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Badal Sahib di jindagi ek khuli kitaab hai jis wich CORRUPTION motey motey akhra wich likhi saaf dikhai dindi hai. BADAL SAHIB DE GHAR DE DARWAZE HAMESHA KHULEY HAN because black money saamb lai gayi hai ji. Whatever Badal did in his last government , no one can forget. He was coalated with BJP but did nothjing for Satluj-Yamuna link River. He was so busy in corruption and worked only to launch his son but he forget to do anything for sons of punjab. He did only for himself. His government was a great hope for us(punjabis) bcoz Akali Govt come to power after soo long but he BETRAYED the Akali dal and was so mean and still . He is power hungry and nothing else. MAY GOD GIVE HIM ALL THE MONEY OF THE WORLD BUT DON'T MAKE OUR CHIEF MINISTER. Punjab need some loyal and Punjab Himayati chief minister. May god fulfill our wish too....

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I do not agree with the comments put forward by Dalvir Singh in his essay Sabash, Amreeki Bhartio. He is of the opinion that the brain drain from India is basically because the people or not loyal to their homeland. I would like to bring up the fact that where are jobs for all these people in India. And how many jobs are filled on the basis of Merit. From a small job in a Private office to the prime jobs by different commissions are offered not on merit but on reference along with money. I have personal experience of that numerous times.

One aspect is brain-drain as mentioned by Dalvir Singh, the other aspect is these NRI bring foreign capital to India.

I am very sad to learn in the 21st century, people are fighting over religion in India especially a recent incident in Jalandhar Distt. What can be expected in other states like Gujarat, Bihar. Why can’t people stop fighting over these issues. During my last visit I saw the condition of  roads in Punjab. Still there is not enough electricity. Respective governments keep on fighting between themselves, and leaders can’t think of public welfare.

NRI’s contribute in many ways like assisting in the organisation of Village level sports festivals.

There are many other aspects which I can’t elaborate at this moment.

Please reply.

Rajinder Singh

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yes ... we are agree with the people ... as jazzy bains is a hopeles singer and he is spoiling the punjabi culture as his videos are not appropriate to watch while sitting in a family. as his videos has a bad effect on new generation ... they try to be like the people in da video. he is giving bad bame to the PUNJABI Culture .
his videos must be banned ...
mann familty..

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ipAwry sMpwdk jI,
siq sRI Akwl, keI idn ho gey hn ipMR: blkwr isMG bjvw jI huxw dI koeI ilKq nhI CpI , qusI swfw sunyhw auhnw nUM dyxw ky AsI auhnw dI ilKq dw bVI bysvrI nwl ieMqjwr kr rhy hW[ aus vihgurU A`gy Ardws krdy hW ky ipR: blkwr bwjvw jI nUM hwmySw cVdI klw ivc r`Ky[

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vwihgurU jI kw Kwlw, vwihgurU jI kI Piqh

myjr mWgt jI dI khwxI " kwlw sonw" bhuq vDIAw l`gI[ briln aulMipks (1936) dOrwn jdoN AmrIkn AQlIt jYsI Evnz ny 4 sony dy qmgy ij`qy qW ihtlr ny aus nwl h`Q imlwaux qoN mnW kr id`qw sI[ iek kwly dOVwk vloN jrmnW nUM hrw dyxw ihtlr dI AwrIAn lokW dI auqmqw dy isDWq qy krwrI s`t sI[ A`j jykr kwilAW nUM KyfW iv`coN k`F id`qw jwvy qW ip`Cy rihMd KUhMd hI rih jwvygI[ idlbr hurW leI bVw sOKw ho jwxw sI jykr pItr pMjwb iv`c rihMdw huMdw, ieho ijhy mOky qy pMjwb puils jW BwVy dy t`tUAW ny pItr dy P`ty c`k dyxy sn qy swry pirvwr dw iej`q mwn brkrwr rih jwxw sI[

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myjr mWgt dI khwxI 'kwlw sonw' idlcsp hox dy nwl nwl XQwrQ dy keI pihlU vI ivsQwrdI hY, ijvyN siBAwcwr ivc KVoq kwrn pIVHIAW dw pY irhw pRvwrk pwVw, AMqrjwqI ivAwh dw nPrq Aqy hsd dy kwrn ivroD, kwly BweIcwry nUM Akwrn CuitAwaux dw bx cuikAw idRStIkox Awid[

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Congratulations to all the recipients at the PCS graduation 2003.

I would also like to wish Dr.Chirinjeev Singh Kathuria the best of luck on his aspiration to become a member of the senate. May Waheguru Ji grant him his vision with a mission and I belief this will help our Sikh brethren in the long run. Keep up your good work and May Wahehguru Ji bless all of you for your untiring effort to make this site a success.


Your brother in panthic service,
Joe Mahinder Singh Sohi

PS… An open invitation …. If any of you wish to come or visit or need any information on Malaysia , do email me at sohi@pc.jaring.my and I will be honoured to be your host… Sikhs meeting Sikhs .. worldwide via the net.

smIp isMG gumtwlw


Editor, 5abi.com

Respected Sir,

I am mailing the press release by United Sikhs of America for the blood drive to be held at Flushing, NY on June 29, 2003. The official website for  the organisation is www.unitedsikhs.org.  I hope that the news for blood drive will be published on the website and more people can contribute to the blood drive as the website is really popular all over US. Thanking you

Sameep Singh Gumtala
Graduate Teaching Assistant, PhD Electrical Engineering,
Wright State University,Dayton,Ohio,USA


The United Sikhs in Service of America, a non-profit, non-governmental human development organization is holding a blood drive camp in Flushing, New York, NY. This drive is a part of the organization's constant endeavor to help meet the blood shortage in the tri-state area.

The United Sikhs was incorporated in 1997 and is a coalition of organizations and individuals, who share a common vision to transform underprivileged and minority communities and individuals into informed and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programs, by fostering active participation in social and economic activity. It is also an avenue for networking between like-minded organizations to establish and nurture meaningful projects and dialogues - whether social or cultural- to promote harmony, understanding and reciprocity.

The blood drive is being organized with the assistance of the New York Blood Center on 29th June 2003 from 10.30AM to 4.00 PM at 38-17, Parson Blvd, Flushing New York, NY. The organization has appealed to the general public to come forward and donate blood out of a sense of duty and community spirit and give someone a gift of life.

bObI gryvwl


did Dalvir Singh write any article about OSHO(Rajnish). He can give his view about OSHO.


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Badal Sahib
I personelly , don't think that we need to take Ashirwad from some where else if we have " Akal Takhat" and "SRI DARBAR SAHIB" ... Our Gurus told us to bow our head in front of Guru Granth Sahib and not in front of any living person or guru. But it is a shame for Parkash Singh BAdal that he bow his head against Alok muni..... Badal Sahib , you need to know that for us " Sikhs" , Guru granth sahib is the ever living Guru and Just learn that Never bow your head against any one else.... Take ashirwad from Akal Takhat and Sri Darbar Sahib , you will get whatever you need from there and hopefully Guru " Guru Granth Sahib will show you right Path and will give you power of politics again and hopefully you will not do CORRUPTION this time... OUR PUNJAB IS IN THE JAWS OF LEADERS LIKE YOU who have no interest for punjabis progress but you people think only for your Bank balances... God made you the king of that state where sometimes " Maharaja Ranjit Singh' ruled and spend each and every second for the progress and properity of Punajb state.... But now we have no choice , we have to vote to someones like you who Have no pain for the Punjabis... You (Badal like) people are responsible for the wrost state of the Punjabis .... May God show you people the right direction and BLESS OUR BELOVED PUNJAB


gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf

190603_sankat-cheetah1.jpg (4221 bytes)Bwrq nUM drpyS siBAwcwrk s�kt - 'klcrl Awnslwt' (siBAwcwrk hmlw)... qoN lqwVy hoey lokIN sdIAW qIk ... siBAwcwrk gulwmI ivc Psy rih�dy hn - fw. mhIp isMG  


