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Vasakhi Day
Charnjit Singh Bal

Vasakhi day has special religious, socio-cultural and economic significances for the Sikhs. It is the new-year day of five hundred and thirty year old Sikh (Nanak-Shahi) calendar, the harbinger of the prolific renaissance season i.e. the spring, and heralds harvest season for the mainly agriculturist Sikh society of Punjab, the breadbasket of India. More significantly on this historical day, in 1699 the last Sikh Guru incarnate Gobind Singh Sahib transformed Sikhism into Khalsa Panth (Noble Nation) and re-defined its role in the multi socio-cultural and religious mosaic of India.

The Sikh Gurus and the venerated Hindu and Muslim sages, the co-authors of Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikhism’s supreme spiritual and temporal authority, practiced what they preached. Armed with the courage of their convictions, they faced adversity with fortitude and advocated valor (not militancy) and to take up arms only as a last resort.

“If all other means to redress injustice fail, taking up sword in hand is justified”. Sheikh Saadi, quoted by Guru Gobind Singh in Zaffernama.

Sikhism founded by Guru Nanak in the late fifteenth century had to fight the two contemporary Goliaths for its survival. The history of progressive Sikhism that professes religious freedom, brotherhood of Man and socio-religious harmony is intertwined with the Mogul despotic imperialism that would have converted all non-Muslim populace of India to Islam if the Sikh Gurus hadn’t championed the cause of socio-religious freedom. For that noble cause Sikhism had to make supreme sacrifices including martyrdom of two Gurus, four juvenile sons of Guru Gobind Singh and numerous Sikh men, women and children. Whereas any signs of tyrannical Mogul imperialism have virtually been obliterated, Sikhism has culminated into one of the half a dozen major religions of the world.

To counter the Muslim onslaught on socio-religious freedom, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib convened a large assembly of the Sikhs from all over the Indian sub-Continent on Vasakhi day (30th march) in 1699. The Guru Sahib initiated and administered the Sikh baptismal rite to a vast majority of the Sikhs at the assemblage to evoke the virtue of valor in them. The baptized Sikhs were characterized as a Khalsas (noble warriors) and given a distinct identity. The Guru Sahib redefined Sikhism as Khalsa Panth (Nation) and entrusted it the role to defend religious freedom, fight political tyranny, protect the downtrodden and promote socio-cultural harmony. A Muslim Sufi poet Bullay Shah writes, “If there were no Guru Gobind Singh, everyone would have had circumcision”, meaning everyone in India would have been converted to Islam.

While the Sikh/Khalsa Nation was engaged in the mortal combat against the Mogul Imperialism for the cause of universal religious freedom, the Hindu rulers of Himalayan hills joined forces with the latter at the critical juncture. And some anonyms and pseudonyms Scholars from the elitist Hindu Banaras University’s Fraternity were busy corrupting the monotheistic Sikhism with the polytheism and mythology through their writings. Still others from the same fraternity took over the control of the Sikh religious shrines and institutions and adulterated pragmatic Sikh religious practice with the dogmatic blind faith ritualism, when Sikhs were fighting guerrilla warfare against the Mogul Imperial crusaders and marauding invaders.

Whereas the Sikh Nation successfully warded off the Mogul imperialism’s overt assault on the universal socio-religious freedom, it has had no effective defense mechanism against the elite Fraternity’s covert strategy to obliterate monotheistic Sikhism’s distinct identity. Consequently many gullible Sikhs think polytheism, mythology, blind faith ritualism and sectarianism are part of Sikhism’s philosophy and practice.

In the past, if and when they were not being pursued and massacred by the tyrannical Mogul Imperial forces or foreign invaders, the Sikhs used to assemble on Vasakhi day at Amritsar to discuss ways and means of survival. In the recent times they have been congregating at Anandpur, Punjab, the birthplace of Khalsa, to celebrate the Vasakhi Day that now falls on 14th April compared to 30th March in 1699 A.D. Since the Sikh calendar is synchronous to the millenniums old Hindu calendar that is longer than the Gregorian calendar, the Vasakhi Day has been lagging behind the dates of the latter. The attempts of some concerned Sikh scholars and intelligentsia to rectify the discrepancy have been thwarted by the so-called Sikh high priests and self anointed saints. Unless the Sikhs make necessary changes the future generations will be celebrating the Vasakhi Day in summer, fall or winter.

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pMjwbI, ^ws krky is~K ivAwh ivcoN AnMd-kwrj jo ik ies dw Durw hY, dy mhqv nUM bhuq Cotw kIqw jw irhw hY[ieh scweI hY ik qkrIbn dupihr vyly nwSqw krn bwAd hPVw dPVI ivc drjn ku nyVly irSqydwr 'SwdI mihl' qoN kwrW BjwauNdy hoey iksy lwgly gurduAwrw swihb jw ky AnMd-kwrj dI rsm koeI A~D ku GMty AMdr pUrI krky aufIk rhy brwqIAW pws muV AwauNdy hn[ eyDr AnMd-kwrj nwloN vDyry qWG 'AwrkYstRw' Bwv iksy mjbUrI vs ADk`jIAW ikrwey qy ilAWdIAW lVkIAW dy BVkwaU nwc pRvwrW smyq mwxn dI huMdI hY[ dwrU, murgw Ckx qy iek dUjy nwloN vD ky EhnW nwcIAW auqoN rupey vwrn dw As`iBAw ijhw mwhOl GMitAW b`DI cldw hY[ AnMd dI QW AwrkYstRw dI mhwnqw ikqy AiDk ho geI hY[

ijs ivAwh dI qRyVI nNIh hI dwj-dhyj dI sOdybwzI hovy aus auqy lwvW dy aupdyS nwl suKI dMpqI jIvn ausrn dI kI Aws?

