyl invwsI noiel, Aqy nypIAr imaUzISIAn sonI ikMg dIAW dwVHIAW vwlIAW qsvIrW CwpIAW[

auprMq huxy hI guru nwnk dyv jI mhwrwj dy pRkwS auqsv vyly A^bwr ivc News Item CpvweI Aqy 26th Novembr dy AMk dy mu`K pMny dy auprly kwrnr ivc AoklYNf qoN Awey AKMfpwTI BweI kSmIrw isMG jI dI Poto vI CwpI geI [

pr sMpwdk swihb jI ieqnw hI kw&I nhIN hY, hor vI rl-imlky hMBly mwrn dI loV hY qwik gurU nwnk pwqSwh jI dy pwvn piv`qr isDWqW Aqy isiKAwvW nUM dunIAW ivc rOSn kr skIey[ gurU pwqSwh jI imhr krn Aqy swnUM swirAW nUM sum`q b^SS krn qwik ‘lok suKIey pRlok suhyly’ kr skIey[

Bu`lW-cu`kW leI i^mW cwhuMdw hoieAw,
DMnvwd sihq,
gurmIq isMG hysitMgz[

fw: gurimMdr is`DU

271202_GSidhu1.jpg (13037 bytes)27/12/02

To: baldev kandola

iehnan fulan vang hamesha khirey te mahikde raho
dr.gurminder sidhu
dr.baldev singh khaira

- dr.gurminder sidhu

fw: jsbIr isMG kMg, AmrIkw


Recent acquittal by Delhi court of Sajjan Kumar, a former Congress MP has opened old wounds of victims of events of 1984 and has pained all justice loving people of India. Mr. Sajjan Kumar was one of the main accused of anti Sikh Massacre of 1984 after Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s assassination. The persons clearly responsible for the pogrom had been acquitted. First, it was former Parliamentary minister HKL Bhagat, then Jadish Tytler and, Now Sajjan Kumar. The government did not plead these cases properly, which resulted in acquittals on technical grounds. This decision has shocked Sikhs and other justice loving people worldwide. According to recent report in The Tribune (Chandigarh) there are 5000 plus widows in Delhi alone. According to Mr. Ramesh Thapar, editor of Seminar, estimated the loss of Sikhs life in Delhi as between 6000-8000. Further details and eye witness accounts are well documented in a report, “Who are the Guilty” by citizens for democracy (this report was brought out by retired Indian jurists and intellectuals but it was banned by then Congress government in center). Not to mention tremendous economical loss and faith in judicial system.

Few weeks ago persons indirectly responsible for attack on Indian parliament were awarded death sentences by Delhi court for their suspected part in conspiracy. One lady was awarded jail term just to teach her a lesson so other people will not dare to participate or give moral support to this kind of act of terrorism. There was no clear cut evidence for her direct involvement but she was awarded punishment in the interest of National. But similar consideration was not given in punishing perpetuators of murderers of thousands of innocent civilians in Nation’s capital. So far Indian state has failed to bring any one else to justice for these murders.

We all know that that some misguided Americans tried to take law in their own hands by killing innocent south Asian and others after incident of September 11, 2001. American authorities immediately arrested those people and killer of Balbir Singh Sodhi has already been given punishment. City of Mesa, Arizona has built a memorial to honor Balbir. Every thing was done to lend a healing hand to families of those victims. Sikhs are still waiting for healing hand from Indian state even after 18 years. Many governments have changed since then but victims of 1984 are still looking for justice and healing hand.

Jasbir Singh Kang MD
Yuba City, California

swbI soml, knyfw


Hi there,

I have read this article"jehi teri gutt dekh lai..." and realized that this is true. Some stuff which reminds us our culture such as Gutt, gani, Kantha, Punjabi jutti, lathe di chadar....., but you can hardly see "gutt" in Canada, mostly girls like "khulle vaal". Even girls who come to canada, after few days, they like to change thier hair style. "Pher bhala sannu "jarag da mela dekhan nu kitho miluga ethe, canada wich, right?"

Now, reh gayee ghar de kum-kaar di gall, ke, In-laws always ask if their future daughter-in-laws can do all the house work. Jidda bhai kehnde hunde aha "Aurat bhamee chand te chal javee, pur 'roti' ja 'ghar da kum' ta jaroor auna chahida."

