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Many writers like G S Kala Afghana and others are trying to gain cheap popularity by raising controversies. I do not take their writings seriously as the motive behind is not clear. (every research is based on some principles) They all need to go for some  foundation work. Example can be "Hum Hindu Nahin" by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha. Writing something similar can make your motive clear and visible. If you think that whatever Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha wrote is more than enough then perhaps self styled professors do not realise the current threat from the dragon of RSS nor do they understand the meaning of research.

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I have read a number of news items and an article by Dalbir Singh on the above mentioned matter on your popular website.

Appeals have been made to the SGPC urging them to get involved and resolve the dispute. Other media too carried the news and appeals to the SGPC. Today, I read the news on 5abi.com that Dalits have already gone on hunger strike.

This matter should be of grave concern to each and every Sikh in the world. Attitude of Jats of Talhan is deplorable. Our Gurus preached equality of man at all levels and every Sikh should be proud of this principle. Jats of Talhan should know that their actions are unworthy of Sikh religion.

Thanks to the Internet, I have enjoyed reading well researched articles by highly educated Sikhs scholars. I call upon all of them to write articles on the Internet and other media in an effort to make the SGPC take their responsibility seriously and restore harmonious relations between Dalits and Jats forthwith. At the same time, discussions on the matter should also be held on the Radio and T.V. shows regularly until the dispute is settled.

For the Jats of Talhan, I quote the following verse from Guru Nanak's Bani (I noted it from somebody else's article on the Internet and I failed to note his name, otherwise I would have recognized him here. My apoligies):

Jur jur wichhure wichhur jure. Jeev jeev mue mue jeeve.
Ketya ke bap ketya ke bete kete gur chele hooe.
Agai pachhai ganat na awai kya jati kya hun
hooe. M:1, P:1238.

Kind regards,
Sarwan Singh Dhanda, Canada

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In 1922, during the "Guru kaa Baagh" morcha a great incident occurred at Siri Punja Sahib in Hasan-Abdaal, Pakistan. The singhs arrested during the Akali Morcha of Guru kaa Baagh, were being taken to the jails of Attock and Kamalpur. The Rawalpindi sangat found out that the trains taking the prisoners of morcha were going through the Punja Sahib railway station. Sangat decided to serve langar to the passing Sikh prisoners.

The British government found out that the sangat of Rawalpindi was going to prepare langar for the prisoners of Morcha of Guru kaa Baagh, and as such decided not to stop the train at the Punja Sahib railway station. When the sangat found out that they were not going to stop the train at the railway station, they said that they would stop the train at any cost. Bhai Partaap Singh jee who was their able Jathedaar, said fearlessly that an ardaas has been performed to provide langar to the Sikh prisoners of the morcha and as such Guru Sahib will himself stop the train at the Railway station.


Giani Bhajan Singh, a very good Sikh writer, himself went to Bibi Harnaam Kaur the wife of Shaheed Bhai Partaap Singh and interviewed her on what exactly happened at Punja Sahib railway station. Following is the the translation of Giani Bhajan Singh jee's interview with Bibi Harnaam Kaur jee:

Giani Bhajan Singh: Mata jee (wife of Shaheed Bhai Partaap Singh jee), could you please tell us something about the Punja Sahib incident? I have specially came to see you to get first hand information from you.

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: Why won't I tell you what happened on that fateful day at Punja Sahib? I remember the whole incident as if it occurred yesterday. I was one of those people who were sitting on the railway tracks to stop the train. I was sitting just behind my martyr (shaheed) husband. I have been getting the urge for long time, to tell the true story of Punja Sahib incident but no one took the effort to write what I had to tell. I am glad to hear that you came specially to hear about this incident and would be writing the story as I tell you.

Giani Bhajan Singh: How did this whole incident occur? Please tell me in detail. Assume that I don't know anything and you are telling a new person this incident.