Dyqy puqyiqAW ivc bygwngI dUr kr ky in`GI nyVqw ilAwaux vwlIAW K`tIAW im`TIAW is`TxIAW Aqy nwnikAW dwdikAW ivckwr 'rVy BMbIrI' bulwaux dy sportsmYn siprt vwly dosqwnw mukwbly lcr gIqW dy Sor ivc dm Gut ky mr gey hn[ AslI pMjwbI lok gIqW nwl jMj dy cwA Bry suAwgq dI bjwey hux muK-duAwr auqy irbn dw nwkw lgw ky 'tol tYks' augRwhuxw vI ivAwh dI lwzmI rsm bx igAw hY[ ies ivc vI ^Ub sodybwzI cldI hY[ suixAw hY ik Ardws krvwaux leI vI Bytw dyxdw irvwj SurU hY[

Eh idn l`d gey jdoN grIbW AmIrW sB dIAW jMjW ivCy koirAW qy bYT ky ivAwh vwly Gr ivc Apxq nwl kIqI jWdI pRwhuxcwrI dw in`G mwxdIAW hoeIAW bnyirAW qy bYTIAW bhU bytIAW dy aumfdy cwvW nwl gwey AslI pMjwbI gIqW dw luqP lYNpdIAW sn[

A`j kl dy vwpwrIkrn Bry mwhOl ivcoN smwjI rsm irvwjW dw Apxq, in`G, nyVqw Aqy suKwvyN irSiqAW vwly suhj suAwd qy sihj dw auf puf jwxw bVy Gwty dw sOdw hY[ iehnW sdIAW qoN ivkisq hoey guxW dw glw Gutxw iksy lwhyvMd qr`kI dw icMn nhIN sgoN hiry moqI lutw ky Gogy kOfIAW ivhwjxw ikhw jw skdw hY[

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cMgy Bly rotI KWdy, pqw nhIN kI BUq svwr hoieAw, cl pey knyfw dIAW mOjW mwnx [ qy EQy jw ky jo Bugqxw ipAw, auh ipMRsIpl swhb dw ieh lyK bVI cMgI qrW ibAwn kr irhw hY [ pr iPr vI kI krIey ? vwps Awaux nUM jIA ijhw nhIN krdw [ hor qW hor guV qy jw rhIAW m`KIAW vWg pMjwbI 'bwhr ' nUM B`jy jw rhy hn [ ieh soc ky ik auh pqw nhIN auQy jw kI k`dU 'c qIr mwr lYxgy [

Aws krdy hW ik lyKk vloN Aijhy hor A`KW Kolx vwly lyK hor pVx nUM imlxgy , kI pqw ienW nUM pVH ky keI vIr pMjwb ivc hI itky rihx dw mn bxw lYx [ kI ipAw ey 'bwhr' , isrP D`ky mu`ky [


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pMjwbI dI syvw krn ivc m`uK mMqrI AmirMdr isMG vI ipCy nhIN irhw qy gYr-pMjwbIAW dy h`QoN, pMjwbI dw Biv`K Krwb krvwx jw irhw hY [ pqw nhIN kI mjbUrI rhI hovygI ? ik pMjwbI mW-bolI dI mhwnqw nUM smJx dI bjwey , ies qy rwjnIqI dw rMg cVwieAw jw irhw hY [ ies kMm nUM isry CVwaux leI s. krqwr isMG dug`l dy moiFAW qy bMdUk r`K ky clweI geI , ijs leI dug`l jI vI iksy 'Xog' ienwm nwl invwzy gey hoxgy [

is`DU dmdmI jI ies lyK leI vDweI dy h`kdwr hn [

pRmwqmw ienW sBnW nUM sum`q bKSy , Swied ieh 'pMjwbI' vI AwpxI mW bolI dI s`cy mnoN syvw kr skx [

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blrwj cImw, knyfw


Dear Sir,

I am fully conscious of the fact that you and your team must be putting in a lot of time and energy in producing what we internetees read on cyber space in the pages 5Abi. I extend my congratulations to you all for that.Hats off to your efforts.

However, to my minor disappointment I notice that some of the important articles, of the nature of technical import and even literary significance, meant mostly for public consumption and application bear only the name of the author. The convention and the necessity of such articles demand that the phone number or the email address, as the case may be, must be printed at the end of the article for the readers to contact the author with the specific purpose of clarification, question or query.

I was, in particular, reminded of this omission in the highly valuable article of Computerization in Punjabi language by Gurpreet Singh and Harvinder Singh Bhatti. The articles of this nature, at times, require further discussion with the author/s for the purpose already hinted.

Moreover, I have perception that 5Abi is brought out mainly for the enrichment and promotion of Punjabi Language, literature and culture as well.

I would certainly venture to write that when accepting articles the editors must use discretion of higher criterion so that only articles of higher standard find place in 5Abi and those not meeting the standards do not slide into otherwise respected pages of your efforts. My mild objection is directed at times at both the language and content of material being presented.

I hope my suggestion shall be read more in the light of honest suggestions rather than as a critical wrangling.

Balraj Cheema
Mississauga, Ontario

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq

180403_bush_100.jpg (3793 bytes)buS mTdwnI jMg ij`q ky isAwsI j�g hwr igAw
- fw� suir�dr m�f
180403_amrika-hashar_100.jpg (3866 bytes)dunIAW auqy DONs jmwaux leI ierwk auqy kIqI cVHweI 'c burw hovygw AmrIkw dw hSr
-jspwl is�G is`DU


ienW lyKW ivc lyKkW vloN AmrIkw qy buS nUM AijhI JwV pweI geI hY ik rhy rb dw nW [ lyKkW vloN puCy gey svwlW dw buS kol koeI jvwb nhIN [

AmrIkw isrP qy isrP AwpxI DONs jmwx Kwqr hI ieh sB kuJ kr irhw hY [ jMg ivc vrqy gey hiQAwr AmrIkn qknIk dw swrI dunIAW dy swhmxy ivKwvw hY, ies nwl aus dw hiQAwrW dw bzwr hor cmkygw qy auh mn mrjI dI kImq vsUlygw ijs leI keI grIb dyS Ps jwxgy [ jo Krc Awm lokW dI BlweI qy hoxw hY , aus dw v`fw ihsw AmrIkw dI JolI ivc jw peygw qy grIbI ausy qrW hI rhygI [ Bwrq vI ies KrId ivc ip`Cy nhIN rhygw [ ijs dw KimAwzw ieQoN dI grIb jnqw BugqygI [