Bwrq nUM drpyS siBAwcwrk s�kt ivc fw: mhIp isMG dw pMjwb bwry qrk s`c qoN B`jdw hoieAw iqVk irhw hY[ ies vkq mYN ies leI izAwdw nhIN ilK irhw ikauNik ieh ivSw duv`ly sMvwd nwl hI nij`iTAw jw skdw hY[ jy kr fw: mhIp isMG 5AwbI s`Q 'c Awaux qW mYƒ rumwlI cu`k ky KuSI hovygI[

DMnvwd sihq,
gurqyj isMG vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf

krqwrI SkqI vwly DrqI auqly r`b
- dlbIr isMG 


krqwrI SkqI vwly DrqI auqly r`b

lE jI hux murwrI ny Awpxy Awp ƒ hux r`b kihxw SurU kr id`qw hY[ smJ nhIN Aw rhI ik h`sW ik glyfU su`tW? cMgw hoieAw ik murwrI ny ikqy pVHIAW hoeIAW ikqwbW dI igxqI nhIN d`sI nhIN qW…………Coty huMdy myrI mW ikhw krdI sI “pu`q! bhuqw mUMh nw t`F ky riKAw kr, m`KI pYNdI pqw nhIN c`ldI”[ murwrI jI dw kihxw hY ik bhuq hI KUbsUrq Aqy mhwx khwxIAW peIAW hn, ijMnIAW pVHIAW hn aus qoN ikqy v`D AnpVHIAW rih geIAW hn[ pr murwrI jI pwTkW dw kI ksUr hY? iesy krky qW 5AwbI s`Q kihMdI hY ik AwpxI pIVHI hyT sotw Pyry ibnW prvwsIAW ip`Cy FWgw lY ky iPrxw cMgw nhIN[ GoKo A`j dy smwj ƒ jo ik pMjwb ivc rih irhw hY[ jUn 2003 dy pihly hPqy pMjwb srkwr ny gSqI p`qr jwrI kIqw ik pMjwb dy swry skUlW ivc pihlI qoN dsvIN qk pMjwbI lwzmI[ pr ieh ^br lukvIN ijhI lMG geI[ koeI it`pxI nhIN[ murwrI jI, ipCilAW keI dhwikAW qoN pMjwbI qW pMjwb dy srkwrI skUlW ivc hI lwgU sI ijs dI qusIN kdI vI crcw nhIN kIqI[ ijhVI poc A`j dy pMjwb dy srkwrI skUlW ivc jWdI hY auh pVHweI pUrI kr lvy iehI kwPI hY[ hux vyKxw qW ieh bxdw hY ik pMjwb srkwr dw ieh gSqI p`qr lwgU vI huMdw hY ik nhIN?

g`l mhwn khwxIAW dI cl rhI sI[ ipCly qIh swl ivc pMjwb dy ilKwrIAW ny pMjwbI ivc jo vI iliKAw igAw hY aus ivc kivqw imAwrI hY, imAwrI khwxIAW isrP auNglW qy igxIAW jw skdIAW hn qy muAwP krxw imAwrI nwvl koeI ids nhIN irhw hY[ jy koeI cMgw hY qW auh swfI Bwvukqw kr ky nw ik swihiqk imAwr kr ky[ g`lW qW hor vI hn,

iPlhwl bs iehI,

gurqyj isMG,
vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf

j p isMG, AmrIkw

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sqnwm isMG cwhl horW dw lyK keI Bul~kV mwipAW leI cMgI nsIhq hY[ purwxI g`l suxI sI ik j`t m``J KrIdx l`gw sO idl AMdr bwhr krdw, kdy hvwnw vyKdw, kdy pUC, kdy k`d, kdy rMg, nwl m`J dI nsl bwry lMmy cOVy svwl krU ijvyN jnYitks dw pRoPYsr hUMdw ey, pr kuVI mMgx l`gw nweI dy khy hI swr lYNdw[ nweI ny ikhw qy b`s TIk[ swfI ieh Awdq Ajy geI nhIN[ ie`k imlxI ip`CoN ivAwh qih ho jWdw ey[ J`t mMgxI qy p`t ivAwh[ Asl iv`c dovyN iDrW ie`k dUjy nUM Qu`k lwaux dy dwA qy huMdIAW ny ik swnUM Gr bwhr cMgw iml jwey, swnUM kuVI cMgI pVI ilKI iml jwey qkVy Kwndwn dI - qy jdoN swrI irSqydwrI dI buinAwd hI AwriQkqw nwl b`Jy iPr keI vwr bwzI pu`TI vI pY jWdI AY[ ies irvwz ny bVy muMfy kuVIAW dIAW izMdgIAW brbwd kIqIAW ny[

dUjy pwsy AYQy ijhVy mwpy Apxy b`icAW nUM lukw lukw ky r`Kdy ny ikqy ivgHV nw jwx qy iPr kwhlI nwl pMjwb qoN cMgI ijhI SrIP kuVI jW swaU piVAW iliKAW jvweI l~Bx jWdy ny Eh vI keI vwr P`s jWdy ny[ keIAW AYho ijhIAW kuVIAW vI AYQy AweIAW ny AYQoN dy jMmy p`ly pr gurU dy l`V l`gy SrIP muMifAW dy GrIN ik ivcwry cIkW mwrdy ny peI mMmI fYfI qoN suixAW sI pMjwb dw klcr bVw cMgw ey pr ieh AYtm bMb ik`Qy bixAw sI? pMjwb c vI 'vw l`g geI keI muMfy kuVIAW nUM hux cMgI[ kwljW dIAW g`lW sux ky kMnIN auNglW pYNdIAW ny[ AYQy jMimAW nUM qy frw ky AwK laugy bytw ieMj n kr swfw klcr nhIN ieh, vwl r`K ieh swfw Drm hY, pr jdoN pMjwb dI jMmI, ipMf dI plI nhuM AwauNdI hI goirAW vrgy body krw ley qy mUMh ivMgw krky
pMjwbI boly, iPr kI krogy? BwjI rwj BuipMdr isMG jI suxdy jy nw?

ie`ko eI qrIkw ey: Awpxy klcr dy dwiery c rihMdy hoey b`icAW nUM Awpxy swQI Awp cuMnx dw h`k idE[ ieh svyry imly, SwmIN mMgxI qy AwauNdy AYqvwr ivAwh vwlw irvwz purwxy nweI vwly irvwz qoN vI igAw guzirAw hY[ jy pu`q SrwbI kbwbI hY qy kI hoieAw, nhUM vI Eho ijhI hI ilAwaU - koeI swaU DI qy neI imlx l`gI auhnUM Tyky qy? AwpxIAW shyVIAW Awpy Brngy nwly iksy dI swaU DI dI jwn bcI[ pu`q KuS -
GrvwlI pY`g Awp pw ky dyNdI ey, qusIN KuS clo pu`q ivAwihAw ey dovyN mIAW bIvI KuS ny, swfI isr drdI geI[ EDr pMjwb coN ijhVI p`txI sI Eh vI b`c geI[ A`lw A`lw qy ^Yr s`lw[

JP Singh
Reno, Nevada

j p isMG, AmrIkw


Dear editors: Sorry for English letter. I really wish I have the time to write it in Punjabi. Bear with me on this. Thanks.

I have not denied the happening of the incident that Bhajan Aujla has narrated. I have said that such a thing is possible to happen but it is not the norm. I have heard similarly twisted stories happening in New Delhi from
some "rich and modern" elites of that city who might have access to parties. That does not prove anything. To narrate one incident and then extrapolate it to state that, that is how the culture is in America - is false. Americans are freedom-loving people and they certainly use their freedom to choose their partners in sex or life. Someone from a culture like ours considering such a thing immoral is understandable. For others beating one's wife and stocking her up in the backroom to keep the family honor is equally immoral.

Sorry for writing the letter in English but I have only few minutes so don't want to waste on polishing my gurmukhi keyboarding skills. Among other things Dalbir Singh has mentioned at the end of his recent tirade against American evil is the allegation on American soldiers that they raped 2 teenage girls in Iraq. He has not given any references. So let me do so. This news first came in a local Iraqi paper called As-saah last weekend. Of course there has been denial of this by the spokesperson of the US Army. Last I read about it is that editor of As-saah is saying that if the report written by his 2 local reporters is wrong he will fire them. [Dalbir Singh being a journalist knows very well how local reporting in small newspapers work] In my view he (As-saah editor) has to prove that the report is true rather than US Army proving it un-true. It is easier to prove that such a thing happened (dead bodies, accounts of people who might have seen or met these girls afterwards etc) than to prove that it did not. Let us see and wait how it unfolds but since the last report around May 8th or 9th, nothing has been put forward by As-saah.

