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Dear Sir,
Dr Baldev Kandola Jee,

Sat Sri Akal to you and 5abi team,

We take this opportunity to wish you all a VERY HAPPY AND prosperous NEW YEAR - 2004.

Gurpreet Singh and all
INDBATT-III(United Nations Mission Ethiopia & Eritrea)

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jy hux koeI iehnW nUM kIqy dI sjw dyx dy h``k iv``c hY qW keI lok auhnw dw f``t ky ivroD krdy hn[ mYN smJdw hW ik jW qW auh mgrm``CW dI tolI dy hn jW AiqAMq hI Dwrimk ivcWrw dy hn jW ividAw dI kmI hY[

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Harbir Singh Bhanwar's article "Akalis......." is not only informatory but also heart throbing for all the religious sikhs who love Panth and have love for 'Akalidal".Those were the days when Akalis and Akali Dal had a respect from everybody in Punjab and all over the world.Today, Akalidals(too many to mention) are working for their own political benefits.There was a time when being an Akali was a pride and always was looked upon with respect. Today the Akali word is a shame.At one time Akali meant "Akal purkh ki fauj" but today akalis mean bunch of crooks and power hungry people.I have only one question which pops up in my mind many times.And that is Who gave Mr. Parkash Singh Badal the power or authority to name after him as "Badal Akali Dal." and who gave the same power to Simranjit Singh Mann to call himself the head of "Akali Dal Amritsar." Akali dal is a Akali dal, no Badal or Amritsar.I would like to know about the people who gave them these 'titles' and power to do anything they want and to call themselves the heads of these "Akalidals".

ruipMdr iF`loN, nwrvy


Sat sri akal to all readers of www.5abi.com. The conditions are changing dramiciatly in punjab from last few months. i think may reason is unemployment in punjab is increasing and desperate youths are choosing way of robbery and killing to gain money at once, this is not good for punjab , raab kara kalia hawawa PUNJAB ch phir na wagn.

rUp is~DU

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"vwh jI vwh"

ieh Kbr suxky smu~cy pMjwbI jgq dw isr PKr nwl au~cw hoieAw hY

swry pMjwbIAW vloN hrIS is~DU, auhnW dy ipqw igAwnI jI swihb Aqy swry pRIvwr nUM hwridk vDwieAW.

rUp is~DU

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Mr Khosa ji

The word in the line "Deh Siva ...." is "Siva" not "Siv". The line is in "Chandi Charitar Ukat Bilas" and the word occurs many times in this composition and refers to "Chandi" or "Durga" as wife of "Siv" and hence the female gender name "Siva". You should not mislead readers to say that Siva is to be understood to be same as Akal Purkh.

Regarding the authorship of text of parts of Dasam Granth which contain the stanzas "Deh Siva Var mohi ihe... . . .joojh maraun" here is the relevant part of what late Daljit Singh ji of Institute of Sikh Studies Chandigarh had to say on this issue:


Dr Jaggi has made a detailed examination of the issue. He finds that except for about 70 pages of the Dasam Granth, including Jap Sahib, Swayyas, Akal Ustat (excluding hymns in praise of Durga), Asphotak Chhand and Zaffarnama, the other contents which involve worship of avtars, devis and mahakal are mostly from the Puranic literature. Following are some instances of devi worship. (For details see chapter 9 of Jaggi?s book).

(i) Tribhangi Chhands (201-220, In Akal Ustat) are clearly in praise of the devi.

(ii) In Shashtarnama in the beginning there is a whole chapter (27 chhands) in praise of the devi.

(iii) Chandi Charitar I & II, Chaubis Avtar, Rudra Avtar including parts of Charitropakhyan, all relate to the Puranic myths that are in praise of the devi and avtars.

(iv) Similarly, in the above Puranic stories there are numerous hymns in praise of Maha Kal, who is a Tantric or Sakat deity, pages 55, 56, 57, 58, 73, 156, 157, 183, 185, 254, 310, 612, 613, 642, etc.