110403_tallan_100.jpg (4226 bytes)q`lHx vwilau, swnUM inrwS kIqw..    - dlbIr isMG 

q`lHx ivc jo ho irhw hY, by h`d APsosnwk hY [ ies nwl Awm Boly Bwly is`K dy mn qy Tys lgdI hY ik ijs gurU Gr ivc jwq pwq qoN dUr rihx dI isiKAw idqI jWdI hY , auQy hI jwq pwq dw JgVw KVw ho igAw [ pr ies smisAw nUM rwjsI rMgq dyxI vI TIk nhIN ikauNik ijQy ikqy vI Aijhw vwprdw hY , auQy rwjsI lok lwhw lYx leI vI phuMc jWdy hn , nqIjw BWvy jo mrjI inkly [

so ies smisAw nUM SromxI kmytI nUM Awpxy h`Q ivc lY ky koeI auswrU h`l kFxw cwhIdw hY qW ik Aijhw hor QwvW qy nw vwpr sky [

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sMjIv kumwr

klwbwz qy klw Adwkwr qy klw AkwdmI - is`DU dmdmI


Hello 5abi and Mr. Sidhu,
Sat Sri Akal Ji.

I would like to thank both of you, speaking up for all the Punjabi's. Some body have to say it. Most of us living aboard don't even know these things happen in PUNJAB.  Just like Mr. Sidhu said, "Kaash, there is some body to tell this Govt. that Damn will you leave Art & Culture alone at least. If you can't do anything to promote it why you doing something which making things worst.
Thanks .

Sanjeev Kumar

sqnwm isMG cwhl, AmrIkw


Dear all Guru Nanak Nam Leva jeo,
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh

I can easily feel the pulse of all Guru Nanak Nam Leva residing in the every corner of the world that they are too much anxious about the fate of Gurudwara Sahib in Bagdad.There are still two news, one is good news, which indicates that Gurudwara Building is safe and nothing wrong happened with the building.But at the same time there is one more news through the sources of Punjab Govt that the Gurudwara Sahib Building is damaged and Govt is trying to Repair this building. So for as my personal information is concerned nothing happened to the building.I have some information about this Gurudwara Sahib which I would like to share with you all.During the Iran -Irak war in 1979-1980 I was there in Bagdad.After entering the Bagdad city we tried to find some ware abouts of Gurudwara Sahib in Bagdad. After a struggle of lot of weeks some body told us that there is one place near the west side of Bagdad Railway Station where we can find some more information. I alongwith some friends visited this place and find that there is a very small building near the graveyard about half mile west to the Bagdad Railway Station.we tried to enter this building but it was locked and we were told that the owner of this building is a Iraki Muslim.After some days we traced the owner of this building.We requested him to open the door of the building to pay our homage to our Guru.He agreed to our request. This building at that time has only very small two rooms .On the wall of one room there was a one stone graved with few Arabic language words which indicates the visit of Guru Nanak Dev ji to this place and in the other room there was a grave of one muslim saint.In front of these two rooms there was a very small lawn in which there was a tree.We were paying some money to the owner of this building every week and he was opening the door of this building every friday for the Sikh Sangat( At that time only few Sikhs were there)Later after the slow down of Irak -Iran war thousands of Sikhs went to Irak for their buissness and jobs.Some Sikhs were also employed in the different Govt departments.When the Irak-Iran war was on the peak then there was a heavy bomb shelling around this Historical building But thank God nothing happened to this building.But after the flow of time Sikh Sangat constructed a Gurudwara Sahib on that place in which a construction companyof former Minister of Punjab Late sardar Sohan Singh Bassi in Basra played a major role in construction of this building. I was also told by some of my friends later that a well known furniture buissnessman of New Delhi Sardar Mukhtiar Singh who had a very close relationship with Suddam Hussein also played a major role in constructing this Gurudwara Sahib.

I will appreciate if any body will share more information about this Gurudwara Sahib.


Satnam Singh Chahal
Santa Clara County of California

p. s. gryvwl

070403_puncomp_100.jpg (5796 bytes)pMjwbI BwSw dw kMipaUtrIkrn 
- fw: gurpRIq isMG lihl (Qwpr ieMstIicaUt, pitAwlw)
- fw: hrivMdr isMG B`tI, pMjwbI XUnIvristI


'SrP' pu`CI nw ijnHW ny vwq myrI, vy mYN bolI hW EhnW pMjwbIAW dI[


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130403_viah-culture_100.jpg (4943 bytes)ivAwh ivcoN, gwieb ho irhw "ivAwh klcr" - "AwnMd kwrj dI rsm" pMjwb ivc huMdy bhuqy ivAwhW ivcoN qkrIbn mnPI ho ky rih geI hY[ - blqyj pnUM  


ivAwh qW Aj kl ie`k PwrmYiltI bx ky rih igAw hY [ koeI cwA nhIN , bs ie`k qrW dI rsm hI pUrI kIqI jWdI hY [ swry jWdy ivAwh ivc hn pr 'AwnMd kwrj' ivc nW mwqr hI Swml huMdy hn [ pihlW pihl swry bwrwqI 'AwnMd kwrj' ivc Swml hox jWdy sn qy ies qoN pihlW koeI 'syvw' Awid nhIN sI kIqI jWdI [ hOlI hOlI ieh jwxw jrUrI nW smiJAw jwx ligAw [ ies ivc mwfrinzm dw bhuq h`d q`k Asr hY [ AsIN mYirj pYlys ivc jw ky Awp vI pRwhuxy bx jWdy hW qy swrw kuJ Tyky qy huMdw hY ijs ivcoN pRwhuxwcwrI dIAW koml BwvnwvW gwieb huMdIAW hn [ Aj kl qW ieh dOV lgI hoeI hY ik kOx ikMny v`fy pYlys ivc SwdI rcwauNdw hY ? pYsw BwvyN ijMnw mrjI lg jwey [

jY mwlw qy irMg-sYrwmnI dI rsm ihMdUAW dI nkl hY jo ik is`K Drm dy irvwjW nUM Kqm krn jw irhw hY [
loV hY ik AsIN Awp ies vwDU dy JMjtW nUM iqlWjlI dy dyeIey qy swdy ivAwh dIAW rsmW is`K Drm Anuswr krIey qW ik nvIN pIVI ies qoN dUr nW clI jwvy [