But did Dalbir Singh wait? Naah. He finally found some great proof of American Evil and quickly penned it down ignoring anything else that might have been happening only 5 miles from his home. In fact I admire his zeal to go to such an extent single handedly to raise jihad against American Evil but his zeal is turning him into a hatred filled illogical person that he was not supposed to be. He states that "iraq wich har doojey din amreeki sainika vallon balaatkaar keetey jaan dian khabran aa rahian hann". What a lie Mr. Dalbir Singh! Where are these reports? aa rahian hann? kithey? in The Sun of London? I just checked websites of half a dozen reputed Arab and Islamic papers and there is one news (mentioned above) that I have come across in the last many weeks. Do you have any professional responsibility to mention source of such news in your articles? When you say "har doojey din", don't you consult your own mind to see if it is really true? Or mere allegations against America are enough now to make you a popular International journalist amongst half educated village elites in rural Doaba? If you truly believe what is written in London tabloids and Khilafah.com let me add few more news for your reference for future articles:  4000 Jews did not go to work to towers on 9/11, the two planes that hit WTC were actually missiles from US army guided with precision, Bhindrawala escaped to Pakistan just before the big bomb hit Akal Takhat, Americans did not go to moon - they faked it in Nevada deserts for TV, 20 thousand US soldiers died in Afghanistan fighting the brave Pathans, all Hindus drink cow urine every morning, I am an alien from Mars and have 2 extra fingers on my right hand to type fast. These are all published reports in newspapers one time or the other. Well, except information about my 2 extra fingers - but that falls under privacy act.:-)

Lot of people here also think that Jessica Lynch rescue might not have been that big a deal as Army tried to make it. Army says they did not have any idea how much resistance they were going to receive around the hospital during the operation and so might have used more force than needed for the task. I can understand both views. In retrospect everyone is a genius. There is nothing wrong if it was all a part of psy ops. Wars are multi-dimensional in the 21st century. America's critics will do the same - that is if they could afford fighting a war these days. Any way, at some level I do accept criticism of the handling of this particular case by the army valid.

While searching on Internet for rapes by occupying armies I came across numerous web sites about rapes by Indian army in Kashmir. Is it an occupying army? Only a rhetorical question. Please don't answer. I don't want to put you on spot for saying something un-patriotic.

JP Singh
Reno, Nevada

AMimRqpwl isMG rwey, inaUjIlNYf

160603_aucklandNZ-amritpal.jpg (17062 bytes)16/06/03

inaUjIlNYf dy pRmu`K Sihr AwklYNf dw ie`k idlkS idRS

Poto:AMimRqpwl isMG rwey
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rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq


AwE swry gurU Arjn dyv jI dy ShIdI purb dy mOky qy gurU dy lV lgx dI sONh KweIey [ ies nwl swfw Awpxw, swfy pirvwr dw Aqy swrIAW dunIAW dw Blw hovygw jI [

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq [

dwrw isMG iSkwgo


dlvIr BwjI mY quhfI ies g`l nwl sihmq hW ky jiYskw ilMc nUM bcox leI jo kIqw sI auh kuJ h`d q`k nwtk sI[ 3 4 mwhIny pihlw ies bwry AmrIkW dy mIfIey ny vI Kbr id`qI sI[ bwkI murwrI jI jy AmrIkI PojIAw ny ierwk dIAW AOrqw nwl iedw dIAw gMdIAw hrkqw kIqIAw hn qw auhnW nUM ies dI Sjw jrUr im`lnI cwhIdI hY[ murwrI jI, iehQy ieh vI nhI B`ulxW cwhIdw ky jdo BwrqI PojI pMjwb ivc sn qw audo auhnw ny vI s`B kuJ kIqw sI qy jy hux kSmIr ivc hn qw vI auh ieh sB kuJ kr rihey hn [ isrP Prk iehnw hI hY ky jy AmrIky POjI dy doS swbq ho jwdy hn qw aus nUM sjw qo koeI nhI bcw skdw[ qy jy BwrqI PojI dy doS swbq ho vI jwx qw vI koeI aus nUM kuJ nhI dy skdw[ ieQy mYnUM iek g`l cyqy audI hY ky purwxy smy ivc KwlsW PojW ny keI vwrI muglw qy hmlw kIqw qy ij`qw hsl kIqIAw pr iedw dI kdI koeI BYVI hrkq nhI kIqI sI[ kwS ky auh smW vwps Awjwvy, qy is`K kOm ivc iPr audw dy sUrbIr jnm lYx ..qw jo swfI kOm nUM bwdl qy tohVy vwrgy bu`cVW qo bcwieAw jw sky[is`K kOm dw qw hox A`lw bylI A im`qro .. dyKo A`gy A`gy hoqw hY ikAw
(dwrw isMG iSkwgo)

birMdr isMG


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Hello Editor,

Tohade main page te badal de hathon tohre nu laddu khwaaondey vekh ke dil te Kaati phir gayi. jehre kaminey lokaan de kar ke Quom da itna nuksaan hoya hai. Oh h lok Aj ik duje da munh mitha kar rahe ne.
Mainu te eh samjh nahi paindi ke je is tarah hi Ankh de bina hi spineless bande walaey kamm karne han te aapni Quom di jawani nu Kheh-kharab karan di ki Lorh payi hai.

Kharve Bolaan de layi maafi.

bUtw mwn, nwrvy


Every day we are reading punjabi-news on internet. Yesterday (12 june 1.00 a.m.) our nephew came to visit us in Norway. At New Delhi airport he was stopped for no reason. He was bringing with him sweets. The securitygard wouldn`t let him go through the checkpoint before he gave him the "panjeeri". In Europe we are not used to this type of behavior. The stuff was innocent, so why this fuzz?
Or maybe the securitygard was very hungry???? Maybe he should get more paid so he can buy his own food, or what????Our experience are that they appear like vultures. We would like to have this in your paper. Then we would be deeply thankful.

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iPlhwl bs iehI,
gurqyj isMG,
vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf

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iSMdr suusnw, iSkwgo


Mr. Dalbir Singh ,

Would you please write something about Tlhan pind,i been there many times in my life, and i have respect for sheed singh, i know u live in Nangal Shama pind which is near by Tlahan, please let us know whats the truth .

Shinder Susana Chicago

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050603_asabhayt-jeev1-100.jpg (4575 bytes)AsiBAq jIv ... auh qW Awid kwl qoN qurI Aw rhI jIvn Dwrw nUM AgWh qorn dI mnCw nwl ie~kTy hoey AsiBAq jIv sn
- Bjn AOjlw 


iksy vI ivcwrDwrw jW nzrIey dy kdy vI sO-PIsdI hwmI nhIN hoey Aqy ieh myry duAwrw ilKy “AsiBAq jIv” qy vI pUrI qrW lwgU huMdw hY [ ies lyKxI dw mksd iksy dI in~jI izMdgI jW AzwdI auqy vwr krnw nhIN blik auhnw mwipAW dI byvsI nUM aujwgr krnw hY jo sB kuJ jwxdy hoey (bdiksmqI nwl keI vwr nw jwxdy hoey vI) iek h~Q ivc pMjwbI kdrW-kImqW, siBAwcwr Aqy ivrsw sMBwlI bYTy hn Aqy dUsry nwl Ku~lHI hvw nwl copVI hoeI iqlkdI jWdI jvwn pIVHI nUM PVn dI AsPl koiSS kr rhy hn [ mYN ies g~l nwl pUrI qrW sihmq hW ik p~CmI dySW ivc rih rhy swry BwrqI b~cy AwcrxhIx nhIN [ Bwrq ivc bhuqy mwipAW nUM qW ies gl dw icq-cyqw vI nhIN ik auhnw dIAW A~KW dy qwry ikhVy rMgW ‘c Kyf rhy hn [ pMjwb dy kwljW, XUnIvristIAW dy hostlW, Aqy ipMfW dy kmwdW, bwjirAW Aqy qUVI vwly koiTAW ivc pRPu~lq ho irhw “siBAwcwr” iPr iksy vyly quhwfy nwl sWJw krWgw [

