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isrP ie`k g`l pu`CxI sI Awhw AmndIp kolo ,,ik Awhw myry vIr nUM ikMnw duK hY ik 84 ivcly is~K dMigAw dw Aqy SIR drbwr swihb aupr hoey AtYk dw qy ieh hr is~K nUM hoxw vI cwhIdw pr A~j 19 swl bIqx qoN bwAd vI Awpxy nwm ip~Cy isMG ilK~xw psMd nhI krdy kI g~l Srm qW nhI mihsUs krdy ikDry, ikauik audw kI pqw lgygw iksy hor nUM ik g`l krn vwlw mrd hY Xw Aorq, ikauN AsI ies jwq-pwq dI glqx iv~c Dsy rihxw cwhuMdy hW,, nwly vIr jIau keI vwr mihsUs kIqw ik pu~Cw iehnw klmW vwilAw qo ik auh isrP il~K ky AwpxI ijMmyvwrI inBw gey vIr jI qy ieh vI d`so ik purwxI kmytI ny kI kIqw sI ies bwry,

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Jyoti jot Guru nanak dev ji 22,sep 2003.jpg (360963 bytes)

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Dear Sirs,

It is so sad that Sikhs are still being killed, but a lot of this is due to the Sikh community bein lazy compared to Muslims and Jews in pushing our identy in the USA Media and having programs made about our people. Education is the only way, and americans are the dumbest people on earth as it is.

Dear All

As some of you know I have corresponded with amny Punjabis for assistance in the PREM Project ( also known as Nawan Punjabi Kosh). Below are some of the animal names that have arisen from research, as compatiable with the Punjabi sound system, and more logical than the English words, where the English word is not well known, or there are no Punjabi equivlents. I Hope to write an article for Rammah Ji, but am waiting for him to get back to me.

All the words listed below have had Gurumukhi Spellings constructed for them, but not shahmukhi spelling. I hope someone well versed in Shahmukhi does so. Here are the names

People not familiar with my ideas, not the objective was to develop or adopt nouns for animals not in INDIA or PAKISTAN , and thus the Panjabi experince, into Punjabi, instead of blindly following English

The words are:,
Orca-Vehl for Killer whale
Otsounate for Rattlesnake
Espaada for Swordfish
Bokeroness Muchchi for Herring
Dhuddaa for Toad
Tara Muchchi for starfish
Talada for Cricket, so as to separate from Tiddha for Grasshopper
Dhuddee for Tadpole
Jeengha Muchche for Crayfish
Dallo for Squid
Langosta for Lobster
Mero Muchchee for Sea Bass
Ghambass for Prawns
Troocha for Trout
Robalo Muchchee for haddock
Toona for Tuna
Faissan for Pheasant
Pavo for Turkey
QuoQuo for Robin
Jiodaga for Mink
Golanv for Raven
Valelu for Hummingbird
huhu for mockingbird

These are just a small sample. please provide your opinions, and if anyone actively wants to be involved, let me know.

AmndIp gryvwl


Dear Cyber Sangat,

A reminder pointing to the strength of Australian nation in getting justice for Staines family. Also an timely reminder how weak the Sikhs are in bringing to justice the rioters and leaders who masterminded 1984 riots (5000 Sikhs killed or women raped). Or, 4,000 extra judicial killings of Sikh youths in fake encounters.

Does new gurudwara management has the guts to channelise communities energy (part of it) in this direction?

Attached below news article for your perusal.


Main accused gets death for Staines' murders
September 22, 2003 - 9:20PM

The main accused in the murders of Australian missionary Graham Staines and  his sons Philip, 10, and Timothy, 8, was today sentenced to death by an Indian court.

The court in Orissa's capital, Bhubaneswar, sentenced Dara Singh to death and jailed 12 others for life.

The Staines died in January 1999 when a mob burned their jeep while they slept in it outside a church in Manoharpur, a tribal village in Orissa.

Thirteen men were found guilty by the court last week. They have said they would appeal.

The murder of Staines and his sons was one of the worst hate crimes against Christians in recent years in India, a secular nation where more than 80 per  cent of the 1 billion-plus population are Hindus. Christians make up about 2 per cent of the population.

The killings came at a time when Hindu nationalist groups were being blamed for a series of attacks on Christians and church property.

The Home Ministry said a large number of those cases were related to land and property disputes, not religion.

divMdr isMG, bYljIAm


Dear Editor,

It has been a long time that there are some disputes in Gurdwara sahib. The atmosphere here has been so much affected that the Gurdwara sahib has been closed for unlimited period.

We are not here to discuss who is right or wrong in these discussions but are very dissapointed that the Gurdwara sahib is no more open to sadh sangat. We request Guru ki Sangat to come together to solve the differences so that the 'Guru ka dwaar' is open again and everybody can take 'darshan' of our Guru Sahib.