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq [

kml isMG qwievwn


hello i am ashu bamrah(kamal) .i am indian from punjab. teh. mukerian. distt.hoshiarpur. i live in taiwan. your site is very good site. when i read any thing in punjabi language so felling is very good .thanks for make this site. some my taiwan friend when looking punjabi language on computer then he no believe. he said your state language have a site. and then looking gurdwaras so he said i want go to india and looking gurdwaras.

And about SOUTHHALL GURDWARA. so i think here to much money waste.because if pepole coming in gurdwara for listen gurbani kirten and some other so I know there need big place. but for big place no need to much money. so i think if he want use that kind money SO where use  no need make new gurdwaras. only looking in india and other country where have a sikh gurdwaras.which gurdwara condistion no good which things there need THAT kind they can use his money. No need make new gurdwars.becouse if any people make new gurdwara so next time may be bad for gurdwaras. WHO TAKE CARE THAT GURDWARAS.

if any wrong so sorry

pRBjoq isMG


Punjabis were having great hopes from Parkash Singh Badal when his Govt formed six years before but he did everything against people's welfare. I too polled my vote for badal during those elections but he showed interest only to launch his son, Sukhbir Badal. He did not faught for the waters of Punjab nor for Punjabi speaking areas but in the opposite he sold the SYL case to Haryana for Five star hotel land. Personally , my views are not in favour of Congress. Congress was responsible for operation blue star and it can never take place in our hearts but one thing is again to be considered that the Chief Minister, though he is in Congress but he has great respect for Punjab and have much more love for PUNJAB than Parkash Singh BAdal. Whatever badal says now, it is just to come to the power again with his LOOTING COMPANY.

One thing is absolutely true that CAPT AMRINDER SINGH has great love for punjab. Although belonging to any political party I wish CAPT AMRINDER SINGH continue to work for Punjab's welfare but he should attention towards the worse condition for farming bcoz afterall we are known for farming and it is the main occupation of our PUNJAB.


devo duvava Punjab nu koi sune ehdi pukar
sab ronde leader kursi nu, nahi dil ch ina de pyar
bas bhukh ina nu paise di, ki jajdatan di parwah
je Desh hi reha na kal nu , pher ki paisa ki kursiyan

Prabhjot Singh

inrml shoqw

130403_viah-culture_100.jpg (4943 bytes)ivAwh ivcoN, gwieb ho irhw "ivAwh klcr" - "AwnMd kwrj dI rsm" pMjwb ivc huMdy bhuqy ivAwhW ivcoN qkrIbn mnPI ho ky rih geI hY[ - blqyj pnUM  


blqyj ny bhuq hI vDIAw gl kIqI hY[ ipCy ijhy mYN ieMfIAw igAw sI[ tI vI 'qy iek frwmw Aw irhw sI ijs ivc iek lVkI ipAwr krdI hY Aqy ausdy mwN bwp ausnUM rokdy hn[ mwN bwp nUM ivlyn projYkt kIqw hY[ tI vI AwpxI siBAqw nUM Cf ky pCmI siBAqw dI rIs krdw hY[

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110403_tallan_100.jpg (4226 bytes)q`lHx vwilau, swnUM inrwS kIqw..    - dlbIr isMG 


dalbir singh da talan waleyo pareya bohat changa laga.sardar dalbir singh dharam de thekedara nu wadhia sawal kar gai hun.

d s phull(Dr.)

nvqyj isMG Atvwl, hWg kWg


pMjwb XUQ kl`b hWgkWg vloN fw. bldyv kdolw jI Aqy 5abi dy swry pwTkW nMU Kwlsy dy jnm idn "vYswKI" dI l`K-l`K vDweI idMdy hW[

nvqyj isMG Atvwl
pMjwb XUQ kl`b

rwjw iF`loN, hWg kWg

140403_raja-dhillonHK.jpg (10374 bytes)May This Baisakhi Inspire in you
an Unshakable faith in your Satguru


rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq

vid-tit1_ratan_140v3.jpg (5679 bytes)


s. ruipMdrpwl isMG jI,
siq sRI Akwl,

pMjwbI dy AiBAws bhuq vDIAw hn qy ieh aunW 'AMgryjW' leI bhuq lwhyvMd hoxgy , ijnW nUM skUl kwlj ivc AMgryjI qoN isvw kuJ vI nhIN pVHwieAw igAw [

hor A`gy vDo qy pMjwbI dI syvw kro [ vwihgurU, quhwnUM hor b`l bKSy [

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hello, i am kamal. i live in taiwan. your site is very good site.i read news everyday all of world. becouse all have in punjabi. very good site . i am come from punjab. distt. hoshiarpur.

my city name mukerian. thanks for made punjabi site..