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: This was the time of Guru kaa Baagh Morcha (1922). Police had arrested the singhs and trains of these arrested singhs of Morcha, were being taken to the Attock and Kaimelpur jails. Two trains had passed Punja Sahib. My shaheed (martyr) husband approached the station master, who was a very kind Hindu gentleman and asked him why he was not informing the Sangat of the arrival of the trains carrying the Sikh prisoners. My husband told him that the sangat wanted to do some sewa of the Sikh prisoners.

At that time my husband was the member of the managing committee of Siri Punja Sahib and he served in the capacity of the treasurer. Prior to that he served as the general secretary of the committee. Anyway, one day, the Hindu station-master informed my husband that next day at 8am the train was scheduled to arrive at the Punja Sahib railway station. As soon as the sangat heard of this, they started preparing langar for the Sikh prisoners. After the completion of the morning congregation (diwaan), an ardaas was performed as follows:

"O Sache Paatshah (True King), we have prepared Parshaada (food) for your Gursikhs. Please fulfill our wish of feeding langar to our gursikh brothers and grant us the boon that we come back to the Gurdwara Sahib only after serving langar."

After the ardaas (prayer) when we arrived at the station, we were informed by the station master that as per orders from the top, the train will not stop at the station. The sangat was at once overwhelmed by sadness and anger. They got together and decided through a Gurmata that langar would be served to the sangat at any cost and that they would not let the train proceed further without this. After this decision, the despondence that the sangat was in, at once disappeared.

Giani Bhajan Singh: What was the total number of sangat?

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: It must have been about 300.

Giani Bhajan Singh: Then what happened?

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: When the train arrived, all the sangat sat on the railway tracks with their legs crossed and started doing paath. Some men sat by the signal.

Giani Bhajan Singh: Did anyone flee after seeing the train arriving?

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: There was no question of fleeing. Everyone had decided unanimously. At that time, those present there did not have any fear of death. Motivating lectures and motivated everyone to die for this noble cause.

Giani Bhajan Singh: Then what happened:

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: The train arrived, it whistled but no one got up. At the front of everyone, my shaheed husband Sardar Partaap Singh jee was sitting. Along his side was Sardaar Karam Singh. The train hit my husband and crushed him and Sardar Karam Singh. Many were thrown off the track by the bumper of the train. My husband and Sardaar Karam Singh got shaheed there and six others who  had been crushed under the train did not die but had their legs and arms severed. I too suffered massive wounds and stayed in the hospital for many months.

Giani Bhajan Singh: Did Sardar Partaap Singh get shaheed right at the spot, or later? Please tell me everything.

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: Shaheedi did not occur right on the spot. When the train stopped, people rushed to see the singhs crushed under the train. My shaheed husband, who was very seriously injured at that time said:
"First go and serve langar to the gursikhs prisoners, then come for our care. If you take us out of from under the train, the driver would take the train away and we will not be able to serve langar to our brothers".

After serving langar to the prisoners, then my husband was taken out. Bhai Karam Singh left his body within few hours but my husband gave his life at amritvela, next day.

Giani Bhajan Singh: Please tell us something about the time between he got crushed under the train and till he died the next day.

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: When I tried to go near him, after he got severely injured, he said, "If you are my wife, then don't come to me crying, rather be happy because I have passed my test of Gursikhee". His jaw was severely injured and had been ripped apart from one side. His forehead had a very severe and deep cut. He himself kept thanking Vaheguru that he was able to fulfill his vow of serving langar to Gursikh brothers.

Giani Bhajan Singh: Please tell me some incident of his life. How old was he?

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: At the time of shaheedi his age was about 24 or 25. We had been married for about 4 years. He was serving in the military back then but had to leave job for wearing Black turban. We came to Rawalpindi (a city near Punja Sahib, Pakistan) and started living there. He was in the forefront when the jatha went to free the Punja Sahib Gurdwara Sahib. After relinquishing Mahant control from the  Gurdwara Sahib, my husband was appointed the first Manager Secretary of  the Gurdwara Sahib. He kept working without any pay or salary. At that time, we got by, by selling our possessions. We did not have any money with us but my husband did not care about these things. When he attained martyrdom, at that time too he was working in the management.