“AsiBAq jIv” ivclI Gtnw iek scweI hY Aqy ijhVy jwxdy hn, auhnw nUM pqw hY ik ieh isrP XUbw istI dI hI Gtnw nhIN [ ijvyN iek s~jx ny suAwl kIqw hY ik myrw “ipAwrw dosq” auQy kI krdw sI, aus nOjvwn nUM Awpxw “ipAwrw” Aqy “dosq” hox dw dwAvw mYN ikDry vI nhIN kIqw [ jSn qy auh kI kr irhw sI? AMdwzw qW iehI hY ik jo bwkI kr rhy sn [ aus nOjvwn vrgy AnykW nOjvwnw nUM mYN jwxdw hW ijnHw nwl myrI iBAwlI cwh dy ipAwly q~k hI hY, aus qoN bwd mYN Awpxy rwh Aqy auh Awpxy [ auhnw nwl ivcwrW dI sWJ mYnUM Awpxw Gr sMvwrn ivc byh~d shweI hovygI [ auhnw duAwrw ctkwry lw-lw ky sWJIAW kIqIAW glW mYnUM ieh inrMqr cyqy krvwauxgIAW ik Awpxy b~icAW dI hr in~kI-v~fI jrUrq ivc myrw dw Swiml hoxw ikMnw jrUrI hY [ mYN Awpxy b~icAW dy jnm idn dy jSn Kud aulIkWgw Aqy aus ivc auhnw dy dosq vI Swiml hoxgy Aqy myry vI [ myrI KuSiksmqI hY ik mYnUM dohrI iSPt jW EvrtweIm dI jrUrq nhIN Aqy ieh vkq mYN Awpxy pirvwr Aqy b~icAW nwl ibqw skdw hW [ kwS ! swry mwpy ies qrW kr skdy hox [

AMq ivc ipMRsIpl blkwr isMG bwjvw hurW dw DMnvwdI hW ijhnw ny Awpxy qzribAW dI rOSnI ivc myry ivcwrW nUM pVHnXog smiJAw [

Bjn isMG AOjlw
XUbw istI (kYlIPornIAw)

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100603_bharam1_100.jpg (4782 bytes)iek iek krky Brm t`utdy rhy ... iek hor qilsm t`ut igAw sI[ - dlbIr isMG


iek iek krky Brm qW t`utdy hI rihxgy[ “ivigAwxk soc” Aqy qilsm dw myl kuJ smJ nhIN AwieAw[ hor nukqy qW bwkI pwTkW v`loN cMgI qrHW boc ley gey hn, iek ieh vI ik jy kr hIQro auqr ky kwr Jutx dw izAwdw hI Sok sI qW tYksI lYxI iks ny mnHW kIqI sI[ Awh cOhrIAW iSPtW dI kmweI hor ikhVy kMm AwauxI hY? gory qW idhwVI dy A`T GMty kMm kr ky mOjW lu`tdy hn qy swƒ cOhrIAW iSPtW vwilAW ƒ mOjW hI nhIN l`BdIAW[ vyKo ikMnI hnHyr grdI jy! mOjW qW dunIAW dI hr nu`kr ivc hn pr mOjW mwnx dw zyrw vI qW hoxw cwhIdw hY[ glwsIAW pI ky iP`sx vwly hwly vI hvweI GoiVAW dy svwr hn[ auh hvweI GoVy ijnHW dw vjUd nw qW cwlI vrHy pihlW sI qy nw hI hux[ bs, AklW bwJoN KUh KwlI qy au~qoN cMdrI Du`p ny swfy vwl vI ic`ty kr id`qy[

gurqyj isMG,
vYilMgtn, inaUzIlYNf

qrlocn isMG bMsI, AmrIkw

100603_bharam1_100.jpg (4782 bytes)iek iek krky Brm t`utdy rhy ... iek hor qilsm t`ut igAw sI[ - dlbIr isMG


dlbIr isMG dy Brm

dlbIr isMG jI qusIN myry Aqy myrI pqnI dy mn psMd lyKk ho, pr quhwfy ieMglYNf dy BrmwN bwry lyK pVH ky smJ nhIN lgdI ik qusIN prvwsI BwrqIAwN dy ivruD ikauN fMfw cuikAw hoieAw hY[ kI huNx AgwNh kynYfw vwilAwN dI vwrI hY? ikauN nhIN qusIN kuC dyr leI pqrkwrI Cf ky kivqw ilKxw SurU kr dyNdy, nwly quhwfI purwxI rIJ vI pUrI ho jwvygI?

qusIN iek AgHwN vDU lyKk ho[ ivAMg dy nwl nwl smwjk qy rwjnIqk buirAweIAwN AYsy ivSy hn, ijnHwN aupr ilKx dI zrUrq hY[ qusIN Aqy rSipMdr mwNgt jI ny ivAwhwN vwry iliKAw hY[ mYN ies ivSy auoqy pwTkwN dI iek auswrU bihs jwN bryn stOrimMg SurU krnI cwhuMdw hwN[

mYN Awm pVHdw Aqy suxdw hwN ik kuC prvwsI BwrqI dyS ivc Aw ky lVkIAwN nwl ivAwh ivc DoKw krdy hn[ ies gl ivc scweI vI hY[ keI vwrI lVikAwN nwl vI DoKw huMdw hY[ svwl ieh hY ik ies ivc ksUr iksdw hY[ hr bihs dy do pK huMdy hn[ bihs SurU krn leI mYN kihMdw hwN ik bySk qwVI dohIN hQIN vjdI hY, pr izAwdw ksUr ieMfIAw vwilAwN dw hY jo ik bwhr dy lwlc ivc Aw ky irSqy krdy hn[ auh, aumr, AYjukySn, AwdqwN, prvwrk kImqwN nUM nhIN dyKdy Aqy keI vwrI jwxdy hoey vI nuksW nUM AKoN Ehly krdy hn[ irSqy dI gl iblkul gupq rK ky iek do hPiqAwN ivc ivAwh vI kr idMdy hn qwN ik koeI BwnI nw mwr dyvy[ ieh sB kuC bwhr Awaux dy lwlc ivc kIwqw jwNdw hY [jy kr lVkw lVkI dovyN ieMfIAw ivc hox qwN i&r pUrI puC pVqwl kIqI jwNdI hY[Agw, ipCw, jmIn, jwiedwd, goqwN bwry pqw kIqw jwNdw hY[ qusIN AMgryzI cMfIgV trIbIaUn pVH ky dyK lvo, ies dy mYtrImonIAlz ivc pVHy, ilKy prvwr vI prvysI vr jW kMinAW (Ayn Awr AweI) cwhuMdy hn[ jykr DoKw Kwx leI lok iqAwr hn qwN DoKw dyx vwilAwN dw vI Gwtw nhIN hY[

kuC rwjsI pwrtIAwN ny ies pwsy nwhrw lwieAw hY, pr AslI juMmyvwrI mwN bwp dI hI hY, ik irSqw krn qoN pihlwN pUrI puC pVqwl krn[ mYN 5AwbI.kwm dy pwTkwN dy ivcwrwN leI DMnvwdI hovwNgw[ho skdw hY ik kuC izMdgIAW brbwd hox qoN bc jwx[