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pMjwbI BwSw dw kMipaUtrIkrn krn bwry sMbMDq risors sYNtr dI rIport pVH ky Aws b~JdI hY ik pMjwbI BwSw vI qknOlojI dy KyqR ivc plwGW putx dy smrQ ho skygI [ pr hornW sMswrk BwSwvW dy mukwbly ivc inqrnw AYnw Awswn nhIN[ hor qW hor, pMjwbI dy jnm-sQwn pMjwb AMdr srdy pujdy GrW ivc AMgRyzI Aqy ihMdI bolx nUM qrjIh id~qI jWdI hY[ r~b KYr kry[

irport ivc drswey spY~l cY~kr, PONt qbdIlI Awid dI vrqoN leI iqAwr ho cukI sm~grI pRwpq krn bwry koeI ilMk nhIN d~isAw igAw[

rIsors kyNdR dw audm 'qy pRwpqIAW SlwGw Xog hn[

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pRIq nIqpur

qwkq dw nSw

pu`q-kupu`q qW AsW ny bhuq vyKy,
nhIN vyiKAw buS ijhw kupu`q mIAW[
Awtw gu�nHdI dw isr ikauN ihl�dw hY,
iesy g`loN hY p`tdw gu`q mIAW[
dlIl-ApIl auh iksy dI nhIN suxdw
hoieAY qwkq dy nSy iv`c Du`q mIAW[
bhuqw icr nhIN c`lxI A`qcu`kI
bUQw dyxgy B�n ibgwny pu`q mIAW[
pRIq nIqpur

100403_bush1.jpg (5247 bytes)

srvn FMfw, knyfw

070403_puncomp_100.jpg (5796 bytes)pMjwbI BwSw dw kMipaUtrIkrn 
- fw: gurpRIq isMG lihl (Qwpr ieMstIicaUt, pitAwlw)
- fw: hrivMdr isMG B`tI, pMjwbI XUnIvristI


Dear Baldev Ji,

Work of Dr. Gurpreet Singh Lehal and Dr. Harvinder Singh Bhatti in connection with the computerization of Punjabi language is commendable. Their article, published under "Gyan Vigyan", is quite thorough and their achievements in the short span of two years is remarkable. They have a lot of work to be done yet. By the way, are they also considering to add "Voice Recognition" to their 'To Do' list?

My congratulations to both the authors of "Punjabi Bhasha Da Compterikaran" and promoting our mother-tongue Punjabi.

You are rendering a great service to the Punjabi speaking world by facilitating publication of articles like these on your website. I am grateful.

Sarwan Dhanda, Canada

is`K AvyArnYs



Your website is awesome and I appreciate that you are giving people to access in their own punjabi language. We have also started one Sikh youth forum and would like to see if you can help us in spreading the word by posting one link to your site. We are students and running this site just as an information site.


rUp is~DU

baloon_110.jpg (5359 bytes)


mwxXog kMdolw jI

spqwihk qsvIr gubwry iv~c CpI ladoo singh jI dI ieh sqr “... qy mYN socdw sI, AYm ey kr ky, bwpU nUM gubwry nhIN vycx daUNgw....” SlWGwXog hY[ kmwl dw visualization hY ies lyKk dw[

mYN ies lyKk nUM vDweI dyNdw hW Aqy keI G`t imAwrI sqrW Byjx vwilAW nUM bynqI krdw hW ik auh pMjwbIAq dIAW kdrW Aqy s`iBAwcwr muqwibk hI iliKAw krn qW ik pwTkW dy idlW qy pMjwbI s`iBAwcwr dI shI Cwp C`fI jw sky[

rUp is~DU

pMjwbI AkYfmI lY~str (XU.ky.)

kulwant_60.jpg (2879 bytes)ivswKI au~qy ivSyS
3 meI 2003


ipAwry sMpwdk jIE !

sB qoN pihlW eyfw vDIAw postr bxw ky sweIt qy lwaux leI quhwfw qy smUh stwP dw idlI DMnvwd[ imhrbwnI krky nwl hI swfw eI-myl dw pqw vI Cwp idE qW ik cwhvwn s~jx swfy nwl rwbqw kwiem kr skx[

dUjI g~l AsIN AwpjI nUM imhnqwny Aqy pMjwbI.fOt kOm nUM sO pwaUNf dyx dw PYslw kIqw hY qW ik qusIN pMjwbI mW bolI dI ft ky syvw krdy rho [ nwl hI AsIN pMjwbI dy suihrd pwTkW nUM vI bynqI krWgy ik auh srdw Xogdwn zrUr pwaux qW ik ieh swfw sWJW dw cwnx munwrw rOSnIAW vMfdw rhy [
ie~k vwr Pyr bhuq bhuq DMnvwd Aqy idlI S~B ie~CwvW :-
pMjwbI AkYfmI lY~str (XU.ky.)

5abi.com tIm vloN AsIN, pMjwbI AkYfmI, lYstr dy sihXog leI Aiq DMnvwdI hW[

- sMpwdk 

jiqMdr isMG

190303_kalpana-maafi1_100.jpg (3138 bytes)klpnw qyrI lwhky su`tI Poto dI AsIN mw&I cwhuMdy hW!
- ipRMsIpl bI AYs bwjvw 


5AwbI dy pwTkW nUM siq sRI Awkwl,

ipCly idnI     bwjvw dy gurUdAwrw swihb AMdr klpnw cwvlw dI Poto nwl vwprI Gtnw bwry ly^ piVAw[ ieh GtnwvW inMdxXog hnw pr auhnw vloN vrqI SbdwvlI vI koeI bhuqI cMgI nhI hY[ ijvyN:

'nOjvwn b`cy b`cIAW dy Sbd sn - vyKo eynW q`iqAW 'c eynI vI sihxSIlqw neIN, aus dI mwnvqw leI id`qI Shwd`q dI ienHW dy mnW 'c ieh kdr ey….[ pr ieho ijhy hoCy Awpxy Drm dI koeI syvw nhIN kr rhy[ auh qW Awpxy Drm nUM sgoN CuitAw rhy hn[ ies ivc aunW dw ksUr eynw hI hY ik auh gurbwxI nUM Awpxy ihridAW ivc smox dI QW aus dy r`tx qy izAwdw bl dyNdyy hn[ ies r`tx dw aunHW nUM hMkwr ho igAw hY[ bhuqw ksUr aunHW dy AiDAwpkW dw hY ijnHW ny aunHw nUM TIk is`iKAw nhIN id`qI Aqy auh B`tky hoey hn[ qwirAW dI sMgq mwnx vwlIey klpnw! qUM qW hux AwgwsW dI hI klpnw bx geI eyN[ qYNnUM hux koeI CuitAw nhIN s`kdw[ qYNnUM nkwrn vwly qy Awpy hI Qu`kW Aw if`gdIAW ny[ qYNnUM inkwrn vwly Awp inkwrjw rhy hn[