Before shaheedi, we had a son who died when he was 2 years old. At his death, my husband gave proof of obeying will of Vaheguru by accepting the will of Vaheguru. He did not cry at all and not only that but he called a band group and played the band in the front of the procession as my son's dead body was taken for cremation. I gave birth to our second child, few months after the shaheedi of my husband. That child is our only daughter - Joginder Kaur (She was standing by us).


Giani Bhajan Singh: Can you mention any other significant incident related to this great Saaka (incident) of Punja Sahib?

Bibi Harnaam Kaur: The driver of the train was an Araayeen Muslim from   Gujrat city of Pakistan. I don't remember his name. The government had filed a case against him and he was investigated by a retired judge as to why he stopped the train despite orders not to do so. That driver gave a statement in front of that tribunal and this statement is of great historical significance. His statement was as follows:

"I had been given orders to not stop the train at any cost. As per the orders, I did not stop the train and it was moving at full speed. When the train hit shaheed Partaap Singh, I felt as if it had hit a huge mountain. I fell down and my hand got lifted from the speeder and the train stopped. After investigating the engine, it was found that the brake had not been applied. I felt that some unseen, hidden power (Vaheguru) stopped the train".

This driver was subsequently fired from his position. His statement  proves that Satguru jee himself stopped the train.

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Dear editor,

I agree with many points of Sardar Saravjeet Singh. I was supportive of Mr. Kalaafgana and read his many articles. I do find his remarks derogatory against sikh missionaries which can be said in better way. Many sikhs in the past whatever knowledge Waheguru given to them, served Sikh Panth with sincerity. If I do not have knowledge about certain aspects of Gurmat and doing something for Panth. I do deserve criticism but not at the tone of Panth Virodhi. How come a Hukamnama is valid against Nirankaries by the same Jathedar ( Which I think Mr. Kalaafgana and his associates like Mr. Gurtej Singh etc. considered right). Their wording- Jathedar can not issue Hukamnama. He is just their for installation of Maryada. The purpose is clear- to lower the respect of Takhat and what kind of Sarbat Khalsa he talking about.

I been to one such sarbat Khalsa. People raised their hands in support of abolution of SGPC. I do  support his many views including on Amrit, maas etc. Also I suport he should be given to chance to express his views but I do not support his wording against sikh scholars like Giani Harbans Singh, Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti etc. Regarding langar Mr. Saravjeet Singh's idea is wrong in view that the sikhs who can not sit on Land for the sake of unity in Sikh Panth. How could they desert the Takhat like Bhai Bhagel Singh, Bhai Beer Singh etc. Thanks.

Jasbir Singh

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This is very sad news that one of our farmer brother died bcoz of constantly pressured by Aadtiye to return his money: although he sold his whole crop of wheat to him ( aadtiya) so as to balance the money taken from Adtiye Pyarelal. Govt has to take some strict action against such Adtiyes so as to save valueable lifes of innocent farmers.

We all know that farming is gone very costly now bcoz of high cost of maintaining the crops : farmers hardly get some profits. Our punjab govt should have to take serious steps to boost the farming: afterall Punjab is known worldwide for farming. Farming is our industry and everything. Govt should have to provide loans to farmers to sow crops so that no farmer in future even think of suisiding. LETS WE ALL PRAY FOR THE WEL-BEING OF OUR PUNJAB

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lMgr dI mirAwdw dw pRcwr krdy vkq ieh j`Qydwr ieh ikauN Bu`l jWdy hn ik auh pYrW iv`c l`kV dIAW KVwvW pw ky pYdl c`l ky jW hwQI-GoVy dI svwrI kr ky nhIN sgoN hvweI jhwjW dI Ku`lIAW Awrwmdwiek sItW qy bYT, Aqy iPr eyAr-kMfISn kwrW iv`c sPr kr ky ies iK`qy ivc phuMcy hn[

jy lMgr pkwaux vyly l`kVI dI jgHw fIzl jW pRopyn gYs n`l c`lx vwlIAW B`TIAW dI vrqoN TIk hY, lMgr hwl iv`c ibjlI dI vrqoN, stIl dIAW plytW jW cmcy TIk hn qW lMgr Ckx dy qrIky vyly  ieh ivvwd ikEN ?