Let us bring our community together and take the right path which has been shown by our Guruji's:

"ek pita, ekes ke hum barak.............."
Our best regards to Guru ki Sangat,

Waheguru ji ka khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki fateh.
Sangat, Belgium.

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BwrqI hwkI tIm ny A~j cIn dI tIm nUM 5-1 dy Prk nwl hrw ky kmwl kr idqI hY[

pr kI kihxy swfI srkwr dy qy kuJ swbkw hwkI iKfwrIAW dy[ kuJ SrwrqI AnsrW ny ies g~l dw rOlw pwieAw hY ky iehnW iKfwrIAW nUM iehnW dy purwxy rYNk idqy jwx Bwv jugrwj isMG nUM ieMspYktr qoN hvwldwr bxwieAw jwvy[ pr ikMny Srm vwlI g~l hY ky hspqwl iv~c pey jugrwj isMG nUM hOslw dyx dI bjwey sgoN nOkrI dI icMqw vI pw idqI hY[ hoxW qW ieh cwhIdw sI ky jugrwj nUM kihMdy ky qUM jldI TIk ho jw iPr qYnUM fI.AY~s.pI bxw idAWgy[ pr lwhnq hY AYsy AnsrW dy[

ijhVy pulIs vwilAW ny pMjwb iv~c by doSy lokW nUM mwr ky qr~kIAW leIAW hn auhnW bwry ieh Ansr ikauN cup hn[ Kws krky ky.pI.AY~s ig~l ijAwdw jwxdy hn ikauNik aus vkq auh pMjwb pulIs dy fwierYktr sn[ hux auh ikaNu cup hn[ hwkI vwly qW ijAwdw qoN ijAwdw 10 iKfwrI hox gy, jo dyS dI numwieMdgI kr rhy hn, iehnW dw hOslw vDwauxW qW hr dyS vwsI dw Prz hY[ pr ikMny Srm vwlI g~l hY[ iek pwsy qW dyS dI tIm eySIAw k~p Kyfx qurI hY qy dUjy pwsy SrwrqI lok kYsIAW g~lW kr rhy hn[

swfI ky.pI.AY~s ig~l nUM bynqI hY ky hwkI dy iKfwrIAW nUM hor qr~kIAW idqIAW jwx, qW ky auhnW iv~c hor auqSwh pYdw hovy[

kuJ swbkw iKfwrI sR. rijMdr isMG dy koc bxn qo eIrKw krdy hn auhnW ny hwlYNf iv~c phuMc ky iKfwrIAW iv~c Put pwaux dI koiSS kIqI qy kwmXwb vI rhy, nqIjw ieh hoieAw ky ArjntweInW qoN burI qrW hwr gey[ sR. rijMdr isMG dI kwblIAq qy swnUM koeI S~k nhI hoxW cwhIdw[ auh bhuq vDIAw koc hn[
isrP SrwrqIAW nUM by nkwb krnW cwhIdw hY[

siqnwm isMG sivtzrlYNf

rjyS jlotw, AwstRylIAw


Dear Mr. Editor,

I do agree with Gurtej Singh ji about his comments on SGPC ( which should be more open to public and explore more possibilities to uplift Punjab). As far as Sri Dasam Granth is considered, all should respect the holy books and any unwanted discussion on that should be avoided.

May be on 5abi.com we should launch a discussion forum to project problems of Punjab and Punjabis (in Punjab and abroad) and also come forward with some sustainable solutions , rather than criticising each other. I believe our aim should be to preserve our culture while accepting the change in the fast moving world. This will help us to pass on this great Punjabi heritage to our coming generations and dissipate it in other parts of the world.


"The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice." Mahatma Gandhi, (1869-1948).

k s swhnI


Guru Roop Guru Sangat ji,

Sat Siri Akal,

I humbly approach you to please send a Petition by Web transmission. We msut rise to the need, maximum Sikhs to sign this petition.

Please click on the web links given below and see yourself. We must not keep quite and suffer, our future generations are in danger if we do not take proper action now.

Please send this pitition to your Sikh friends so that we sign this peition in atleast five Millions.

Sikhs in USA are subject to hate crime, many incidents have taken place.