Punjabi mela sannu apne culture varee dasda hai. Singers sing what people want to listen. It is their(singers)profession. Nobody wants to screw their profession no matter what feild they are in. 'Eh understanding sannu listen karan walia nu honi chahidi hai'. Anyway, we should keep our culture alive through these punjabi mela(melas), "Night clubs nalo ta pher bhi changa hai."
Saaby Somal (Surrey), Canada

lvdIp isMG


tuhada akhbaar bahut hi changa lagda hai

aasi jado vi internet tei bedhdai ha tuhada akhbaar

jarroor kohli da hai

sadai valo tuhanu navai saal di lakh lakh vadai hove

romyS, AmrIkw


If you still have not planned for New Year Eve, let me invite you , the family and friends to India Post Nite . It will definitely be a fun evening leading us to a prosperous and healthy New Year.
Place : Young California Hall at Alameda County Fair Grounds 4501 Pleasanton Ave in Pleasanton
Time : 7 P.M. to 1A.M., Tuesday, December 31, 2002
Ticket : $50 for adults and $25 for children
Features : Live Music, Indian Cuisine, Wine , Champagne, Party Favors and more
RSVP : My Cell. # 510-593-7844, Naresh's Cell 510-209-4285, Sonia's cell 510-909-7007
Or e-mail back to me .

gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf


s: gurmIq isMG jI dw ^q piVHAw[ myry ivcwr hvwlw sihq sn nw ik injI[ pr mu`kdI g`l qW ieh hY ik is`KI bwry AigAwxqw ikvyN dUr kIqI jwvy? ies dy leI dUjy dI mdd aufIkx dI QW injI Xogdwn izAwdw zrUrI hY[ hux Awp jI ny hI iliKAw hY ik 11 sqMbr nUM myAr nwl imlwp kIqw pr aus qoN bwAd kI? ieh nukqw hY nw ik inMdw[ mslw qW is`K pCwx bwry glq&ihmIAW dUr krx dw hY[ ies vYb sweIt aupr Awp jI dy ^q pVH ik ies g`l dI KuSI huMdI hY ik Awp pws kuJ vkq Aqy swDn hn ijs qoN iehI Aws kIqI jWdI hY ik qusIN hysitMgz ielwky dy A^bwr, tOk-bYk ryfIE Aqy sQwxk myilAW nwl cMgw imlwp r`Kogy Aqy ih`sw lvogy[

SuB kwmnwvW sihq[
gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf[

fw: jsbIr isMG kMg, AmrIkw


Dear Editor,

Macleans.CA (Canada)

I appreciate Reenu Bakshi's (article in Macleans on 12/23/02) concern for ending gang violence amongst Sikh youth in British Columbia. But she is unable to dig out real causes for this unfortunate situation. Many of us, as parents have to take this responsibly to put halt to this tragedy. But I like to clarify Punjabi culture has many follies like other cultures do-but Sikh faith is ultra modern, progressive and very much against senseless violence. She has unjustly blamed Sikh religion as underlying factor for this problem. She claims to be of Punjabi (her first name is suggestive of her being non Sikh, I apologize in advance-if I am wrong) background. She is probably (or her Bakshi parents) from urban Punjab, because many Punjabi urbanites have poor understanding of issues and culture of large majority of rural Punjabis. Most of the rural Punjabis are from farming background and they have been facing serious social, economical exploitations and human rights hardships in Punjab, India.

Many farmers have committed suicides in Punjab due to their inability to repay loans. Many of them will do any thing; even take serious risks to migrate to Canada or USA in search of better economical opportunities. Majority of Punjabi's living in Canada are from rural Punjab. They (rural Sikhs/Punjabi's) obviously come from very structured family oriented (agrarian) cultural background. But when they land in Canada, they are confronted with many challenges of urban and western lifestyles confounded with their limited understanding of these issues (being new struggling immigrants in these new Countries). Many parents work 12-16 hours a day in search of better financial situation and meantime their kids are completely ignored. These kids are growing confused between many different values and identities. Many of them are getting their cultural education from Television both American/Canadian plus Indian videos (Hindi movie industry is a big business in British Columbia; Hindi movies have no rating for violence and sex).