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s: srvjIq isMG jI dI ic~TI igAwnI joigMdr isMG jI vydWqI, jQydwr sRI Akwl qKq swihb AMimRqsr dy nW pVHx ƒ imlI[ bwkI qW TIk pr kursI au~qyy bYT ky lMgr Ckx dI svYcwlk mSIn dy nwl qulxw FukdI nhIN[

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vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf

pMjwbI siBAwcwr sBw, iSkwgo


PCS has extended the application date for PCS scholarships to May 18th
P.C.S. SCHOLARSHIPS:   P. C. S. will award $500 scholarships to qualified High School Seniors & college undergraduate Punjabi Students at "PCS Youth Graduation Night". Deadline to apply has been extended to Sunday, May 18, 2003. An independent council of judges will decide winners. Scholarship fund and graduation night sponsors will be appreciated.   For further information contact: PCS Youth Director Mrs. Amarjit K. Atwal at (847) 564-4375 or Mr. Puneet Singh at (630) 209-4391. PCS Scholarship form can be downloaded from PCS Website. Click here: Scholarships Home Page
PCS Scholarships will be awarded at

: PCS will hold 3rd Punjabi Youth Graduation Night in Chicagoland on Sunday, 5pm, June 8th, 2003 at Viceroy of India Banquets in Lombard to honor Punjabi Graduates for their achievements.  Rangla Punjab 2003 Participants will also be honored at the Youth Graduation Night. (RP2003 participants shall contact their item coordinators).

gurpRIq isMG


In a letter to Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib, written by Sardar Sarbjit Singh Ji (May 13th) represents views of every concerned sikh. It's very unfortunate that our panthic leaders and some sikhs are failing to understand the writing of S. Gurbax Singh Kalaafgana. I have no doubt that the so called panthic leaders and Jatherdars have not even read one word of Sardar Kalaafgana's books. One of the revolutionary aspects of Sikhism is its rejection of clergy, of priestly class, there being a direct, non-mediatory, relationship between a Sikh and his Guru and God. In particular the following four traditional roles of clergy have been discarded in Sikh religion: ex-communications; imposition of religious punishment; prescription of all-time, unchangeable code of conduct, and pontification, that is, the exclusive right to interpretation of Sikh doctrine and traditions. Today Badal's appointed Jathedars think they have the exclusive right to ex-communicate anyone they or their masters don't like. It's duty of every Sikh to make fellow sikhs aware of Sardar Kalaafghana's writings. Sardar Sarbjit Singh has raised many valid points and we look forward to seeing a reply from Jathedar Jogider Singh Vedanti.


Gurpreet Singh

dlIp Twkr, AmrIkw

-AwiqS pwielvI
potlI gunwhwN dI
-mnjIq isMG cwqRk
moNntrIAl (knyfw)


I had the opportunity to go over the poems. "Potli Gunahan Di" wirtten by Mr. Manjit Singh Chatrik of Montreal and "Kukh" written by Atish Pailavi were excellent poems. Thanks for letting your readers to enjoy these and other poems. Please keep them coming!

Dalip Thakur
Winnipeg, MB.
May 13/03

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my dear dara ji,

i am thankful to you for your free and frank comments on my article on 'american tour ...glimpses...' first of all thanks for the nice comments and your liking for my articles.

i welcome your to my place with open arms whenever you plan to visit toronto. secondly, I have not deliberately written anything against the people of america. if somewhere any word you thought to be improper or not in good taste and has hurt you, i feel sorry. the article's main thrust was a reflection on bush adm's policy of self-righteousness and punjabi community's rural hospitality. this aspect was also deliberated in the article' mirza baj bharawan mareea...' on the 5abi website
more when we meet.