Your Sevadar.
KS Sahni

Seeking apology for misrepresentation of Sikhs and its dangerous implications for Sikhs worldwide

 <http://petitiononline.com/UNITED/petition.html> Click here to Sign the
Petition created by the UNITED SIKHS Legal Team


gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn inAUjLIlYNz


afpxy ipCly KLq dy Cpx qoN bfad mYN soicaf sI ik myry suaflF ƒ lY ky bihs awgy nhIN qurxI cfhIdI. kfrx vI koeI nhIN bxdf. dsm gRMQ bfry rOlLf qF Auh sfijLsL pf rhI hY jo ik gurU goibMd isMG jI dI sLKLsIaq dy iKLlfPL hY.

jy kr bihsxf hY qF sB qoN jLrUrI muwdf ieh hY: jo vI awj kwl bihsF cwl rhIaF hn AunHF krky jQydfrIaF AuWqy AuNglF AuT rhIaF hn. ieh suBfivk hY. jQydfr koeI kwdfvr hsqIaF nf ho ky sLromxI kmytI dy mulfjLm huMdy hn. pr kI sLromxI kmytI vfikaf hI lok rfjI kmytI hY? sLromxI kmytI dy vYb sfeIt Aupr jf ky vyKo, cVHfvf cVHfAuxf bhuq sOKf kr idwqf hY. pr kmytI dy mYNbrF dI koeI sUcI nhIN. coxF kdoN qy ikvyN huMdIaF hn—ies bfry kuJ nhIN. mYNbrF dy isrnfvyN kI hn? jy kr iksy nfl koeI imlfp kIqf jfvy qF kI koeI juafb vI afvygf ik nhIN? slfnf irportF vI ikqy nhIN lwBdIaF. dUjf ieh ik iesy vYb sfeIt qy Drm prcfr dIaF koeI ikqfbF nhIN hn jo ik qusIN zfAUnloz kr sko!! sLromxI kmytI qF bfdl-tOhiVaF dy hwQ df iKzOxf hY.

pr iehI nhIN, pMjfb ivc qF lok rfj ƒ puMgrx hI nhIN idwqf jf irhf. ividak adfiraF ivcoN lok rfjI ZFcy Kqm kr idwqy gey hn. nOkrsLfhI pMjfb ƒ Tuwz qy lY ky bYTI hoeI hY.

ies sB dy bfvjUd asIN sUeI hnHyry hyToN nf lwB ky bfxI dy cfnx hyToN lV-lwB rhy hF aqy ieh Buwl rhy hF ik iesy bfxI sdkf asIN sdIaF dy vihmF BrmF dy jMjfl ivcoN inkly sF aqy awj asIN AunHF vihmF BrmF dy sfijLsLkfrF dI BwTI ivc dysI iGE bx ky pY rhy hF. ikAuN?

DMnvfd sihq,

gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn inAUjLIlYNz

suirMdr mwhl, lY~str


5AwbI.kOm dy suihrd pwTko qy bu~DIjIvI lyKko vIr gurqyj isMG dI ic~TI qy zrUr hI Aml kro qy soco kI hoxw cwhIdY qy kr kI rhy ho[ koeI Pwiedw hY jy quhwfI Kwhm Kwh qy nIrs bihs dw - ikEN vkq brbwd krn fhy ho?

KlIl izbrwn dy lyK leI pRo. prIqm isMG jI dw bhuq bhuq DMnvwd [ bihs kr rhy dosqW nUM Arz hY ik ieh lyK iDAwn nwl pVHn[ imhrbwnI [

suirMdr mwhl (lY~str)
pMjwbI AkYfmI lYstr (XU.ky)

sqnwm isMG cwhl, AmrIkw


Who will stop the killings of innocent Sikhs in United States

After the September 11 terrorist attack on the United States Sikhs in the United States are living under the shadow of fear and terrorism. In various cities in the United States Sikhs are being brutally murdered by some bad elements as they wear the various colored turbans. The whole world knows that Sikhs are a peace loving community and has nothing to do with any kind of terrorist activities. Not only this,  most of the Sikhs put their lives in danger to save the lives of peoples in the World Trade Center during September 11 attack.

But it is more than unfortunate that during the past few months several innocent Sikhs are brutally murdered.

Killing of innocent Sikhs is happening one after the other and there seems no end of killing.Now the question is that who is responsible to save the lives of innocent Sikhs. Simple answer of this question is that police administration and law enforcement agencies are responsible to save the lives of its citizens on whom the huge amount of the taxpayers' money  is being spent for their services. But this is a matter of great regret and of human concern that these law enforcement agencies are not doing their job honestly and sincerely. Look at the remarks of one cab company owner of Redwood City, which appeared in the San Jose mercury news on Sept. 15, 2003 after the killing of Sikh cab driver, “Everyday these drivers are insulted by passengers who tell them ‘go back to your own country or call them Bin Laden' he said and when they go to complain about this to the police they never listen, I think that the police feel we are not part of the community so they can not be bothered to take the time to help us out.”  Not only this the Redwood City police officials continued playing with the body of Sikh cab driver who was shot dead and with the grieved family from 3:00 am to 7:00 am.on the date of killing of this Sikh Cab Driver Police even gave no clue about the killing of this Sikh driver to his family members.