(v) Worship of devi under the name of Kalika, Chandi, Siva or Durga is found at pages 74, 76, 99, 117, 255, 118, 309, 310, 116, 673, 675, etc., etc.

(vi) Apart from the Var of Durga, there is the entire Puranic story of the devi coming to the rescue of the mythical Indra and fighting battles with demon Maikhasur, involving trillions of soldiers (devi worship chhands and narration of the myth).

(vii) In Chandi Charitar Ukat Bilas the author mentions that he has virtually made the composition from 700 slokas of Markand Purana. He adds that whoever hears or recites the same for any specific boon, the devi would certainly grant it instantaneously (Chandi Charitar, Ukat Bilas - sloka 232).

(viii) In Chandi Charitar II in the sloka 261 the author writes that whoever remembers or worships the devi with devotion, shall attain salvation. Similarly, in the Durga Var the author writes that whoever recites the same, will achieve salvation and not be born again (stanza or pauri - 55).

(ix) Whether it is Rama Avtar, Parasnath Avtar, Krishna Avtar, Brahma Avtar, or the other Puranic stories, these all relate to the worship to the devi and avtars.

(x) Charitropakhyan, too, involves worship of the devi and Kal or Maha Kal (charitra 405, chhands 52, 77, 126 and 132). The very facts that no Sikh is willing to read it in the presence of women or the sangat, and that the S.G.P.C. has called it a Puranic myth and not work of the Tenth Guru, show that it is no longer considered a part of the Dasam Granth.

The above few instances prove that, apart from the about 70 pages or so, the writings in the Dasam Granth positively accept and involve devi and avtar worship. Accordingly, these writings (Chandi Charitra and Chandi Di Var - 126 pages, Chaubis Avtar - 744 pages, Brahm Rudra Avtar - 383 pages, Charitropakhyan and Hikayat - 923 pages) are opposed to the doctrines of the Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib."

The sabad "Deh Siva..." is in the composition Chandi Charitar Ukat Bilas. This Sabad is not a disticnt piece like the sabads in SGGS but is in the middle of a continuing euology to goddess. Before this piece and after this piece the word Siva appears several times and leaves no doubt as to who siva is. She is none other than goddess Chandi or Durga. In linguistic terms also Siva is derived from Siv therby meaning Siva is a lady who is the consort of Siv. And Durga, Chandi, Gauri, Parvati,and Kali in Hindu mythology are the names of the consort of Siv

How did this piece came to be so popular recently?

Before 1970, the SGPC never allowed any dramatist, or film-maker to use Sikh ideas to be the subject of their productions lest they distort them. However, in early seventies a Hindu film-maker named Ramesh Bhakhri manipulated the SGPC to accept his plan to make a film called "Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai". Before that he used to make the usual silly and raunchy Punjabi films. In the above film he did not reproduce any historical incident from the glorious Khalsa past but simply the usual suprstitions about the Jot (the flame of the lamp) in Harimandir bringing back the eyesight of a blind person. Remember, Guru ji never asked us to believe in Jot, Pooja, Archa, Aarti etc., but this was what was shown in the name of Guru Nanak.

Above all, a parade of Sikh students was shown marching in Khalsa College Amritsar ground and singing the piece "Deh Siva Var mohi ihe..". The tune that we now hear in the Gurudwaras and at the inauguration of Sikh functions is the very tune used in the film. This tune has become more or less a national anthem for the Khalsa.

Thus, a Hindu film-maker, very cleverly earned lot of money and made fool of the entire Sikh community to accept singing the praises of Hindu goddess Siva.

If this can happen in late twentieth century, one can imagin how easily the Dasam Granth could be smuggled into the Sikh scriptures.