These kids are facing cultural crisis complicated by Gurdwaras politics. Historically speaking Gurdwaras have played very positive role in the lives of average Sikhs but over the last 15-20 years many Gurdwaras have become center of political struggle rather than places of spiritual learning and social uplifting of its members. Indian politics have played very negative roles in the lives of young Sikhs growing during these years in British Columbia or other places with large Sikh populations. Majority of Sikhs are hard working, aggressive and very progressive people. They have always contributed way more than their numbers in India's development. Despite restrictive policies of India 10% of Indian army officers come from Punjab. Sikhs (in Field Hockey) had won more Olympic Gold medals than other South Asian community; Punjab has more singers and artists than any other region of India. I think the root cause of this violence amongst young Sikhs is due to their identity crisis, lack of discipline and no Sikh values. Surely, it is complicated by their parent’s lack of education and inability to comprehend these issues. Sikh leaders need to pay serious attention to this matter. Youngsters are torn apart between multiple identities. Many other immigrant communities have faced similar problems in the past.

Sikhs have lived in North America for more than a hundred years and issue of this kind of gang violence is less than one decade old, so how can you blame Sikhism as root cause for this problem. Rather many of these so called Sikhs (growing without any values) are victims of circumstances not of their own making. These kids have no idea about Sikhism or any other faith. I have not heard or read that any of these violent kids were practicing Sikhs. Once again I agree that Sikh community need to open their eyes-Yes we need major reform in our approach to our younger generation.

Jasbir Singh Kang MD
Yuba City, California

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To: 5abi.com

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Guru nanak Sikh Society

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SSA Kandola Saheb,

It is not that Delhi High Court that has acquited Sajjan Kumar. It is the Sikh Qaum by its stupidity that has got the 1984 carnage killers go scot free by Raising and diverting attention towards useless issues like:

1. Langar on chair.
2. Useless fight between defunct old corrupt leaders like Talwandi, Badal & Tohra.

If anybody has any sense of shame they should stop useless issues like chairs and all. Let people's calf muscles be strained by sitting on floor. But we should not let killers of our Sikh brethren get away scot free.

If we want to be progressive, let us do the way Jews are progressive while been traditionalist. They still hunt for concentration camp killers around the globe. We cannot do the same in New Delhi.

Let the Langars have chairs provided people who want chairs can concentrate their energy in getting 1984 killers convicted.

Let us pledge to vote for Badal if he can get at least 5-10 people convicted for killing of 7000 people in 1984 through his friendship with Chautalas and Vajpayee.

We as a community need to hang our head in shame especially the Badal's and FurnitureDhari's for raising all these needless controversies.


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gurpRIq isMG, kYlyPornIAw

grafik_140.jpg (5087 bytes)23/12/02

I liked u r article about the Gadar To Agadi Tak. I found so man new things those I never knew before. It is a very important article for all those people those do not anything about the Gadari Babays. I read their contribution in Indian independent, it is too much. It really helps the people to gain new knowledge about our elders like how hard they fought to make our country independent. I hope u will continuously publish these kinds of articles. I thank u very much for giving us new knowledge.

Thank You
Gurpreet Singh
Sacramento, California

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I just read a letter from a veer G Singh, It is true. Some youngsters in New Zealand also do not know about us. Our leaders and people who has some love for Sikhism and have very good resources, should do some thing. It is a big challenge today for Sikhs, specially who are the real ones. White youngsters they just look for the turbans and making remarks. We should make propaganda, exhibitions and internationally media approach. If all the well wishers of Sikhism could make joined efforts toward ths challenge, it wil be fanatastic.

Gurmeet Singh
HASTINGS, New Zealand.

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I am sending this latest news that Sikhs are facing many discreaminations. This latest news that accured in the United States that Sikh are having hard time traveling. I want the Sikh media to take action and fight to get their human and civil rights. We still have not reach more media people to teach them about Sikhism. The latest inccdent that i heard that a sikh man was traveling in the united states with all the right documments but he had to face a lot of problems because he is sikh and he don't know English. The immigration and security had misstreat him. I want to let the sikh media know that we still have not reach the world and teach the world about Sikhism. I don't know what the Sikhs leaders are doing......

Eventhough after having so many parties in the united states i think they are not doing anything. These people form parties to show their self as an fraud that they are very kind people who help the sikh media.But sad thing is we all don't know about this. I hope you get my point, and i am very thankful to you if you share this with media. At the end.. Sat Sri Akal ji...............................................................

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I am just wondering why does Raj Bhupinder Singh has to give his comments for every article? You can see his name in every other response. I think all the writers are doing superb. 5abi.com has come long way since it's inception.