Now the question arises that if the police Administration cannot save the lives of its citizens then what is the fun to spend a huge amount of money of the taxpayers on the police administration. Is there any body who can ask the police administration that is the job of the police is only to move around in the police vehicles and citing traffic law offenders only. It is also more than unfortunate that after every killing of every Sikh cab driver we are watching lot of stories in the media about the future planning and stragedy of the police on how to save the lives of cab drivers. But sorry to say that nothing happened in a period of more than two years. We must remember that we are only mourning the deaths of each innocent Sikh and expressing our sympathy with the grieved families but who will wash the tears of the grieved family members for the rest of their lives. One can only say that only the bearer of the shoe knows where his shoe is pinching .In other words families who lost their loved ones can only feel what is going on in their hearts, no body else. The need of the hour is to gear up the police administration in every city to make them more effective and responsible to save the lives of their citizens. Can we expect from the law enforcement agencies that necessary measures will be taken seriously to save the lives of innocent Sikhs in future??

Satnam Singh Chahal

sqnwm isMG cwhl, AmrIkw

shardhanjli3_100.jpg (4696 bytes)EhIE, AmrIkw, dy guruduAwrw swihb ivc 9/11 dy A`qvwdI hmly ivc mwry gey 3000 qoN vI v`D ivAkqIAW nUM SrDWjlI -smIp isMG gumtwlw


Very good job done by Gurudwara Parbandhak Committe Ohio. Please convey my message to keep this up in future.

Satnam Singh Chahal
County of Santa Clara Govt U.S.A

gurqyj isMG, inaUzIlYNf


dsm gRMQ bfry bihs iksy AusfrU pfsy nhIN lwg rhI. dohF iDrF df iDafn dUsLxbfjLI qy vwD aqy qrk vfly pfsy Gwt hY. qrk do dUxI cfr vflI nhIN blik Koj dy buinafdI nkLsLy-kdm qy cwlx vflI.

ieh bihs kfhdy vfsqy cwl rhI hY? kI ieh jLrUrI vI hY?
ijs qrHF bihs cwl rhI hY, ies ƒ ikMny PLI sdI isK pVH rhy hn?
kI aijhI bihs hI afKrI hwl hY?

iek iDr jo ik ieh kihMdI hY ik ieh bihs qF vkLq-dr-vkLq cwldI rhI hY, Auh gurU goibMd isMG jI dI sLKLsIaq ƒ isPLr kr rhy hn. pqf nhIN AunHF ƒ ies cIjL df aihsfs hY vI jF nhIN? dUjI iDr gurU goibMd isMG jI dI sLKLsIaq ƒ dyvI-pUjk vfly pfsy lY jf rhI hY. aijhI bihs isKF df BFvyN Pfiedf kry jF nf kry pr lMmI dOV ivwc afr[aYs[aYs[ df Pfiedf jLrUr krygI.

Auh iDr jo gurU goibMd isMG jI dI sLKLsIaq ƒ isPLr kr rhI hY—iek suafl. gurU goibMd isMG jI kvI ikEN nhIN ho skdy? dunIaF Br dIaF hjLfrF XUnIvristIaF ivc BfrqI imiQhfs pVHfieaf jFdf hY pr pVHfkU ies ƒ imiQhfs hI mMndy hn qy ies KusLPihmI df isLkfr nhIN ho jFdy ik ieh swc ho skdf hY. sfzI isKF ivc kI kmjLorI hY ik asIN gurU gRMQ sfihb rUpI KjLfny dy vfirs ho ky vI imiQhfs qoN Qr-Qr kMbx lwg pYNdy hF aqy ies dy pUjk bxn ƒ dOVdy hF? jy kr sfƒ gurU gRMQ sfihb dy arQ smJ af jFdy hn qF ieh vI sihjy hI smJ af jFdf hY ik gurU goibMd isMG jI ny pFAuNtf sfihb kvI drbfr ikEN lgvfey, dmdmf sfihb—gurU kfsLI ikEN QfpI aqy gurU jI dI bfxI gurU gRMQ sfihb ivc ikAuN nhIN hY. so swt kmjLorI ƒ mfro nf ik gurU goibMd isMG jI dI sLKLsIaq ƒ.