kI ieho ijhyy lyK swfy BweIcwry iv`c vMfAW pwaux dw kwrn nhI bnxgy (q`qy-TMFy)[ auh ie`k ivAkqI vlo kIqI gLqI leI keIAW nUM doS dy rhy hn[ bwkI iksy dI ivAkqIgq kwrvweI dw ausdy AiDAwpkW nUM doS vI shI nhI hYw kI ipRMsIpl swihb qoN pVHy ividAwrQI hI koeI glqI nhI krdy? hor lgdw hY ik ipRMsIpl swihb nUM vK-vK QwvW qy ru`l rhy Dwrimk klMfrW/il^qW nwloN iksy ivAkqI ivSyS dI Poto dw siqkwr izAwdw hY[ ipRMsIpl swihb iksy hor QW aupr SrDWjlI ByNt krn dI bwry ilKdy hn jdik hyTW id`qy ^br dy hvwly qoN Sp`st hY ik klpnw nUM ieh idKwvy psMd nhI sI[

"klpnw dw pqI Xw pYry hYrIsn, klpnw dw ipqw bnwrsI lwl cwvlw qy Brw sMjX pihlW tYgor bwl inkyqn ivc gey ijQy klpnw mYitRk qk pVdI rhI sI[ iPr auh idAwl isMG kwlj gey ijQy klpnw ny kwlj dI pVHweI kIqI sI[ hYrIsn ny klpnw dI qsvIr qy Pulmwlw cVHwaux qoN ienkwr kr idqw qy ikhw ik auh hwr puAwauxw kdy vI psMd nhIN sI krdI[ hYrIsn pihlI vwr klpnw dy j`dI Sihr krnwl ivc AwieAw sI["

vYsy vI ieho ijhy smwgm lIfrW jW lIfrI dI ie`Cw r`Kx vwilAW leI kwrgr mOky hI swbq huMdy hn[
myry muqwibk ies lyK ivc ipRMsIpl swihb ny klpnw qoN mwPI nwloN ivAkqIgq glqI leI inMdw v`D kIqI hY[

il^idAW hoeIAW Bu`lW muAwP krnIAW[
jiqMdr isMG

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq

030403_canada-seniors-100.gif (3479 bytes)(pwrlImYNt dy mYNbrW dy nWA iek KulHI ic`TI)
koeI pu`Cy vwq ienHW dI !

- ipRMsIpl blkwr isMG bwjvw


pwrlImYNt dy mYNbrW dy nWA iek KulHI ic`TI)
koeI pu`Cy vwq ienHW dI !
- ipRMsIpl blkwr isMG bwjvw

lyK pV ky ieMj lgdw hY ik hux bwhr vI kMm imlxw sOKw nhIN [ jy KyqW ivc hI fwlr JwVny hn qW kI pMjwb dy Kyq mwVy hn ? ieQoN dy rupey bwhrly fwlrW nwloN ikqy cMgy hn [ bwhr jw ky qW prdysIAW vwlw hwl huMdw hY [ ies leI " jo su`K CjU dy cubwry .....nw blK nw buKwry " [ ikqy vI cly jwE, Gr dI Xwd ipCw nhIN CfdI [ so cMgw hY ik Gry rih ky , ruKI suKI nwl swirAw jwey, bjwey ies dy ik bwhr jw ky vI rujgwr leI qrly krny pYx [

jo mrjI hY , j`t dI tOhr AwpxI pYlI ivc hI huMdI hY [

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq [

sqnwm isMG cwhl, AmrIkw


Dear Senator,

As the war in Iraq continues, it is imperative that Americans stand united with other Americans. Because of this, we request your assistance in keeping the film, “Dysfunktional Family,” from being released in movie theaters unless Miramax agrees to edit scenes that could potentially incite hate crimes against Sikh Americans.

The film is scheduled to be released on April 4th. During the film, one of the lead characters says to a bearded and turbaned Sikh man, “I knew you were around here somewhere, Bin Ladin.” By associating the Sikh turban and image with Osama Bin Landin and the war in Iraq, this film is creating conditions for even more Sikh Americans to be harmed and possibly killed.

Balbir Singh Sodhi, a bearded and turbaned Sikh man, was shot and killed in a backlash hate crime on September 15th, four days after the attacks on New York City. Because of the war in Iraq, the FBI is already watching backlash crimes against Sikhs, Arabs, and Muslims increase. Sikh Americans, who are visible because of their turbans, are taking the brunt of the attacks. We cannot even risk the chance of another murder. Now is not the time for Americans to be incited against Americans.

The Sikh religion, which is the fifth largest religion in the world, teaches the equality of all people and the rights of all people to worship God as they wish. These are very American values, as well. The turban and beard of a Sikh is a symbol of his commitment to these and other universal principles. Almost everyone living in the United States who wears a turban is a Sikh.

Please contact:

Miramax Film Corp.
Phone: 212-941-3800
Fax: 212-941-3836
375 Greenwich St.
New York, NY 10013

Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman
Bob Weinstein, Co-Chairman

AMC Entertainment, Inc.
Phone: (816) 221-4000
Fax: 816-480-4617
920 Main St.
Kansas City, MO 64105

Craig Ramsey (CFO)
Peter C. Brown (CEO)

Please let them know that it is not in the best interest of public safety for our country if the film, "Dysfunktional Family" is released unless edits are made to the Sikh-related scenes.