Dr Serjinder Singh

ruipMdr iF`lo, nwrvy


S. balwant singh ramu walia is great leader and really he had done very good jobb for punjabis some reside abroad and also for boys some war looted and cheated by KABOTAR BAAJ AGENT and last they were thrown in foreign jails , and his new rally for refugees is really appreciate movement and we all punjabies must support him , i think so,
kaash sada mulk wich har leader ramuwalia baan java.

AmrIk, AstRylIAw

rPUjIAW nUM pwsportW leI lok BlweI pwrtI dI v`fI rYlI 18 dsMbr nUM bdySI pMjwbIE, pMjwb vsdy irSqydwrW nUM Pon kro: rwmUvwlIAw v`loN ApIl


We pray to almighty GOD for your success and admire your corrage for your efforts to bring these issues in the air.

This is not only issue. There are many issues we can not do much. I am building my house in Punjab. about two months ago I sent some Money to a Bank in to a bank Account by telegraphic transfer. The Bank manager telling them I now this but we have not recieved the money yet. It cost me about 30 Australian Dollers to send by telegraphic transfer. The money should be there next day. is there any banking Ombudsman we can comlain or write to them or how we can write to the media. then they can bring this up. I am not the only one there are many like me suffering from the banking cruilty. I believe they lend my money for two or three months to some one get the intrest. They put in to there own pocket or they are instructed to do so by the bank. Hope you can inform this to the media for us.

Thanking you


siqMdr isMG suswxw iSkwgo

PVo PVI dw vylw isMG jI, lVo lVI..
- dlbIr isMG


dlbIr isMG jI, kwPI smyN qoN bwAd quhwfw vDIAw lyK pVn nUM imilAw[ bVI hYrwnI dI gl hY, tOhVw qy bwdl ny Awm lokW nUM iks qrW ipCy lwieAw hoieAw hY, bIbI jwgIr kOr bs ivc bYTI ies qrW ,''boly so inhwl "dw jYkwrw lw rhI sI ijvyN Drm XuD morcy dI AgvweI krn jw rhI hovy [pMjwb dy Awm qy Kws lokW nUM smJ lYxw cwhIdw, bwdl qy tohVw ny swfw kuC nhI svwrnw , pMQ Kqry ivc dw bhwnw bxw ky lokW nUM ieh lIfr byvkUP bxw rhy hn [

Bul cuk dI iKmW
siqMdr isMG suswxw iSkwgo

qR: isM: pwblw, brqwnIAW



Adolph Hitler in his autobiography has a beautiful statement :" if you want to become a great HERO you need to create a war." Without war heroes are not created; that is true. have you ever heard about any hero without a war ? We in this century call it imperialist war against will of people.

War in Iraq is naked aggression, this is against all the norms of international morality and legality. This western imperialism is unacceptable to the world.What message is President Bush giving to the world that might is right.Destruction of Iraq with heavy bomb,cruise missiles and smart bomb, in to a primitive age.This is a crime against humanity, and world opinion.

The old, the sick, poor workers, children's and women have been killed by this American imperialism , in Korea, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.But in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia American Imperialism were badly defeated by heroic revolutionary peoples war, and Americans left that country with bleeding nose. You can't impose your own law and own brand democracy to whole world. It is neo colonialism. To control Arab oils, world means of productions and distribution by guns.

Innocent people were dying under the evil dictatorship of Saddam Hussain too, without democracy and social justice. President Bush is killing peoples of IRAQ on the name of Democracy by force against the will of Iraqi people, is it fair?The United states, is the principal financier and Armour of the butcher regime in Pakistan far more than 50 years. Pakistan always rules by Army Dictator. But Americans were silent due to willing satellite of America.IS THERE DEMOCRACY IN PAKISTAN ?