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pihlW AmrIkw qy ieMglYNf ny sony dI icVHI lu~tI sI ies krky AYS krdy sI[ iPr iehnW nUM ArbW dw qyl iml igAw qy ausdI lu~tmwr krky A~j AmrIkw pYsy iv~c Kyfdw ey[ auNj bMdy bVy grky hoey ny[ koeI qihzIb nhIN, bs lu~tmwr dI FyrI qy hMkwr eI hMkwr[ hux sux ilAw ky ieMglYNf iv~c hr iksy kol kwr hYnI, lok b~sW qy vI cHVdy ny[ (vYsy lyK dy hvwly Anuswr 3 jIAW dy pirvwr kol 2 kwrW ny, hor ikMNnIAW nwl rWJw rwjI huMdw ey? ieh qy Eh g`l hoeI nw AKy mYN neIN qyry Gr v~sxw, qyrI rotI KWdy dI dwhVI ih~ldI ey!) do do iSPtW lw ky rozI kmONdy ny[ swrI aumr vwips ipMf jwx jogy pYsy nhIN 'k~Ty huMdy[ b`s ku`J neIN kMgwl mulk ey, iehdy nwloN qy swfw Bwrq sO drjy cMgw[ ikhVI g`l mMnIey? pihlW AmrIkw dI Pwirn pwilsI nhIN sI shI, hux iehnW dI DIAW BYxW vI bdkwr ho geIAW ny, styzW qy mweIk PHVky 'vwzW mwrdIAW ny[

ie`k 10 jmwqW pws bMdw ijhVw lwgly Sihr vI kdy kdweIN igAw ey[ bwpU kol 10 iklHy zmIn sI tOhr nwl h~QIN kMm vI nhIN kIqw[ kol koeI gux nhIN ey[ koeI sik`l nhIN[ ieQoN dI bolI AwauNdI nhIN[ iPr AYQy Aw ky l`fU Bwldy EN? kI gory quhwnUM kihx AwE jI qusIN Plwxy ipMf dy nMbrdwr dy poqy Eh, swfI bVI KuSiksmqI ey peI qusIN swfy dyS iv`c pYr pwey ny, AsIN qy tu`t Ku`s ky mrnw eIN ey, qusIN Aw lE mYnyzr dI kursI iPr vI 10 jmwqW pws E gVHdIvwilEN! swfw hwl ey hY ik clwauxIAW tYksIAW qy KwihSW ny ky swfw Gr phwVI qy hovy 10 l`K dw[ ho skdw ey, kMm kro, imhnq kro, pYsw ihswb nwl vrqo AKIr phwVI qy vI Gr lY lvogy[ ieh mulk hr iksy nUM AmIrI nhIN dyNdy, blky hr iksy nUM AmIr bnx dw mOkw dyNdy ny - hr iksy nUM ie`ko ijhw, ie`ko qrHW nwl[ ku`J lok ies mOky dw PYAdw au~Tw lYNdy ny qy ku~J GunqrW k~Fx iv`c l~gy rihMdy ny qy AKIr AMgUr K`ty inkl AONdy ny!

JP Singh
Reno, Nevada

pRo.pRIqm isMG gryvwl


p`CmI dysW dI smwjk, siBAwcwrk qy rwjsI siQqI bwry pwTkW/lyKkW dy vIcwr qy tIkw itpxIAW pVH ky mYnUM qW iehI AnuBv huMdw hY ik ieh sB kuJ ienswnI iPqrq dy iehnW do buinAwdI idRStIkoxw dw nqIjw hY[

1. dUjy dI QwlI dw l`fU v`fw - The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

2. dwKy h`Q nw A`pVy AwKy QUh kOVI - The grapes are sour.

pihly idRStIkox Anuswr AmrIkw, knyfw, XU.ky Awid p`CmI mulkW ivc ikAwsy jw skdy sB suK, shUlqw qy AYSo-Awrwm mOjUd hn[ ieh 'guAWFI dy ipCvwVy ivclw Gwh hrw Brw hY' swfw Awpxw isrijAw hoieAw iek 'qilsm' hY[

dUjy zwvIey qoN soicAW, jdoN AsIN iehnW mulkW ivc jw vsx dy vsIly jW smr`Qw qoN vMicq rih jWdy hW qW kudrqI Awpxy mwnisk qvwzn dI zrUrq leI Acyq hI 'QUh kOVI' vwlw jugwV vrq lYNdy hW[

A`j k`l v~fI igxqI ivc swfy vqnI p`CmI dysW ivc vsdy hn, qkrIbn pMjwb dy hr ipMf qoN vI[auhnW qoN ielwvw A^bwrW, rswly Aqy ielYktRoink mIifAw vI ivsqRq p`Dr qy ibdysW bwry lg pg hr iksm dI jwxkwrI dy somy hn[ QoVy audm qy vkq dI vrqoN nwl 'dUjy dI QwlI dy l`fU' dy shI Awkwr qy suAwd nUM pihcwixAw/nwipAw jw skdw hY[

Pyr hIQro hvweI A`fy qoN kyvl kwr dy sPr dw jwdU tut jwx dw kSt swied nhIN pujygw[nw hI EQy bwl mzdUr quhwfw boJw iKcx leI B`jy AwauNdy ikAwsy jw skxgy[

B`Tw mzdUrW, swfI KyqI vwVI dy bx cuky dwromdwr dUjy sUibAW qoN Awey pRvwsIAW Awid nUM ibnW Evr tweIm dI aujrq dy vwDU muS`kq kridAW, irSvqKorI Aqy TgI-TorI rwhIN rwqo rwq kRoVpqIAW dI kqwr ivc jw KVox vwilAW jW bwibAW, swDW dw ByK Dwr ky SrDwlUAW dI mwieAw nwl AYS kr rihAW nUM dyKx ipCoN, aus dy mukwbly dugxy jW cOguxy pYsy imlx kwrn vDIk vkq ikrq krn nUM ikvyN inMd skdy hW?

pRo.pRIqm isMG gryvwl

blkwr bwjvw, knyfw

050603_asabhayt-jeev1-100.jpg (4575 bytes)AsiBAq jIv ... auh qW Awid kwl qoN qurI Aw rhI jIvn Dwrw nUM AgWh qorn dI mnCw nwl ie~kTy hoey AsiBAq jIv sn
- Bjn AOjlw 


Bhajan Aujla,

'Asabyat jeev' is a marvellous article. Your observation of the social, animal and physical environmental phenmenon are superb. The way you have correlated the human and animal social life behavior deserves full appreciation. There is a perfect hit at modern youths' life style. They seems to be more animals than animals who have no apartments.At least they have are not hypocrats.

I am reminded of a quotation ' more I see of men more I love my dog'.
Keep on Aujla
Balkar Bajwa

dwrw iSkgo


mY Awpxy p`qrkwr vIrw nUM bynqI krdw koeI myrw vIr BYx s`c s`c ilK ky d`sy kI q`lx iv`c d`gy iks g`l qo SrU hoey hn koeI kihdw  hY ik ieh s`B jo mwieAw gurU Gr AaudI hY aus dw kwrn hY qy koeI kihdw ky Asl ivc jwq pwq dI g`l hY[ koeI iblku`l s`c ilK ky 5jwbI.kwm nUM Byjy[ aus ilKq iv`c iksy donw iDrW brwbr p`K hovy[
(dwrw iSkgo)

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sMpwdk jI, mYN dwrw jI dyy pqr imqI 7/6/03 dy sbMD ivc mYN ilKxw cwhuMdw hW ik mYN AmrIkw nUM nhIN BMf irhw , sgoN lyK ivcly ilKy ivcwrW qy pRqI ikirAw kIqI sI [ Bwrq ivc jo kuJ huMdw hY auh ikqy ikqy , bhuq G`t qy auh vI luk iCp ky [ ieQy koeI kuVI mweIk qy Sry Awm dUijAW nUM s`dw nhIN idMdI qy Ajy vI kuJ Srm bwkI hY jo ik ieQoN dy smwj dIAW h`dW kr ky hY [ ieQy Ajy vI Kyq dI vwV lgI hoeI hY jo ik koeI koeI tpx dI ihMmq krdw hY qy ijQy vwV hI nW hovy auQy mUMh mwrnw Aswn huMdw hY [

clo Cfo ies bihs nUM , mYN qW ieh kihxw cwhuMdw hW ik bwhr rih rhy b`icAW ivc swry AwcrxhIx nhIN hn [ qy hor b`cy AwcrxhIx nW bxn / hox , ies leI hyT ilKy kuJ suJwA hn :-