Gurpreet S. Mann
Fresno, CA

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I am reading your 5abi..com regularly. You are giving good matter for the readers . In this way people who are sitting in the various parts of the world knowing all about the India and Punjab. I like the article written by
Dalbir Singh, Major Singh Thind and Kuldip Nayer.Pay my respect to all of  them.I am very thankful your web site for hearing the voice of great poet of  punlabi Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Good bye to all the team of 5abi.Com and all the readers of this site and all the writers who giving good matters to the readers
With best wishes
Yours truly,
Gurbax Singh Jaid
New Zealand



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Dear Readers,

I have been reading the letters of both Mr Iqbal Singh and Mr Major Singh Thind. The core issue discussed was " whether it is right to have/eat langar on chairs and tables in a Gurdwara Complex. The issue has been raised before and the debate did more harm than good to the overseas Sikh community. The already fragmented community was further shattered by allegations and counter allegations of both the pro and anti chair/table groups. The same controversy dogged the Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple of Hong Kong in 1998 which was ultimately settled-with the MAJORITY of sangat agreeing to have chairs-tables removed from the langar hall . To this date we can hear rumblings from the 'OLD' immigrants about the 'Pichrapan' of the newly arrived immigrants.

Difference in opinion is bound to remain between long settled and newly arrived immigrants in all parts of the world-but to call people who prefer to sit down on floor as 'BACKWARD THINKING' cannot be justified. The Japanese and the Koreans eat their food sitting on floors at home while the Europeans prefer to have their food on the chairs -table. Does this imply that the Japanese or Korean people are not forward thinking or that they are somehow inferior to their western counterparts?

Sadh-Sangat Ji the question is:

For how long can the so called 'MODERATES' stop the chairs/tables moving from langar halls to the darbar sahib?


Ranveer Singh Sahota, Hong Kong

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"Guru Nanak" or "Guru Nanak Dev"
Pritpal Singh Bindra
Recently the question of the attachment of DEV with the name of Guru Nanak was raised by a very prominent Sikh Journalist and Broadcaster of Toronto. Is the insertion of DEV with the name of Guru Nanak the result of some Brahminical endeavour or just an innocent and unintended attempt? I leave it to the readers to judge. I just want to throw some light on the subject through the available literature.

The Janam Saakhis are the oldest written record in respect of the life of Guru Nanak. Among them Puratan Janam Saakhi is considered to be the earliest one. Mostly it refers to Guru Nanak as "Baba Nanak" and occasionally "Guru Nanak." Then comes the Janam Saakhi written by Meharbaan (1581-1646). He was the nephew of Guru Arjan Dev and a prominent writer and singer of Guru's hymns. For Guru Nanak he mainly uses, "Guru Baba Nanak" or "Guru Nanak Jee." The word DEV does not exist there either.

Similarly, Bhai Mani Singh, contemporary of Guru Gobind Singh confines his address to Guru Nanak Jee or
Baba. No DEV is found in the Janam Saakhi written by him. Even in the contemporary records, DEV is not traceable. Dr. Piara Singh Padam did a monumental task by discovering Guru Keeyaan Saakhiyaan written by Bhai Saroop Singh Koshish in 1790 CE on the basis of the genealogical records kept by his ancestors who had been the Bards at the Guru Ghars. In the works of Macauliffe, Hari Ram Gupta, Khushwant Singh, etc, the word DEV is not visible. In the text of 'A History of the Sikh People' Dr. Gopal Singh does not use this word in the text but in the index he mentions "Nanak Dev, Guru." Why?

Khazan Singh's History of The Sikh Religion (1914) is devoid of this word although he frequently states "Mehta Kalu CHAND."  Now the question arises how did this DEV emerged with the name of Guru Nanak. Among the medieval records, to my inference, it appeared first time in the Vaars of Bhai Gurdas (Scribe and contemporary of Guru Arjan Dev). In the beginning of Vaar twenty-four he says, "Satgur Nanak Deo aap upaeo." Also in the Vaar 3 Pauree 13 it says, "Satgur Nanak Deo Guran Gur Hoyea." My attention has been drawn towards a shabd from Sri Guru Granth Sahib, as well, "deekhiaa aakh bujhaaeiaa sifuthee sach sumaeo, thin ko kiaa oupudhaeseeai jin gur naanuk daeo" (Page 150, line 13 of SGGS.) The word "daeo" has been interpreted in variant ways. Some consider it as the part of the name as "Guru Nanak Dev" and some as "endowed by Guru Nanak."  In the current history we come across this notion in the writing of Bhai
Sahib Vir Singh. In his article, "Uche Khandan Dey Kautak" published in 1900AD, and included in Guru Nanak Chamatkar, Bhai Sahib mentions, "Agley sapheyan wich Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee daa sach khand vaasi hona ...." If Bhai Sahib Vir Singh Jee has used this word, then there must be some authentication available. Is the addition of DEV with the name of Guru Nanak, a deliberate Brahminical attempt as suggested by some protagonists of Sikhi or an inadvertent or genuine act? Only some serious academic and scholarly investigation can clarify. The academicians at the Guru Nanak Dev University must have the right answer; the name, as I understand, was changed from Guru Nanak University to
Guru Nanak Dev University.