Auh iDr jo gurU goibMd isMG jI dI sLKLsIaq ƒ dyvI-pUjk vfly pfsy lY jf rhI hY—dUjf suafl. quhfzy aMdr kI kmjLorI hY ik quhfƒ gurU gRMQ sfihb dy prcfr df qF mfsf ijhf vI iPLkLr nhIN pr srkfry-drbfry gRFtF boc-boc ky ikqfbF CpvfeI sfho-sfh hoey iPrdy ho ik hr gurUduafry ivc gurU gRMQ sfihb dy brfbr dsm gRMQ df prkfsL krvfAuxf hY? jy kr qusIN swcy isK KojI ho qF ieh dwso ik qusIN gurU gRMQ sfihb Aupr ikMnIaF ikqfbF ilKIaF hn? kI gurU goibMd isMG jI afpxI bfxI gurU gRMQ sfihb ivc nhIN sI drjL kr skdy? AunHF aijhf kr ky jo iesLfrf idwqf, awj qusIN Auh iesLfrf smJx qoN ienkfrI ikEN bxy bYTy hoey ho? imiQhfs ƒ ieiqhfs bxfAux leI awzIaF ikEN cuwkI iPrdy ho? bs ieh Xfd rwKo ik ijs idn qusIN gurUaF ƒ avqfrF dI “pdvI” duaf idwqI, Aus idn boDI, jYnIaF qoN bfad sfzf nMbr lwg jfxf hY. ieh kI gwl hY ik gurU gRMQ sfihb Aupr ijMny vI vYb-sfeIt hn Auh qF bfhrly mulkF ivc hn (Bfv ik bfhr rihMdy isKF dI imhnq sdkf hn) pr dsm gRMQ Aupr vYb-sfeIt Bfrq ivc KuMbF vF� AuWgy hoey hn?

ieh gwl sfP hY ik kmjLorI sfzy aMdr hY. asIN Aus ƒ insLfnf nhIN bxf rhy. Aus qoN vI mfVI gwl ieh hY ik jo vI dohyN iDrF kr rhIaF hn Aus df pMQ ƒ qF koeI Pfiedf nhIN hoxf, hF afr[aYs[aYs[ ƒ jLrUr Pfiedf ho jfvygf. dohF iDrF ƒ ieh vI Xfd rwKxf cfhIdf hY ik pMjfb dy diraf kMZy dy iek purfxy zyry qoN lY ky awj dy bIVF sfVx vfly zyiraF qk sB zyiraF df insLfnf gurU goibMd isMG jI dI sLKLsIaq hY. kI ieh dohyN iDrF ienHF zyiraF df akfdimk rUp qy nhIN? hF, jykr koeI juafb dyxf hY qF ikrpf krky "kUV kbfV" jF "myrI Pwqo dy Xfr-igwdV qy biGafV" dI qrjL (ies bihs qy cwl rhy ijMny vI lyK mYN ieMtrnYt qy pVHy hn iesy qrjL qy hn) qoN dUr rihxf jI.

vfihgurU BlI kry.

gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn inAUjLIlYNz

gopwl isMG

gubani-raag1_140.jpg (5374 bytes)


Dear Singh Sahib Ji
Waahguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waahguru Ji Ki fateh

This is great to inform the Sikh Community about Gurbaani Raags. It will help the people like me if you can provide one or two examples of notation. I will appreciate it. There may be more people who can use this help.
Gopal Singh

sMqoK isMG, AwstRylIAw

pulIs muKI qy vgwr qy leIAW g`fIAW dw vyrvw mMigAw


cMgI g`l hY jykr ies hdwieq shI Aml ho jwvy qW pr mYnUM jwpdw hY ik sdw vWg ieh srkwrI hukm vI Tu`s ho ky rih jwvygw ikauNik Aml qW ies aupr A&srSwhI ny hI krnw hY[ hW ies ^br dy Cpx nwL kuJ smw srkwr dI b`ly b`ly zrUr ho jwvygI; qy Pyr, "EhI boVI KoqI qy EhI rwm idAwl GuimAwr[" A&srSwhI v`loN, "pMcW dw ikhw isr m`Qy pr prnwLw EQy dw EQy["

r k b`gw, AmrIkw


Dear Kandola ji!
I often read this magazine on the line so that I remain in touch with Punjabi, Punjab, India and Literature. Credit goes to your magazine which covers almost all spheres of life today. I read ZINDGI BARE by Khalil Zibran. Outward acheivements leave a great  void in our innerself. He was a great thinker. I am very glad to
read about WADALIS.THIS year on VAISAKI.I had a chance to hear them personally in Delhi. It was great. Whole audience was  enthralled for 2 hours. But I knew nothing about their life.

I love to read articles by prominent scholars and keep myself  updated. Some times you publish very good stories and poems but some times they are only fillers. Well I know your limitations too.