1. b`icAW nUM AwpxI mW-bolI qoN dUr nW jwx idE [ Awp vI pMjwbI swihq pVo qy b`icAW nUM vI pVwE [ AMgryjI AwpxI QW jrUrI hY qy pMjwbI AwpxI QW jrUrI hY [ icTIAW , eI-myl pMjwbI ivc ilKx dI SurUAwq kro [ kuJ smW jrUr lgygw pr pMjwbI ivc ilKx pVx dw Awpxw jI njwrw hY [

5AwbI.kwm, .... dIAW vYbsweItW b`icAW nUM idKweIAW jw skdIAW hn ijQoN pMjwb dIAW KbrW, pMjwbI lyK, khwxIAW, kivqwvW qy hor kwPI kuJ pVn nUM imldw hY [

2. pMjwbI siBAwcwr dy nmUny Awpxy GrW ivc r`Ko , bwhr bwg bgIcy ivc pMjwb nwl sbMDq kuJ XwdW dI isrjxw kro, qy b`icAW nUM ies bwry smyN smyN isr ipAwr nwl dsdy rho [ pMjwbI siBAwcwr qy jor dy ky , p`CmI siBAwcwr nUM ipCy pw skdy ho [

3. lMbIAW CutIAW ivc b`icAW nUM pMjwb dI sYr krvwE qW ik auh AwpxI im`tI nwl irSqw bxw ky r`K skx [ ies sYr qy lgwieAw pYsw jwieAw nhIN jwvygw sgoN b`icAW dy BivK qy cMgw Asr hI pwvygw [

4. pihlW Awp qy iPr b`icAW nUM gurU dy lV lwE [ ieh krnw kuJ AOKw qW hY pr hr AOKy kMm dw nqIjw cMgw hI huMdw hY [ Gr ivc gurbwxI dIAW vIfIE qy AwfIE kYstW / sIfIAW r`Ko [ svyry Swm Awp gurbwxI suxo, bicAW nUM suxwE [ gurbwxI dw iltrycr pMjwbI qy AMgryjI ivc Gr ivc r`Ko , Awp pVo qy b`icAW nUM pVwE [ ...

ieh kuJ myry vloN suJwA hn , hor vIr vI ies bwry ilKo qW ik swirAW dI sWJ nwl b`icAW dw Biv`K sMvr sky [

swfw mksd AmrIkn b`icAW nUM BMfxw nhIN sgoN aunW nUM shI rwh qy qornw hoxw cwhIdw hY [

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq [



respected sir/madam

itz vry nice tht u r maintaining a sikh website & i've a question abt our sikkism. as i'm also a sikh guy ,i wanna kno all abt tht why we wore a turban as muslims r also wear it.wat they 've in their religion & wat we 've in our religion so tht we wear turban.wat make us diffrent from muslim in turban wearing. ifu pls could solve this mystry to me. i'll be vry thankfull to u

urz truly

j p isMG, AmrIkw


iksy ivdvwn ny ikhw hY ik swfy siBAwcwr dw swrw dwro-mdwr fr qy hY, dihSq qy hY[ mYN qy khWgw ik swfI hr dlIl, hrkq qy kMm ip~Cy dihSq hY[ swfI qihzIb dihSq dI qihzIb hY[ ieh dihSq swfy jMmx qoN vI pihlW SurU ho jWdI hY[ mW nUM fr hY b~cw jMmW nhIN qy bWJ kihxgy lok[ ipE nUM fr hY ieh kMm CyqI hovy nhIN qy lok kihxgy c`ilAw hoieAw kwrqUs ey[ b`cw hox vwlw hovy, mW nuM dihSq kuVI nw ho jwvy nhIN qy jIxw muhwl ho jweygw shury Gr[ jy kuVI hox vwlI hovy qy auhnUM ies dihSq dy drSn vI jMmx qoN pihloN ho jWdy ny[

b~cy nUM jMmdy nUM dihSq - rwj BuipMdr isMG vrgy keI isAwxy duAwly hr g~l qy kMn pu~tx qy iC~qr mwrn leI iqAwr br-iqAwr[ GroN mW cpyVW mwrky skUl Byjky g~loN lwhuMdI ey qy skUly mwstr jI "c`l beI bx murgw pu~qr"[ iPr swrI aumr aumr dihSq, ieh kIqw qy Kvry kI ho jwaU, AOh kIqw qy Kvry kI ho jwaU[ eysy dihSq dy Asr hyT Bjn (isMG?) AOjlw jI Qr Qr kMb rhy ny[ pihlW ie`k kuVI vloN in~jI AzwdI dI bckwnw duvrqoN krn nUM imksf klcr dw is`tw d`sdy ny qy ies ie`k ADwr qy iehnW imksf klcr vwilAW nUM bVI by-rihmI nwl ku`iqAW nwl qulnw dyNdy ny[ inr sMdyh AmrIkw vrgy in`jI AzwdI vwly mulk iv~c Aijhw hoxw mumikn hY[ mYnUM p~kw XkIn hY ik iehnW dw dosq s`c d`s irhw hoxw pr iehnW ny kdy ies qsvIr dw dUjw pwsw nhI vyiKAw? pihlW qy iehnW dw ieh ipAwrw dosq EQy kI krdw sI? dUjw, AijhIAW keI GtnwvW AsIN Awpxy mulk - ij~Qy sB A`Cw hY - iv~c suxIAW ny[ ipMfW iv`c kMmIAW dI DIAW nwl zbrI Aijhw huMdw irhw qy A~j vI huMdw ey[ SihrW iv`c AijhIAW kuVIAW muMfy hn ijhVy AwpxI AzwdI dI duvrqoN kr rhy hn qy zrUr hI bhuqy bwAd iv`c pCqwxgy pr iesdw h`l kI
hY? iesdw bdl kI hY?

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BwjI ieh swnUM ieMtrnY~t eyz iv~c iljw rhy ho ik APgwinsqwn iv~c? nhIN, quhwfw bhuq SukrIAw[ Aijhw ku`J AmrIkw (qy hor dySW iv`c) ies krky nhIN ho irhw ky ieh lok bVy igry hoey ny qusIN bVy au~cy ikrdwr vwly, blik ies leI ikEN ik in`jI AzwdI iv`c AwdmI glqI vI kr skdw hY[ AijhI glqI leI auh Kud izMmyvwr hY[ ij`Qy vI in`jI AzwdI dI qihrIk c~lygI auQy auQy hI lok glqIAW vI krngy, Apnw suDwr vI Awp hI krngy[ Aijhw ku~J Bwrq iv~c vI ho irhw ij~Qy in`jI AzwdI phuMc geI hY[ qusIN hux ipMf dy KoilAW iv~c lu`k nhIN b~c skdy ies qoN[ ies qoN lu`kx dI bjwey iesnUM is`Dy mUMh prvwn kro qy Awpxy smwj dy smu~cy Bly leI vrqo[ ies in`jI AzwdI qoN pihlW vI ieh sB ku~J ho irhw hY, pr lu`k iCp ky[ corI, bdPYlI, zbr ijnw, tIn-prYgnYNsIz, kuVIAW mwrn, vysvwkrn, irSvq T~gI sB ku~J ho irhw hY, pr lu`k lu`kky[ A~KW mItx nwl ib~lI neIN c~lI jWdI[ ib~lI quhwfy AMdr bwhr iPrdI jy AYvyN inAwixAW dy do ptokIAW mwr ky Awpxy Awp nUM s~c pu`q smJx dy vihm coN inklo[

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bwkI rhI g`l "mVk nwl c~lx dI", ipAwirE ikhnUM mUrK bxwauNdy jy? jdoN AMbrsr dy hwl bzwr iv~c irkSy vwlw isgrt dw DUMAW mUMh qy mwrky kihMdw ey "Eey igAwnI pry h~t", mVk dw EdoN pqw l~g hI jWdw ey[ AsIN koeI mwrs qoN nhIN Awey AmrIkw, pMjwb qoN eI Awey AW, swnUM sB pqw ieh mVk nwl c`ldIAW cwlW dw[

JP Singh
Reno, Nevada

pRimMdr isMG mONtrIAl


kI hux is`KW nUM irxvy ijhy pMfqW koloN Drm dI Kwqr lVn vwilAW nUM ShId kihx vwsqy sRtIPIkyt lYxw ipAw krygw ?
pRimMdr isMG mONtrIAl