srvjIq isMG


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100503_amrika-jhaat_100.jpg (3655 bytes)(iek sPr dI vwrqw)
AmrIkI PyrI smyN aus dy sVkI qRIAw jwl qy idn rwq c~lI vYn coN vyKy nzwry
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siqkwr Xog ipRMsIpl sihb, ipAwr BrI sq sRI Akwl , Awp jI bhuq suMdr soc dy mwlk ho qy myry mn ivc Awp leI bhuq siqkwr hY[ Agr kdI aus mwlk ny smw id`qw qw Awp jI nUM jrUr imlwgw[ mYnUM ies sweIt qy Awp dy lyK Cwpx hwmyCw aufIk rihdI hY[ Awp jI lyK pHV ky bhuq kuJ is`Kx nUM imldw hY[ A`j jd Awp jI dw lyK AmrIkI PyrI smyN aus dy sVkI qRIAw jwl qy idn rwq c~lI vYn coN vyKy nzwry pVn nUM imlAw qw pihlw mn bhuq KuS hoieAw ky Awp jI dw lyK dyKky pr jdo pVnW SrU kIqw qw AmrIkw nUM iek glq AMdwj nwl quhfw dyKxw cMgw nhI l`gw[ mY AmrIkw dw vwsI hW ho skdw ies krky mYnUM burw l`gw hovy [ ipMRsIpl sihb mY vI jorj buS dy vIcwrw nwl sihmq nhI ies dw mY doS ies dyS dy nwgirkw nUM nhI dydw[ hryk ienswn AwpxI mn mrjI dw mwlk huMdw hY[ ies leI mY nhI smJdw ik ieh TIk hY Agr iksy ny munK ny quhwfy burw nwl kIqw hY qw ies dw doS aus dyS dy sMcwkl nUM dyeIey [ ipRMsIpl sihb koeI glq ilKI geI hovy qw mwP krnw .. mY Awp jI dw PYn hw qy hwmyCw rihgw
dwrw (iSkwgo)

suirMdr mwhl, brqwnIAw

manjit_tiwana1_60.jpg (2311 bytes)A`g dw qrjmw (Bw: 1) - fw: mnjIq itvwxw
(isgmw AYNtrtynrs dI pySkS)


sMpwdk Aqy tIm !

imhnqI h~QW nwl su~cIAW ikrqW vrgIAW rcnwvW sWB soD ky QwlI ‘c pweI grIAW bdwmW qy dwKW vrgI KIr dy suAwd vrgIAW rcnwvW, gIq, lyK Aqy Awp boldIAW kivqwvW pMjwbIAW ByNt quhwfIAW sugwqW leI mYN isPqW dI lVI ik~QoN SurU krW , mYnUM smJ hI nhIN pYNdI [ qusIN Kud hI myry jzbwq smJx dI koiSS kr lYxw[ quhwfw mYN DMnvwd krW qW ikhVy SbdW nwl ?

dyS ivdyS v~sdy myry im~qro ! mW bolI dy spUqo !! h~lw mwro, XqnSIl hovo, koSS kro ik pMjwbI bolI Qofy qy mwx kr sky[ isgmw ieMtrtynrz vwilAW dw DMnvwd mnjIq itvwxw dIAW nzmW leI [

iqbal-shaukat1_100.jpg (3616 bytes)Awh! klwkwrW ny qW ienswn bxnw hY Ajy!
(iekbwl mwhl nwl mulwkwq)
- inMdr GigAwxvI

iekbwl mwhl dI g~lbwq ‘c Swml sv: swQI nrMjx nUr dw sMdyS jy swfy klwkwr pVH lYx qW bhuq cMgw[ nhIN qW Qofw sB dw Prz hY ik ieh aunHW dy kMnW q~k pucweIey[ ‘kwS ! swry klwkwr ienswn bx skx’ AwE rl ky duAw Aqy Xqn krIey[ ik Awx vwlw ieiqhws swfy qy mwx kr sky Aqy AwpW vI isr au~cw auTw ky c~l skIey Aqy bwbU iProz dIn SrP dI vMgwr nUM pCwxIey :-