Satnam Singh Chahal
County of Santa Clara Govt
California U.S.A

kSmIr isMG, hWg kWg




suirMdr mwhl qy dosq (lY~str, XU.ky.)


ipAwry sMpwdk jI!

imhnq nwl pMjwbI dI syvw leI DMnvwd [

AsIN hONgkONg dy progrwm dI itkt dyKky bhuq hYrwn hoey ik sDwrn bMdw ieh SoA ikvyN dyK skygw [ dUjI g~l: ieh klwkwr kI vwkeI pMjwbI dI syvw krdy hn jW AwpxI syvw hI krwky, qy pYsy bxwky qur jWdy hn [ hux ienWH dw sIzn SurU hox hI vwlw hY qy cwhMudy hW ik Asl pMjwbI sroiqAW dy pYsy dw mu~l muV sky qy ieh klwkwr nvIN Awaux vwlI nvIN pIVIH leI koeI Cwp C~f skx [ j~sI klwkwr Swied EhI hY ijny ip~Cy jhy gIq gwieAw sI "idl lY geI kuVI gujrwq dI" Zlq hoey qW mwPI [ bwkI jo A~j k~lH tYlI dI skrIn qy "pMjwbI " gIqW vwly jo hSr mW bolIdw kr rhy hn kI Eh TIk hY ? kI A~j k~lH dy 'vIXUAl' pMjwbI gIqW nUM pirvwr 'c bYT ky dyiKAw suixAw jw skdw hY ? 5AwbI.kOm dy smUh pwTk/sroiqAW dy ivcwr jwnxy cwhIgy [ bhuq bhuq DnMvwd hovygw [

suirMdr mwhl qy dosq (lY~str, XU.ky.)

ikSor ijMdl


sat shri akal ji,

i like to write in punjabi.so main tuhada lekh pariya nilaam hon laggey pind punjab dey.menu bahut hi vadhiya lagga.and this is  true.but what can we do?assi kuchh nahi kar sakdey.jad vi main koi indian news paper parda haan.has vaar mera dil udaas hi hunda hai.kio ki india diya  news vich kadey vi koi khushi wali khabar nahi hundi.har vaar everyday kisey  nay rape kar dita kisey da katil ho giya kisey ney chori kar diti.tey falani
sakar aah karoogi falaani aah karogi.sirf pad key mood hi kharab hunda  hai.islai main jiada akhbar nahi pardabas hor kuchh nahi

kishor jindal

bYlzIAm dy duKI prvwsI


blvMq isMG rwmUvwlIey dy nwm bYlzIAm qoN iek Kq

rwmUvwlIAw jI bylzIAm ivc jo pMjwbI muMfy ieQy dI pulIs vloN Ajkl PVy jw rhy hn auhnHW nUM DVw DV ieMfIAw ifport kIqw jw irhw hY ikauik ieQy dI AMbYsI AYmrjYsI silpw dy rhI hY[ jo pury sbUqW nwl Apnw pwsport lYx leI AplweI krdw hY aus nUM qW keI mhIny jW swl pwsport nhI idqw jwNdw qy dUjy pwsy jo AwdmI PiVAw jwNdw hY qy aus kol koeI sbUq vI nhIN hUMdW qy aus nUM iek hPqy dy AMdr hI silp kt ky idqI jwNdI hY [ keIAW nMU qW glq nwvwN qy hI ifport kr idqw jwNdw hY[ so Awp ie s smisAw nuM smJdy hoey roikAw jwvy ikauik keI qW Ajy nvyN hI ieMfIAw qoN bVIAW muSklwN nwl ieQy phuMcdy hn [ kI qusI ies smisAw dw hl kf skdy ho jldI AYkSn lYx dI ikrpwlqw krnI[ kI pMjwbIAwN nwl hI ieh Dkw hr pwsy hUMdw rhygw?

AsI Awp jI dy Aiq DMnvwdI hovwNgy[
auqr dI aufIk ivc bYlzIAm dy duKI prvwsI

suirMdr mwhl


ipAwry sMpwdk jIE !

sB qoN pihlW ieh pMjwbI dI nMbr vMn sweIt clwax leI quhwnUM idlI dwd Aqy vDweI [ AsIN ieMglYNf dy Sihr lYstr ivKy ivswKI mnwaux vwsqy 28 idn dw ryfIE SurU kIqw hY jo ik 29 mwrc qoN 25 ApRYl q~k c~lygw [ ryfIE sbMDI jwxkwrI nwl id~qI jw rhI hY [ ivswKI dy pRogrwmW dw vyrvw jldI hI dyvWgy [ nwl hI vIkAYNf dy progrwmW dw [

SnIvwr 12 qoN Swm 2 vjy q~k dw progrwm suirMdr pwl isMG vloN pyS kIqw jwieAw krygw [

ieh ryfIE lokl PrIkuAYNsI, 95.1 AYP.AYm qoN ielwvw ieMtrnY~t qy vI suixAw jw skdw hY [ aus leI pqw hY : www. punjab2000.co.uk.
qusIN is~Dw ilMk vI pw skdy ho [ Aws hY qusIN ieh jwxkwrI Awpxy sroqy/pwTkW leI Cwp ky DMnvwdI bxwEgy Aqy sUJvwn sroqy/pwTk suxn dy nwl nwl Awpxy kImqI suJwA Aqy pMjwbI zubwn nUM hor pRP~ulq krn leI ivcwr vtWdry 'c zrUr Swml hoxgy [ ienIAW ku bynqIAW Aqy Fyr swry DMnvwd nwl

Awpdw Su~B icMqk

suirMdr mwhl


Vaisakhi Radio
(Leicester, UK)
Starting on 29th March
On 95.1FM
From 5.00am till 12.00am, 7 days a week

Tune in for : Religious, Educational, Historical, Informational, Heritage, News, Sports, Cultural Programmes.