RK Bagga

pRYs sUcnw

130903_harry-sidhu1_140.jpg (7046 bytes)

hrIS isMG is`DU,


lws-eYNjils (AmrIkw) dy srdwr hYrI is`DU kimSnr inaukq

AYnwhweIm-istI (kYly&ornIAw)- pCV ky imlI jwxkwrI Anuswr, is`K BweIcwry leI AiqAMq gOrv vwlI g`l hY, ik lws-eyNjls kYly&ornIAw eyrIey dy 'AYnwhweIm-istI' dI istI kwaUNisl v`loN, aus Sihr dy pqvMqy SihrI hYrI is`DU horW nUM 'AYnwhweIm bjt AfvweIzrI kimSn' leI kimSnr dI inaukqI nwl snmwnq kIqw igAw[

hYrI (hrIS isMG) is`DU, i&lwfYl&IAw - (AmrIkw) dy au~Gy lyKk igAwnI krnYl isMG horW dy Coty &rzMd hn[ auh frYksl XunIvristI i&lwfYl&IAw dy mkYnIkl ieMjnIAirMg grYjUeyt hn[ Aqy styt Aw& kYly&ornIAw dy pRO&Ysnl ieMjnIAr hn[ eys i^qy ivc kw&I swlW qoN auh 11 brgr ikMg rYstorYNtW dI '&wst-&Uf-cyn' dy mwilk hn[ Aqy ielwky dy is`K BweIcwry dy hrmn ipAwry syvk vjoN jwxy jWdy hn[

eyys Sihr dI vsoN 328,000 d`sI jWdI hY[ ijsdw 'AYfvweIzrI kimSn', swlwnw bjt, QoVyH Aqy lMmy smy dw '&weInYNSl plwinMg', 'jnrl &MifMg', Aqy 'kYpItl iemprUvmYNt' jhy Aihm msilAW leI vcn-b`D hY[ ies kimSn dy 7 mYNbr hn, ijMnW dI inaukqI cwr swl dy Arsy leI huMdI hY[

eynw hI nhI, hYrI is`DU 21 Agsq 2003 qoN 'AOrYNj kwaUNtI kimaUintI hwaUisMg borf' dy fwierYktr vjoN vI inauukq kIqy gey hn[ ieh borf, eys ielwky dI vsoN dy sImq AwmdnI vwly prvwrW nUM sw& suQrI Aqy sur`iKAq irhwieS pRdwn krn leI izMmydwr hY[ qW ik auhnW dy b`icAW nUM vI, AmIr prvwrW dy b`icAW vrgI is`iKAw pRwpq krn dy Avsr iml skx[ AYnwhweIm istI, kYly&ornIAw dw dsvW v`fw Sihr hY, ijsdw AmrIkw ivc 56vW sQwn hY[

Awdwrw 5abi.com, hYrI is`DU Aqy auhnW dy prvwr pRqI SuB ie`CwvW Byjdw hY[

jnmyjw jOhl, luiDAwxw

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Dear Sir,

The autobiographical essay titled, 'Madrassa Madhoram Wala' by Prof. Pritam Singh Grewal indeed recreates the golden era which is no more in the education. The teachers like Madhoram left a lasting impression on the younger minds.

I would imagine that there are still talented and educated teachers around in the schools. The commercialization has, however, debased every aspect of life, including the sacred field of learning and education.

Let us look for the living Madhorams!

abc, New Zealand

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The Editor,
My friend sarbjit Singh sent me Amarjit Singh Khosa's letter/article dated 9 Sept. '03 with your weekly's name at the header. Mr. Khosa who, perhaps because of his maternal uncle President Balwant Singh Gill, apparently fraternizes with the so-called moderate Sikh Sangat of the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Surrey, Canada is evidently aligned with the proponents of the so-called Dasam Granth i.e. Gurcharnjit Singh Lamba, Tarlochan Singh Nahal, Sadh Virsa Singh and his turncoat devotee Rattan Singh Jaggi, et al who are all aligned with the Sikh orthodox or sectarian factions. Some advertently or inadvertently lend support to RRS zealots' intrigue to promote Dasam Granth that portrays Sikh Gurus as Hindu Avatars, Idolaters, Wizards, reclusive mendicants, etc.

In his diatribe Amarjit Singh opinionates that the malady starting with Gyani Bhag Singh, Prin. Habhajan Singh missionary College Ludhiana, Prin. Habhajan Singh Chandigarh, Gyani Surjeet Singh Missionary and some other enemies of the Panth, has now reached S. Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana and Prof. Gurtej Singh. Obviously according to Amajit Singh Khosa, the malady afflicting the above-mentioned scholars/writers whom he considers enemies of Sikh Panth is criticism of erotic and mythical Dasam Granth and the authenticity of its writer/s. Amarjit Singh Khosa asks, (1) 'how could the diabolical split personality of
Dasam Granth critiques Singh Nidhan and Chakraview (?) writer Prof. Gurtej Singh and at one time prodigy of Sirdar Kapoor Singh, a Dasam Granth's proponent remain hidden'? Amarjit Singh Khosa insinuates that Prof. Gurtej Singh is an ungrateful for relapse of his faith in his mentor or Guru's Sirdar Kapoor Singh. He further says 'we do not understand whether Prof. Gurtej Singh was stupid when he advocated Dasam Granth; or now when he criticizes it'. Only Prof. Gurtej Singh can respond to Amarjit Singh Khosa's invective accusations.