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080603_shahpur0_100.jpg (5063 bytes)vMf ipCoN mwlvy dI DrqI qy izMdgI muV SurU hoeI - ipRMsIpl blkwr isMG bwjvw


ies lyK ivc bwjvw swhb ny pwiksqwn dI vMf auprMq vwprIAW GtnwvW nUM bhuq sohxy FMg nwl icqirAw hY [ aus smyN dI pVweI, bldw-hlW dy ipCy qrnw iPrnw, skUloN CutI hox qy m`JW cwrn jwxw Awpxy Awp ivc inGIAW XwdW hn [ audoN mwipAW dy swry kMm krvw ky vI b`cy pV ilK jWdy sn pr Aj kl b`cy vyhly rih ky vI pVweI qoN munkr hn qy niSAW dI mwr hyT Awey hoey hn, PokIAW tOhrW dy ckrW ivc pey hoey hn [ Aj kl irSiqAW ivc purwxw in`G nhIN hY [ jy loV hY qW b`ly b`ly, nhIN loV hY qW Q`ly Q`ly [

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pMjwbI pyz dy pwTko siq sRI Akwl[

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pMjwbI BwvyN ikqy vI rihx iPr vI auh pMjwb,pMjwbI qy pMjwbIAqw dI g~l krygw[

ijs qrW iek vIr ny iliKAw hY ky Bwrq iv~c sB kuJ prdy hyT hY qy AmrIkw qy XUrp vrgy mulkW ivc sB kuJ Kulm Kulw hY[ ies ivc iksy dw koeI ksUr nhI hY ieh sB qW mhOl qy hI inrBr krdw hY[ swfy lokW nwloN muslmwn lok ijAwdw k~tV hn, iPr kI ieh sB kuJ auhnW nwl nhI vwprdw? iblkul jnwb auhnW nwl vI sB kuJ vwprdw hY qy hr iek nwl vwpr skdw hY[

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siqnwm isMG sivtzrlYNf

qrlocn isOG bMsI, AmrIkw


ipAwry iekbwl mwhl jI,
siq srI Akwl[

Awsw isOG msqwnw jI vwry lyK ilKx dw bhuq DMnvwd, Kws krky auhnwN dI SKSIAq nUM pyS krn dw[ msqwnw jI dw nW pMjwbI sMgIq ivc iek isqwry vWg cmkdw rhygw[ieh pVH ky ^uSI vI hoeI ik isr& aunW nUM hI pdm SRI dw iKqwb imilAw, pr ieh suxky duK vI hoieAw ik iksy hor pMjwbI gwiek nUM Ajy qk ies iKqwb nwl snmwinAw nhIN igAw[msqwnw jI dw gwaux dw Adwz Awpxw hI sI[ gwiekI nwl pYsy kmwaux leI aus vyly isr& Awl ieMfIAw ryfIa jW do iqOn irkwrf kMpxIAW dw kMtrol sI[ Aj kl vWg kwnsrt, kYsyt, Aqy sIfIz nhIN sn[nhIN qwN Swied auh quhwnUO Kwxy leI pMj isqwrw hotl ivc lY jwNdy[aunW dw gwaux dw stweIl SihrI sroiqAW leI ijAwdw FukvW sI, pr 75 vI sdI pMjwbI sroqy ipOfW ivc vsdy hn[ ies krky auh ipOfW ivc mShur nhIN hoey[nwly splweI Aqy fImWf dI gl hY[

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mYNnUO AogryzI dI tweIp myrI sYktrI ny isKx leI mzbUr kIqw sI, ikENik auh glqIAwN bhuq krdI sI, pr pOjwbI dI tweIp suirOdr mwhl jI isKw cly hn[

qrlocn isOG bMsI, AmrIkw

siqMdr isMG AmrIkw

050603_asabhayt-jeev1-100.jpg (4575 bytes)AsiBAq jIv ... auh qW Awid kwl qoN qurI Aw rhI jIvn Dwrw nUM AgWh qorn dI mnCw nwl ie~kTy hoey AsiBAq jIv sn
- Bjn AOjlw 


Bjn AOjlw BweI swihb Awp dw iliKAw lyK piVAw ,pr ikMNnw cMgw hovy Agr qusIN Bwrq iv`c vI lukvyN rUp iv`c nzwiez irSiqAW bwry cwnxw pwau [ieh zrUrI nhI ik AmrIkw iv`c rihMdy swry b`cy AwcrhIx hn , qy Bwrq iv`c swry b`cy AwigAwkwr hn [ Prk isrP ieqnw hY, ie`Qy s`B kuJ swhmxy cldw hY ,qy Bwrq iv`c corI iCpy [

siqMdr isMG AmrIkw

dwrw, iSkwgo


myry vIr Bjn AOjlw jI, mY g`l iks pwsy qo SrU krw smJ nhI AwaudI...mY 11 swlw dw sI jdo AmrIkw dI DrqI qy pYr DrieAw qy A`j mY 23 vry Aw dw hW.. ijs pwrtI dI ieh g`l krdy hn aus qrw Anykw hI pwrtIAw ivc igAw hW jo ieh kih rhy hn auh aus ivc 5 PIsdI su`c hY[ ieh hI soc hY jo swfy vdyS ivc pYdw hoey b`cyAw nUM auhnw dy mw ipau qo sdw dUr r`KygI[ ikauky auhnw nUM hmySw glq njr nwl dyKdy hn qy auhnw dIAw hrkqw dy g`lq AMdwjy lwgody hn[ mY pihlw Awpxy vIr pu`Cxw cohdw hw ik ieh s`B ku~J Bwrq ivc nhI huMdw myry swb nwl vwrly mu`lkw nwlo vI jwdw [ auh ikau mY d`sdw myrw dosq Bwrq ivAwh krox leI igAw jdo auQy dIAw kuVIAw dyKIAw hrwn hoigAw auh kuVIAw audo nwl vI jwdw mofrn[ kI ieh kuVIAw ny kdI vI nhI Awpxw jnm idn minAw hoaugw vwrilAw vwgU[ kI iehnw dy muMfy nw imq`r hoxgy[

bwkI myry vIr rwj BuipMdr jI qusI AmrIkw nUM B`fx l`gy dyr nhI lody.. vIr qusI iehnw cMgw ikdw jwx ho AmrIkx b``cyAw nUM .. ieh quhwfw BlyKw hY ky Bwrq dy b`cy dy do lw dyaugy qw auh cup kr ky bih jwxgy kihVy smy dI g`l krdy ho .. vIr jI swry dySw dy b`cy ieko qrw dIAW hrkqw krdy hn b`s s`B dw auhnw nUM smJox bjox dw qrIkw A`lg huMdw hY[ mYnUM ieh g`l dso qusI Awpxy b`cy nUM auhdIAW hrkqw qy ku`tdy mwrdy rhy qw ky b`cw vfw ho cMgw AwdmI bxy pr b`cw iPr vI v`fw ho nwilk inkldw hY ies dw qusI kI ArQ k`fdy ho ik jy qusI b`cy nUM hor jwdw mwrdy qw Sihd auh lwiek bx jwdw[ vIr jI b`cy nUM cMgw mwVw auhnw dy mwpy bxody hn nw ky dyS[ mwqw ipqw dI id`qI is`KA lY auh sMswr ivc ivcrdw hY qy Sorq jw bMdnwmI kwmodw hY[ A`j k`l Bwrq ivc vI auh icjw imlx l`g peIAw hn jo vwrly mu`lKw ivc hn[ so qusI iks qrw kih skdy ho ky quhwfy b`cy suriKq hn[ AsI qw AmrIkw ivc rih ky vI Awpxy ivrsy nUM jwxn dI koSS krdy hW pr jo Awpxy dyS ivc hn auhnw nUM koeI swr hI nhI [ swnUM iPr vI iPkr huMdw kihVI srkwr dyS ivMc bxdI hY jo dyS nUM aunqI v`l lY ky jwvygI pr jo dyS vwsI hn auhnw nUM qw koeI ielm nhI kox qKq qy bihdw hY auh iks qrw dw mu`nK hY[ ieh dyS leI kI krygw jw AwpxIAw jybw Brygw..