***** For all age groups *****

On the Internet, log on: www.punjab2000.co.uk

Contact: For support, views, dedications, and requests:

Reception: (44) 0116 276 7789
Studio (on air) : (44) 0116 276 3232
e-mail: vaisakhiradio@khalsa.com
or vaisakhiradio@punjab2000.co.uk

For More info: Davinder S. Dhesi 07736 606630 Sukhdev S. Aujla: 07786 335088
Surinder Pal Singh Mahal: 07740 161938

Vaisakhi Radio Programmes: Monday to Friday

5.00 - 10.00am Live from Gurdwara Sahib
10.00-11.30am Sukhdev Singh Aujla : Information and Interviews
11.30 - 12.30am Harinder Kaur Johal: Educational & Social
12.30 - 2.00pm Shingara Singh: Triditional and Cultural
2.00 - 2.30pm Live Katha from Gurdwara Sahib
2.30 - 3. 30am Gurjit Singh Samra: Current Issues
3.30 - 4.30pm Sabjit Singh & Veerpal Kaur: Sikh Virsa
30 - 6.00pm Deedar Kaur Bahra: Children's Special
6.00 - 8.30pm Evening Diwan Live From Gurdwara Sahib

Evening Programmes: Monday TO Friday

8.30 -10.30 Surinder Pal Singh Mahal, Current affairs & Discussions Surinder Pal Singh Mahal Current affairs & Discussions,  Sukhdev Singh Aujla Sukhdev Singh Aujla
10.30 -12.00 Ladies Forum Tony Pabla:Current Tunes Ranvir SinghMusic Show Ranvir SinghMusic Show

For live dedications and requests (studio) : (44) 116 276 3232

For information, support & sponsorships : (44) 116 276 7789

siqkwrXog sMsd sd`s sRI blvMq isMG rwmUvwlIAw nUM
bYljIAm prvwsIAw vloN KulHw Kq

ramuwalia_bs-60.jpg (2828 bytes)

rwmUvwlIAw jI,

AsI Awp jI dy iDAwn ivc bYlzIAm ivc rih rhy prvwsIAwN dIAW mUSklwN ilAauxw cwhudy hW[

kI Awp ieh muSklW hl kr skdy ho ikauik ieQy dI AMbYsI bhuq lokwN nUM pwsport ieSU nhI krdI lok ivcwry Awpny vqn nUM jwx leI bhuq auqwvly hn keI qW pYsy dy ky pwsport lY lYdy hn pr swry lok pYsy nhI dy skdy[ kI Awp ieh hl kF skdy ho[ ies icTI ivc AsIN ieqnw ku hI ilK rhy hW[ Awp jI dy juvwb ivc hOr vI ieQo dy hlwqW bwry ilKWgy[ sMpwdk jI ies Kbr nUM AwpnI sweIt qy lw ky DMnvwdI bxwauxw jI[

DMnvwd sihq
Awp jI dy auqr dI aufIk ivc bYlzIAm dy duKI prvwsI[

jsivMdr isMG syKON, isAwtl, AmrIkw


siqkwr Xog rwmUvwlIAw swihb,

AsI vI ieh K~q Awp jI nUM AmrIkw qON ilK rhy hw ! ieQy vI BwrqI dUqW vws (San Francisco ) dw bhuq hI burw hwl hY [ pysY ley qO vgYr kdy vI iksy dw pwsport rinEu nhIN krdy Aqy nW hI nvW idMdy hn [ keI myry vIr qW swlw qON aufIk rhy hn [kih idMdy hn ky qusI irPUauzI styA leI hoeI hY ,jd ky sB nUM pqw hY ik ieh sB AwriQk irPUauzI hn [

Awp jI nUM bynqI hY ik qusI hI swfI koeI m~dd kr skdy ho[
snyh siqkwr swihq,
jsivMdr isMG syKON,


jspwl isMG b`l, imsIswgw, knyfw

190303_kalpana-maafi1_100.jpg (3138 bytes)klpnw qyrI lwhky su`tI Poto dI AsIN mw&I cwhuMdy hW!
- ipRMsIpl bI AYs bwjvw 


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Dear Baldev Singh Kandola,
Lesson No. 2 from the Punjabi Pathmala prepared by S. Rupinderpal Singh Dhillon appeared on your wonderful website today. My sincere thanks to the author for creating such a beautiful work. He is a genius. And I am grateful to you for facilitating publication on your website. It's a great service to our mother tongue
and Punjabi culture. Is the Pathmala available in a book form? Please advise address and price.

Just yesterday you published another article "Roos Wich Punjabi Bhasha Te Sikh Dharm De Parchar Layi Yatansheel Masko University Di Professor Dr. Ludmila Khokhlova" by S. Satnam Singh Chahal. I was delighted to read it. February 21st was celebrated as the International Mother Tongue Day under the auspices of UNESCO. I did not read about any activities anywhere other than Pakistan on the BBC Urdu Service on the Internet. It's an annual function and I urge Punjabies everywhere to hold such functions to promote our mother tongue Punjabi.
Kind regards,
Sarwan Singh Dhanda, Canada

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Dear Mr Editor,

Now a days 5abi.com has really become a popular site and the articles either political, social or literal are very interesting. It takes a while to read all, so I generally read few, among those of Shri Bajwa are prime. I think Principal sahib is very active writer. My congratulations to him.

I too read the letter of Sh. Raj Bhupinder Singh commenting on Sh. Bajwa's article on Kalpana Chawla. It was indeed a very good article and who so ever torn the picture of her is a shameful act. But why Raj ji has objected on Principal Bajwa's article is beyond understanding. Secondly Raj ji has written that scientist do not believe in God, which is also his own idea. Being a scientist and on the behalf of many others I can tell Shri Raj Bhupinder Singh that you are wrong we do believe in God and spirituality paves us the right path in research. Even present President of India Dr. APJ Kalam who is a scientist claim that he had partnership with God. We do believe their is one God but we too try to cross the boundaries made by fellow human beings about my God or his/her God.

I think if Raj ji should also interact with some scientists at home about their beliefs about religion and God.
I think Raj ji I have not raised question about your ability to be a good critique ( you indeed rightly analyse most of the articles of 5abi.com) but this letter of your project that you have not interacted too much with scientific community.
Kind regards!
Rajesh Jalota

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