To keep my missive concise, instead of writing a critique on Amarjit Singh Khosa's letter/article, I humbly request Amarjit Singh Khosa and his ilk to read my article on Dasam Granth published on my Website www.sikhsundesh.net. May be he would like to do me the honor of including my humble name in the list of the Dasam Granth's critics whom he considers enemies of Sikh Panth.
A rationalist Sikh
Charnjit Singh Bal

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This so-called dasam granth is not even a granth but a slapping together of puranic myths (braj in gurmukhi script - quite clearly stated). It is more in keeping with the puranic/kabbalisitc ideology and theory of creation and a split God who is unable to tend to or even create its creation without creating other creatures to do it for him. This is a direct contradiction of the Akal Purukh of Sikhi. Some extensive sexist literature and elaborate kavita of the kind indulged in by darbari kavis of rajas with their far-fetched tales. (khalsa having dropped from Shiva's prayer mat!). There is an ocassional red herring thrown in to make it seem compatible to gurmatt - but it is just window dressing. Anyone who has read this stuff is repulsed and nauseated by it. This is the anti-literature of Guru Granth sahib, even worse than the hindalia granth, and successor to it nevertheless, with a view to undermine the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

This evolved from a few pages to the granth of the present day, to be set up as a rival and to subvert the philosophy of Guru Granth sahib. Most people have not bothered to read it, or have chosen to pull a few paragraphs/stanzas that suit their purpose to mislead. This is despite the fact that it is clearly a very shoddy job of putting together a credible granth - that can remotely rival any previous literature compiled - let alone Guru Granth sahib.

My request is to read the avtaras and the charitopakhyan to the females of your household and then decide if one would think this is in any way shape or form to be even worthy of keeping in the vicinity of their sons, daughters and parents. Here we have some wise one trying to put it in gurdwaras and indulge in bhang parsads and the most un-khlasa like behaviour, in order to justify this supposed granth, which so has no mention of khandae di pahul/Amrit ceremony (so far) With the increase in literacy this is not going to be hidden like the misdeeds perpetuated in the 18th century. Once any one reads this stuff, it will be exposed. No amount of hiding behind Jaap sahib is going to help.

Granths may come and go, but for the sikh there is only One - The Guru Granth Sahib, the container of the Divine knowledge. The shenanigans of other created and time limited gods and goddesses are of no importance to us. The pages after pages of viles of women cannot be justified even if they were matched with viles of men like Chandu and Gangu, these kinds of perversions make for granths to be read in brothels not Gurdwaras. Let the mythology and eroticism - meant for baser instincts be revered by those who have no intention of moving above it be their self-created shackles and tall tales of imaginary beings, and those who want some spirtual uplift and advancement in their lives will automatically seek Guru Granth Sahib - our mentor and Shabad Guru. No amount of coercion is going to make us accept parallel granths or literature at par with the one given in written shape by our Guru sahiban.

If it is knowledge we seek, it is all in there- including the basis for khandae di pahul/ Amrit/khalsa. Those who seek find it as promised and those who flounder running in circles trying to find justification for their misdeeds by trumping up granths are just deluding themselves. We can only pray for bibek budhi to actually open up and read the 1430 pages in front of us. Things would not have come to this if we has been reading even one
stanza daily and contemplating and imbibing it. We would have known any misleading literature at a glance - but our so-called maryades of akhand paths by hired pathis, kathas by hired kathakars and kritans by hired kirtanyas has resulted in our not knowing or misinterpreting our second-hand knowledge of our Treasure - resulting in granths galore in the names of our Guru Sahiban, because the khalsa of today is too busy promoting himself and has no time to listen to his Guru, the Guru Granth Sahib, and seeks to justify his bhang parsads form other literatures deeming them at par with the one ACTUALLY given to us by our Gurus.

Those individuals have spoken up against this mass subversion of our faith in Guru Granth sahib in form of spurious literatures are the true and few khalsa - because theirs is courage that made them stand up against all odds and at the cost of their personal and intellectual safety to reiterate what every Sikh should have. We have only one Granth and that is the Guru Granth. Least we can do is to declare loudly, above the din created by vested interests and their RSS swamis - there is no other Granth for us but Guru Granth.

Koor nikhutae nankaa orakh sach raheen....