Pritpal Singh Bindra

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- kuldIp neIAr


This article written by Mr. Kuldip Nayyar on General Mushaffar is deeply touching and correct.
Surinder Sharma, Helsinki

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iekbwl isMG (Canada)

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I am viewing the 5abi.com website for the first time and I am very pleased with your it and I pray to God that he gives you more strength to keep this web going for ever especially the explanation about The Holy Granth Shaib. Please can you add a collection of Punjabi songs on your website?  Again thank you for putting together this brilliant Pubjabi web site. 

Regards, Harbinder Bolina

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ZYr ny nw qoVIAW, nw Epry ny mslIAW..
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lyKk ny ies lyK ivc rwjnIqk pwrtIAW dI pwj auGyVx dI BrpUr koiSS kIqI hY qy ies ivc auh kwmXwb vI irhw hY [ gujrwq ivcly goDrw StySn qy vwprI Gtnw bwry luKk dw AMdwzw shI ho skdw hY ikauNik ibnW iksy BVkwaU kwrvweI dy koeI vI pRqI ikirAw nhIN ho skdI [ Abdul hmId Kwn vrgy POjI jo ik prmvIr c`kr ivjyqw sI, nUM vI dMgeIAW ny nhIN bKiSAw [ ies qoN mwVI gl hor kI ho skdI hY ? klIAW qy tihxIAW dI audwhrx ies qy pUrI Fu`kdI hY [

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Dear Editor

Mr. Devinder Sharma's reaction for the previous picture ( Cannons )  was excellant. Kindly send my heartly congratulations to him for his contribution for readers. Thanks & Regards.

Sukhpal V.S. - Kuwait 

AYs.AYs ig`l


Great is your effort



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keIAW guxW dI jnmdwqw hY ik`kr

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swnUM sB nUM ie`k ie`k ik`kr Awpxy Gr jW ies dy nyVy lgwauxw cwhIdw hY qW ik kudrq dI ies dwq nUM ikqy Bu`l nw jweIey qy nvIN pIVI ies nUM Xwd r`K sky [

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hY nw lyKk dw kmwl [ khwxI pVdy pVdy ieMj lgdw hY ik ipMf dI s`Q ivc koeI isAwxw TyT pMjwbI ivc nwl idAW dw mn prcwvw kr irhw hY [ khwxI dI BwSw srl qy swdI hY , ibnW iksy ivMg v`l dy [ pr khwxI dy AKIr ivc bwbw nwnk dw ijkr pqw nhIN ikvyN Aw igAw ?

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BwrqI isAwsq dw ‘ku`to qy votW lu`to’ p`qw
-is`DuU dmdmI


Sidhu have deep pentration in to the Modus oprandi of Elactions in India .Any wise person reach the same conclusion.But How long the country and law abiding citizen are going to  tolrate this type of system what is I would ask sidhu to write more on the subject people like him should be more active in this field.

Kuldip Singh Meelu
MA Punjabi. Adi Granth Acharya

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-tI�Awr� Srmw 




lyKk dI ieh rcnw bhuq hI pweydwr qy v`fmulI hY ikauNik ies ivc sPlqw pRwpq krn dy gur qy qrIikAW bwry ivsQwr nwl cwnxw pwieAw hY [ ieQoN swnUM ieh isiKAw imldI hY ik PjUl bYT ky g`pW mwrn qy igly iSkvy krdy rihx qoN cMgw hY koeI auswrU kMm SurU krn dI pihl krIey , ikauNik pihl krnI jW rsqy qy pihlw kdm putxw hI muSkl hY , iPr qW bs cl so cl , mMijl qy ApV hI jweIdw hY [ hWgkWg ivcly j`j dw PYslw bhuq  vDIAw hY [ swnUM loV hY ik swfy qoN A`gy jw rhy ivAkqI dI rIs nwl A`gy  vDIey , nW ik aus nUM ip`Cy krn dI swijS rcIey [