“SrP pweI nw ijnWH ny kdr myrI, vy mYN bolI hW aunHW pMjwbIAW dI ”

foldIAW AwsW Aqy aumIdW nwl ------- suirMdr mwhl

pRo. pRIqm isMG gryvwl


kMvljIq kOr is`DU jI dy pMjwbI pwTkW dI swihqk iviSAW bwry dyKI jWdI audwsInqw dy vIcwr nwl mYN sihmq hW[pwTkW vloN huMgwrw, it`pxI jW pRsMsw lyKkW nMU auqSwh, syD qy svY-pVcol leI pRyrnw idMdI hY[

myry i^Awl muqwbk glp qy vwriqk rcnw nwloN kivqw v`l vDyry byru^I nzr AwauNdI hY[ auNj vI, AsIN snsnI BrIAW ^brW jW isAwsI rol-Gcoly vwly lyKW v`l izAwdw ruicq ho rhy hW[

pRo. pRIqm isMG gryvwl

kMvljIq kOr is`DU klIvlYNf- AmrIkw

sMgIn jurm?
krnYl isMG igAwnI-i&lwfYl&IAw


AwdrxIX sMpwdk jI,

kuJ mhIny pihlW mYN blbIr kOr sMGyVw horW dI it`pxI ikDry pVHI sI[ ijs ivc auhnW v`loN pwTkW dI swihqk iviSAW bwry audwsInqw dw izkr kIqw sI[ ik pwTkW nUM iksy lyKk dI kivqw jW khwxI leI pRsMsw bwry kuJ ku Sbd ilKxy vI ikMny AOKy l`gdy hn[ quhwfI vYbsweIt qy kyvl rwj BUipMdr isMG horW v`loN hI iek vwr kuJ iliKAw pVHn ivc AwieAw hovygw[

quhwfI eys p`iqRkw qy A`j k`lH, i&lwfYl&IAw-AmrIkw dy krnYl isMG igAwnI horW dI iek inhwieq hI drd BrI khwxI sMgIn jurm ? koeI iek mhIny qoN c`l rhI hY[ ijs bwry myrw iDAwn idvwx leI myrI iksy shylI ny mYnUM d`isAw sI[ Awp v`loN eyny au~Gy lyKk dI rcnw Cwpx leI bhuq bhuq vDweI[

iek muslmwn kuVI n&Isw dw iek is`K Xuvk idljIq pRqI snyh, auhnW dy sih-ividAwrQIAW ivcwly eys romWs bwry cuMJ crcw[ ijs qrW n&Isw ny Awpxy Sihzwdy vrgy pRymI dy inrCl ipAwr dI Kwqr, iksy DnwF nvwb / SyK dI byZm hox dw sunihrw mOkw Tukrw id`qw, pr iek 'jUVI vwly SrwrqI' byty nUM jnm dyx dw su&nw idl ivc lY ky hI eys sMswr qoN kUc kr geI [ gujrwq ivc hoey koJI mwnvqw dy nMgy nwc dw ivvrx, n&Isw Aqy ausdy AxjMMmy byty dw byrihmI nwl koihAw jwxw, AwpxI ijMd jwn leI klpdy idljIq dw BwrqI Swsn v`loN, AwpxI hI p`qnI dy kql dw iGnOxw jurm (?) lgwey jwx dI duKdweI Gtnw, jo is`KW pRqI BwrqI nzwm dw AslI rveIAw drsWdI hovy[

socdI hW, '5AwbI fwt kwm ' dy pwTk eyny inrdeI iks qrW ho gey, jo iksy v`loN 'hwA dw nwhrw' vI ikEN nw sirAw?

kMvljIq kOr is`DU klIvlYNf- AmrIkw

blkwr bwjvw, knyfw

020503_iraq-khoon_100.jpg (4230 bytes)KuMFI qlvwr qy iq`Ky vwr
hux SurU hovygI ierwk dy AslI KUn leI nkleI jMg! - rwj J`j, knyfw


rwj J`j dy ivAMg BrpUr lyK 'hux SurU hovygI...nkleI jMg' ivc kmwl dI qnz pyS hY[ myry AzIz rwj ies qrHW ilKxw jwrI r`Ko[ quhwfI ies pRiqBw qy fwlrW dw mwVw pRCwvW nhIN pYxw cwhI dw[ quhwfI klm ivc iek qkVI soc hY[ ieh hor c`lxI cwhIdI hY[ SwbwS!