jo qusI ikhw hY nw do pYr G`t qurnw, pr qurnw mVk dy nwl....... dyKyau ikqy myry vIr jI quhwfI mVk ikqy QVk nw jwvy

iKmW dw jwjk
(dwrw, iSkwgo)

jsbIr isMG, AmrIkw


Dear 5abi readers

History of human migration is as old as history of human kind. Even animals migrate in search of food and better living conditions. People always migrate in search of opportunities or survival. My great grandfather went to vaar (West Punjab) in 1880's (for opportunities) and my father migrated back to east Punjab in 1947 (for survival). Punjabis are one on most migrated communities out of south Asian. Punjabis were first one to come to USA in 1880's. Dalvir Singh article is not fair to Punjabis or other south Asians in living in North America. All Americans are immigrants from some where. Many of us may or may not agree with our Government Policies. How many average Indian protested against genocide in New Delhi-84 or Gujarat (other than lip service in media). Recently hundreds of thousands of American showed their open disagreement with policies of US government. . American public opinion was main reason to end Vietnam war. All people are not good or bad in any country or culture. I agree America is not a perfect country But American system allows average person to reach his/her full potential. We can celebrate our culture (Punjabi) with out any hindrance in this country.


http://www.5abi.com/khaas-rep/USA2003/YC-janmeja/010603_yc-mela1.htm )

It is our own fault that if we don't teach good values to our next generations. With improved communication, tecnology and freedom we can enjoy our culture (or any other) while living in any part of this planet-Earth. All these boundaries are man made. Here is nice article and discussion on same topic in Outlook India Magazine:


Here was my response to OutlookIndia, why people like me left India?:

Regarding Quit India Movement (Exodus from India)

It is sad that quality of life of average Indian has not improved after 1947 (so called independence) but got worse for some (in comparison to other parts of developed world). Yes many Indian take pride in having cell phones, TV etc, but roads and quality of health care for average Indian has gone down hill. The difference between have and have not’s has widened. People who tried to change system were called terrorists or separatists or made victims by state by labeling them some thing terrible.

You missed the point that first south Asians to migrate to Canada and USA were from Punjab 1890’s. Many of them went back to fight for freedom of India from British. Even Kartar Singh Sarabha (mentor of Bhagat Singh) was a Berkeley graduate from California. Also since 1984 many migrants came from Punjab and New Delhi here (to USA/Canada) due to human right issues at that time (Our media still hesitate to discuss those issues openly) -legally or illegally to western countries. They were not well educated but hard working people tired of Indian system and they succeeded by their sheer hard work and many have settled well in their new adopted homes. But 1990’s brought new wave of many professional from south India, who came for economical opportunities, at same time many of them are also responsible for re-importing ideas from west back to India and developing information technology industry in India. This has proved that given the opportunity even average hard working person can do quite well.

My other point is that, expatriate Indians send lot more back to India than they could have produced in India. Also Indian lobby in west is creation of Indian people living in these countries. Overall this, out flow has done more good to India than harm. Many of the expatriate Indian has lot more love for their country of origin than many Indian living in India. Any how I don’t see any future for honest people in India unless we change our mentality and develop respect for fairness, law and justice. We (Indians in west) love India but we hate insensitive political system in India. Let us change it for good. Average Indian has a good brain but the system sucks. Rich People spend crores on their homes but no one cares for spending any thing to upgrade their streets and roads (system tools). In selfish and superstitious societies very few can succeed, only the ones who know how to fool and exploit the sick system. We hope and pray for better future of people living in Indian Subcontinent. We will keep contributing our share even sitting thousands of miles away.

Jasbir Singh
California, USA
Indian by birth but an American by choice

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq

050603_asabhayt-jeev1-100.jpg (4575 bytes)AsiBAq jIv ... auh qW Awid kwl qoN qurI Aw rhI jIvn Dwrw nUM AgWh qorn dI mnCw nwl ie~kTy hoey AsiBAq jIv sn
- Bjn AOjlw 


AsiBAq jIv
- Bjn AOjlw

lyKk ny ies rcnw ivc bVy hI sMvydn SIl nukqy qy ivcwr pyS kIqy hn [ ieh ie`k bhuq hI kOVw s`c hY jo ik keI BwrqIAW nUM AmrIkw vloN dyx hY qy AMdrKwqy ies nUM kbUlxw iek aulJx bxdw jw irhw hY [ so ies smyN mYN ieh hI khWgw ik Bwrq ivc rihxw byhqr hY ;

do pYr G`t qurnw, pr qurnw mVk dy nwl.......

QoVw Kw lE pr mwx nwl qW jIA lEgy [ kOVy Gu`t qW nhIN Brny pYxgy [ Bwrq ivc qW b`cy nUM smJwA lEgy , jy nW mMinAW qW 2 kMn qy vI Dr dEgy pr AmrIkw ivc qW b`cw AwpxI mrjI krygw qy jo nqIjw hovygw auprokq lyK ivclw hI hovygw [ b`cw, b`cw hI hY qy aus nUM mwipAW dy mwrg drSn dI loV hmySw rihMdI hY qy ies bwry jy kuJ sKqI vI vrqxI pY jwvy qW ieh b`cy dI ibhqrI leI hI huMdI hY [ pr AmrIkw ies nUM lwgU nhIN kr irhw [ keI AmrIkn b`cy AwpxIAW glqIAW bwry bwd ivc pCqwauNdy hn pr mOkw KuMJ jwx qy kI kIqw jw skdw hY ?

AmrIkw ivc siBAqw dI AxhoNd BwrqI mwipAW leI isr drdI dw kwrn bxdI jw rhI hY [ ies ivcoN ikvyN inkilAw jwvy , ies leI ivcwr krn dI loV hY, kI sulJy lyKk ies leI Awpxy ivcwr pyS krngy ?

rwj BUipMdr isMG, Bwrq [

jogI, iSkwgo

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Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Feteh!

Dear ,
Sat Sari Akal!

It is our immense pleasure to inform you that Gurdwaras of Pakistan will be observing various Sikh ceremonies duirng the month of June.

AA) Shaeedi Din of Guru Arjan Singh
The ceremonies for this day will mainly held at Lahore. The group of about 1000 Indian Sikh Yatries will be arriving at Gurdwara Punja Sahib at Hassanabdal on June 12, 2003 and after 02 days the group will leave for Lahore to attend the ceremonies. Adequate arrangements have been made by the concerned departments to facilitate this yatra

BB) Death Anniversary of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh
Another Group of 500 Indian Sikh Yatries is expected to reach at Gurdwara Punja Sahib at Hassanabdal on June 25 to celebrate the rituals. Later the group will travel to Lahore to perform the rituals pertaining to this day on June 29, 2003.

Now if you are interested to pay tribute to these 02 GREAT PERSONALITIES OF SIKH RELIGION, then please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail and we will be glad to arrange services for you on very special & discounted rates.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Guru Feteh!
Shah Hussain
Sitara Travels - Pakistan

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siq sRI Akwl,

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rSipMdr mWgt


I just read the article by Mr. Dalbir Singh. And i read all the fuss about it. I liked it but wanted to let him know not every American Indian is same. Yes we do live here, we made a - choice a personal choice, but that does not mean we agree with our respective Government's policies. I am a 37 years old female, came to Canada 18 years ago. When i was in India growing up, in school, in college all the time reading about, hearing about all those brides being killed because of DAAJ I remember those days. If i had not come here i would have been one of them. That is only one of the problems MY SWEET HOME (INDIA) have. I am not contradicting your point, American people are just like that as you described what i am trying to say here is if somebody made a choice for better life that does not mean that they always agree with their govts. or their adopted countries bad habits. Do you agree with all of the Indian govt.'s policies? So that has nothing to do with American Indian people.And by the way when you were in America was your trip paid by you or ????
Sorry if i hurt anybody's feelings.

R Mangat

sMqoK isMG


Wadian gharan dian wadian mirchan
Wadian bandian dian wadian gallan.
Muaf karna ji. Vancouver wich kise mittar de gharon ih likh riha han. Punjabi font nahi hai.
Santokh Singh

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