            tI. Awr. Srmw qoN Aijhy hor lyKW dI aufIk hY [


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bhuq hI ^UbsUrq ivcwr idqy hn myjr mWgt jI ny[ loV qW Aijhy ivcwrW aqy iehnW qy aml krn dI bhuq smw pihlW qoN hI hY pr clo, ajy vI fulHy byrW dw kuJ Kws nhI ivgiVAw[

sMqoK isMG

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Anmol kOr , knyfw

281102_merigut1.jpg (3826 bytes)ijhI qyrI gu`q dyK leI…jrg dw mylw
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BweI swihb dlbIr isMG jI dw iliKAw lyK " ijhI qyrI gu`q dyK leI…..jrg dw mylw" piVHAw ijs ivc iek QW qy auhnW ny iliKAw hY ky Awm Bwvnw hY ky is`K suhxy nhI huMdy,is`K qW kudrqI qOr qy hI suhxy huMdy hn,ieh qW mUvIAW vwly hn ijHnW ny hymSW hI is`Kw dw Aks glq idKwieAw hY auh jwx bu`J ky is`KW nUM GtIAw qy mzwk dw pwqr bxwaudy hn[iPlmW vwilAW ivc jo kUpr pirvwr hY,auhnW is`Kw pRqI iPr BI kwPI iejq idKweI hY,SsI kUpr ny iek iPlm bnweI sI ijsdw nwm sI ivjYqw ijs ivc ausny Awpny puqr kunwl kUpr nUM is`K hIro idKwieAw sI,p`qw l`gw sI ausdI dwVHI BI AslI sI,ausdI prsnYltI bwkI mUvIAW nwlo aus mUvI ivc ijAwdw sI pr ieho ijhIAw mUvIAW dI crcw BI G`t hI huMdI hY[ipCy ijhy bobI idaul dI mUvI AweI sI 'Bgq isMG;aus ivc Awp sB ny dyiKAw hovygw aus ivc auh ikHnW shoxw jcdw sI [ijhVy ieh kihMdy hn ky is`K sohxy nhI hMdy auhnHw ivc Awp hI srdwrW nUM dyKn dI jwNc nhI huMdI[swfy nwl iek ihdMUAW dI kuVI pVHdI sI auh hymSw hI ikhw krdI sI ausnUM srdwr muMfy ihMdU muifMAW nwlo izAwdw sohxy lgdy hn nwl hI ieh BI kihMdI sI ky aus nUM pqw hY ky aus dw ivAwh aus dy mWipAW ny srdwr muMfy nwl nhI krnw[

jrnYl hrI isMG nlUAw dI prsnYltI dyK ky pTwnW dI iek kuVI ieqnI pRBwivq hoeI sI kI auhnW kol jw ky kihn lgI ky mY Awp jI nwl SwdI krnw cuMhdI hW qw jo mY quhwfy vrgy puqr dI mW bx skW ieh qW isMG swihb dw eynw aucw sucw krYktr sI auhnW ny Awpnw isr aus kuVI dI godI ivc r`K id`qw qy ikhw kI A`j qo qUM myrI mW qy mY qyrw puqr[is`K nYt qy iek ieMglS kuVI kih rhI sI ky p`cI swl ho gey hn mYnUM iek is`K AmRiqDwrI nwl ivAwh kIqy nUM hux qk AsI bUhq hYpI hW[

igAwNnI krnYl isMG jI dIAW khwxIAW dw hIro izAwdw qk srdwr hI huMdw hY ijs dI id`K khwxI ivc buhq hI sohxI pyS kIqI geI huMdI hY[bYsy BI dunIAW dy swry rihbr is`K rUp ivc hI hoey hn cwhy auh iesw jI, rwm cMdr jI jW iPr muhMmd swihb auh swry hI qkrIbn kysW dwVIAW vwly sn[so ijMnW dI ieh Bwvnw hY ky is`K sohxy nhI huMdy auhnW nUM AwpxI Bwvnw bdl lYxI cwhIdI hY ikauN ky is`K sohxy sI,is`K sohxy hn qy is`K sohxy rihxgy [

Anmol kOr (Canada)

darya1.jpg (3265 bytes)

bjfS[ dryji   ljVP~ dvt]!

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