blkwr bwjvw

gurcrn isG kuilm, ieMglYNf



siqkwr Xog BweI swihb jI,

vwihguurU jI kw Kwlsw vwihguurU jI kI Piqh [[

s`B qoN pihlW vDweIAW dy pwiqr ho ijhnW ny pMjwbI mW bolI nMU eIntr nY`t dy zrIey sMswr dy hr pMjwbI Gr qWeI pwhMucw idqw ey[ mYN qIsrI pIVI, mlySIAw dw jmpwl is`K hW[ mYnMU mwn ey ik swfy bzurgW ny mW bolI dw ipAwr Gu`t Gu`t Br idqw,ik Aj mYN AgWhW Awpny bicAW nMU vI mW bolI nwl ju`V ik r`iKAw hoieAw hY, ieMgilsqWn ivc[

mlySIAw auhnW dySW ivcoN hY ijQy isK sB qo pihlW Bwrq qoN bwhr gey sn[ swnMU mwn hY ik auQy is`KW ny bhuq mihnq qy qr`kI kIqI[ AwpnI mW bolI, siBAwcwr qy is`K rUp nMU brk`rwr riKAw[ eyQy hI b`s nhIN, jo isK nOjuvwn sBWvW /smylxW dw isl`slw Aj dyKdy hW sWry sMsWr ivc, ieh mlySIAw dy isKW dI dyx hY is`K jgq nMU[

Akwl purK kI POj dy jo dsqy KVy kIqy geY hn, ieh vI mlySIAw dy isMGW dI dUr AMdySI dw sdkw ey[

ieQy ieh vI d`sxw jrUrI sm`Jdw hW ik iksy smy, BwrqI ilKwrI s: KuSv`q is`G ny 1950 ivc ieh ilK mwirAw sI, ik sdI dy AMq q`k is`K srUp K`qm ho jwvygw [ pr 1953 ivc mlySIAw dI rwjDwnI kuAwlw lump`r ivKy aouQoN dy is`KW dy svwl jvWbW Agy KuSvMq isMG ny Awpny ieh lPz vwps hI nhI ley, lyikn mwPI vI mMgI Aqy kbUl kIqw ik auh glq swbq hovygw[

gurU rwKw,qy cVdI k`lw,pMQ dI syvw ivc,
gurcrn isG kuilm,l`fn,
AYm bI ey,AYm AYs sI (POr`isk`s)
(DwlIvwl,ip`f rwaky,mogw)

pMjwb XUQ kl`b, hWgkWg


SARS dw “mihk pMjwb dI 2003” qy vI Asr

hWgkWg iv`c SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) inmonIAW vwiers dI idno-idn v`D rhI ibmwrI kwrn pMjwb XUQ kl`b ny ivswKI myly “mihk pMjwb dI 2003” jo ik 1 meI nMU krvwieAw jwxw sI nUM hux A`gy pwaux dw PYslw ilAw hY[ ies myly dI AglI qrIK hwlwqW dy suDrn qoN bwAd ivc d`sI jwvygI[

ijnW lokW ny itktW lY leIAW hn auh jldI qo jldI itktW vwps krky Awpxy pYsy lY skdy hn[

hor jwxkwrI leI iksy vI kl`b mYNbr jW Pon nMbr 852-820866365 qy sMprk kr skdy ho[

pMjwbI Aqy pMjwbIAW dI syvw ivc

pMjwb XUQ kl`b hWgkWg

hrdIp isMG mwn, AwstrIAw

280403_aurat-arab2-100.jpg (2124 bytes)ArbW muqwbk sohxIAW AOrqW dy gux - swfy ih�dusqwnIAW vWg Arb lok vI krVI imhnq ivc G`t hI XkIn r`Kdy hn[- KuSv�q is�G