Mrs A Singh

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Dear Charanjit Jee,

Thanks for visiting my WebPage at <www.bindra.net> I have also gone through the contents of your splendid website too. It is indeed very impressive. I also appreciate your thought expressed in your posting to 5Abi. Most of the so called protagonists of Dasam Granth I came across, have confessed that they never went through the contents and are led to believe it to be the creation of Dasam Patshah. They are just made to believe it as another sacred book of the Sikhs. The aim of the anti-Sikh element is to dilute the teachings and philosophy of AGGS. When would hour highest seat of clergy see through with intellectual vision?

Keep up the good work,
With regards,
Pritpal Singh Bindra

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I visited Bhagwan Sai Baba Kingdom in 1996. It takes three hours from Banglore to Reach the destination PUTAPARTHI by Taxi. During my journey I asked Taxi driver opinion about Sai Baba. His reply didn’t surprise me, he said this Sai Baba is for rich people, minister, and foreigners only not for poor people.

Politician : Most corrupted like congress ex.Prime Minister Narsimha Rao visited him for blessings, and President of India Giani Zail Singh too, who was silent during 1984 atrocities with Sikhs in Delhi , he was drinking innocent sikh blood in Rashrapati Bhawan . After independence congress party leaders Nehru, Indra, Giani Zail Singh used dirty tactics of British to Divide and Rule in Punjab on the name of Language and demarcation of states.This people are responsible for communual riots and murders of 20 thousands sikh youth on the name of extremism. Sai Baba is simply serving the status quo, that is why he is respected by the status quo.He is simply in the service of rotten society. Of course rotten society respect him. And this is something to be understood: society respects only those saints or Bhagwan who are agents --- agents who help the society to continue as it is , agents of establishment.

Hospital & Colleges : I visited this place and I start to think a man who has looked deep in to the misery of man, a man who is really so full of compassion that he wants to help , to be of some help to the suffering community. And the suffering humanity is not helped by creating more Hospitals or by making more people educated under rotten system. The rotten society has to be destroyed completely; only then can a new society be created. Renovation is not going to help. We have been renovating the same old ruins for centuries. We have to create new society. Let us bring new human being. Let us give birth to something new, a new mind, a new consciousness.

Sai Baba Magic: One more point to be understood… It happens that when for the first a meditator attains to some Psychic Energy, some psychic power, the tendency, a natural tendency, is to exhibit it. And if he exhibits , sooner or later he will lose the power .Then a great problem arise: he cannot do it now, but now he has respectability. He is worshipped and people expect him to do miracles. Now what is he going to do ? He will have to turn to magic, he will have to start learning tricks, to maintain his prestige.That’s what happened to Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba. The first things that had done were real, the first few experiments that they had done were not phony. But then the energy disappears. And by that time you have become famous, and people start gathering, foolish and ignorant people and they expect you, and your whole ego depends on your exhibition. Now the only possible alternative is to learn magic tricks so that you can go on maintaining your prestige. If you brag, sooner or later you will become a victim of magical tricks. You will have to learn and deceive people

There is no heaven and there is no hell. They are not geographical, they are part of our psychology. They are psychological. To live a life of spontaneity ,truth and beauty is to live in heaven. To live a life of hypocrisy, lies and compromises, to live according to others is to live in hell. If life is lived in its totality, Sai Baba and priest is not needed at all. If you are okay as you are , if life is beautiful as it is , what is the need for a priest or Sai Baba.


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Dear Editor,

WaheGuru ji Khalsa !!
WaheGuru ji Fateh !!

The article written by Mr. Amarjit Singh Khosa, dated 04/09/03., is very commendable. I wish him abound success & pray that more of similar kind of articles be produced & distributed to increase the readers awareness.

Harjit Singh Jagraon.

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Sat sri Akal,

I am from Spain.I have seen the web -- www.welcometoindia.com.
In this web U go to see The Golden Temple.In The history of The Golden Temple ,there is written that before the BLUE star opration The Golden Temple was misused by terrorist .
Everyone (Punjabies) know that Blue Opration was wrongh.
indra`s action was wrongh.
Please see this web and also send emails to that web and ask him not to write like this.
Sat sri akal

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Bus bhaji chakee chalo fatte te punjabien di beh ja beh ja karva deo dunia which .Kade kade gurudwarian deian larhian bare vee lekhia karo ji.Ehna noon vee koaie aqal deo ji

Lakhvinder Singh Sidhu
Punjab India

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Very good article

Baljit Singh Sandhu
Stockton California U.S.A

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Dear Editor

The letter written by Mr Khosa is very educative and demonstrates his knowledge of the Gurbani and Sikh history, but the tone and un-respectful words do not fit to the contents of the subject. The derogatory remarks about the people who may be wrong or right do not deserve any appreciation rather has decreased the weightage of his argument. I request if it can be taken into consideration.]

Guru Fatah

Manjinder Singh
Sydney Australia

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(c)199-2003, 5abi

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