KuSvMq isMG jI dw lyK bhuq psMd AwieAw[ lyK bhuq jwxkwrI BrpUr sI[ pMjwbI Anuvwdk jI dw bhuq DMnvwd, ijnHW ny Su`D Aqy srl pMjwbI vrq ky lyK ƒ hor idlcsp bxW id`qw[

pMCIAW bwry pRgt kIqI geI icMqw vI iDAwndyx Xog hY[

hrdIp isMG mwn, AwstrIAw

dlivMdr isMG, knyfw

240403_kavita-dalbir_100.jpg (4221 bytes)mYN iek kivqw ilKxI cwhuMdw hW
- dlbIr isMG 


hello bir dalvir singh ji i read your writing about your pind very good your living in jalandhar city and dreaming about your pind like we live in canada and dream about my pind mahddi pur i like your writings keep up the good work.

your brother
Dalwinder singh khun khun
kelowna bc canada

snI, AmrIkw


sat shri akal ji,
i just read that news of principal Balkar singh bajwa about iraq.i like it very much .i love to read these kinds of true stories.nothing else  and i love this news paper.

Sunny, USA

jsbIr isMG

sd_100.jpg (6461 bytes)id`lI aupr is`KW dw AiDkwr Aqy gurduAwirAW dI auswrI
fw� dlbIr is�G iF`loN


Dear editor,

It is very good article on sikh history. I read similar matter many times but Dr. Dalbir Singh Dhillon 's wording is such that it force me to write these words in appreciation. Well done Dr. Sahib. You are really excellent. Thanks.

Jasbir Singh

pRo. pRIqm isMG gryvwl, knyfw

240403_kavita-dalbir_100.jpg (4221 bytes)mYN iek kivqw ilKxI cwhuMdw hW
- dlbIr isMG 


'mYN kivqw ilKxI cwhuMdw hW' lyK ivc dlbIr isMG nMgl Swmw ipMf bwry iek mhW kwiv dy nkS auBwr igAw hY[

nMgl Swmw pMjwb dy hr ipMf dw pRqIk hY[ jy SwierI nUM Bwvkqw Aqy sMvydnSIlqw coN aupjdI mMn leIey qW iksy vI kvI dw Awpxy iMpMf dy vwsIAW, vsqUAW qy vwikAwq nwl Atut irSqw Aqy EhnW dIAW Aimt XwdW ilKI jW AxilKI kivqw dw Awpmuhwry vgdw Jrnw bxIAW rihMdIAW hn[ aus dI hoNd dw Aihm ih~sw Aqy Awsrw[

pRo. pRIqm isMG gryvwl

jnmyjw jOhl, Bwrq

240403_kavita-dalbir_100.jpg (4221 bytes)mYN iek kivqw ilKxI cwhuMdw hW
- dlbIr isMG 


dalbir tu tan roa key rakh ta, ik unkahi kavita naal.

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq

230403_iraq-bush_100.jpg (3772 bytes)ierwk qy vrHIAW buS dI imhrW BrIAW sKwvqW - ipRMsIpl blkwr isMG bwjvw


bwjvw swhb ny buS dI ierwk qy kIqIAW geIAW "imhrW' dw bhuq sohxy AMdwz ivc ibAwn kIqw hY [ pr buS qW ' buS ' hY , mqlb ik ie`k JwVI , jo mrjI mOsm Awvy jW jwvy (Bwv jo mrjI khI jwvo ), aus qy koeI Asr nhIN [ pihlW sInIAr buS qy hux jUnIAr , dovyN ieko qrW dy hn , ipE pu`q jU hoey [

XU.AYn.E. vI hux nW dI rih geI hY, aus pMcwieq vWg , jo ipMf dy Buqry hoey lMbV dw kuJ nhIN ivgwV skdI [

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq

ASU Bwmrw, qwievwn


hello i am ashu bamrah in taiwan.i want india news about sars. becouse this time sars in taiwan very dangers.so please india how many sars have or not.please put in news every day.

240403_gargi_120.jpg (5163 bytes)

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