It was Albert Einstein who wrote a letter to President Roosevelt that I am ready to help make the atomic bomb which can prevent the war immediately.. Albert Einstein was not creating the atom bomb to destroy any body, just the threat would have been enough, that America has an atom bomb, then it is better to surrender, otherwise the death of millions of people will be the result. Germany surrendered , Japan was considering the fact.. Japan was going to surrender the same week, but the American politicians.... Roosevelt was no longer president; Truman was president. he was in a hurry to drop the atomic bomb ON HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI. Truman was desperate to use the atomic bomb, his correspondence with Einstein proved that he wants to TEST the atom bomb, he destroyed those two cities and killed thousand innocent people of Japan just for test purpose.If Japan surrender , then there were no possibilities in the near future to test the bombs to see what they can do. how many people can be killed within minutes ? American Imperialism is testing there arms on poor and innocent peoples of the world, if they don't test them millions American will be unemployed and shares of arms industries not only will be down but bankrupt.only world opinion, peoples revolutionary struggles like VIETNAMESE can stop American crime against humanity .

Alexandra said, his teacher , Aristotle , in Greece, has asked me , to bring back one Indian Sanyasi for him. He found a sannayasin , he was naked standing on the bank of the river. Alexandra declared I am Alexandra the GREAT. Sannayasi started laughing and said , I have never seen a stupid man as you are, calling yourself the great. Only those who are not great think,imagine and desire , proclaim their greatness.But those who are great don't even know that they are great. GREATNESS is in innocence. And what have you come to me for?

Sannayasin said to Alexandra and laughed again, Just go tell your so-called teacher that the sannayasin has nothing except himself- and your teacher himself also has that being . There is no need to bring it, to import it from somewhere. Just tell him to be silent and desireless, peaceful, looking inwards, and he will find me.

Alexandra was shaken , this naked man had a such strong being, such an aura and presence. and the way he told him " You are stupid and you are still suffering from inferiority, hence you are called yourself Great Alexandra.

Even president Bush is suffering from inferiority complex because he is dreaming to conquered this world against the will of world masses. Iqbal says in his poem.




Jai Hind

sRImqI ig`l

duAwbw swrw hI vlYq dI Byt cVH igAw
- jgrUp is�G mwn 


Jagroop Singh Mann's article Duaba in u.k.

Very nice article. Most of it is true, I recently returned from Punjab and saw youth wandering around without any work. If there were any jobs, they are more than willing to do it. I talked to so many young people.
It's sad to see them every day, all ready and no where to go
Mrs Gill

js cImw

201103_shiva-shakti1_100.jpg (3247 bytes)dyih iSvw br moih - iSv, XwnI cyqn-pRBU, pRmwqmW Xw Akwl-purK, Aqy skqI, XwnI jVH, isRStI Xw mwieAw dw vrnx gurbwxI ivc ... - AmrjIq isMG Kosw 


I've read on this page in the article "Deh Shiva Var mohe ehhe" written by Amarjit Singh Khosa who says that guru Gobind singhji was not referring shiva ( hindu god). if its not shiva ( hindu god) and its the devine form which is not seen then why would babaji refer him as shiva and not by some other name. i've heard by many sikh scholars that ram naam and hari naam which appears in almost every page of our shabads and gurbani is not ram and hari( hindu gods) which seems very misleading and some sort of division creating thought just to deny that our religion is not from hindu dharm which actually was and our gods( 10 gurus ) meant to say not to worship forms of god( ram, hari , shiv and many more ) but to worship the devine source which actually sends these forms in each yug to perform certain duties and guru GOBIND singhji also was preaching the people who came into sikh religion from hindu religion that to not worship him as he 2 was messenger of god( as said by ram , hari not to worship them). our Guru saw that pandits and currupt people in the name of god were making fool of innocent people. he did'nt want the same to happen in our religion. But its a sorry state that in our religion 2 sikhs have forgotten the preachings and in the name of tappad and chairs have created division just to gain power.

kindly explain if u don't agree with what i feel as this is what i have known after listening to various religions.

gurjIq prUQI, knyfw


With reference to my letter last week, which was an answer to the article of Mr. regarding why we still need Captain Amarinder Singh' Govt. I was right because " THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN". Mr. Badal's case against Mr. Captain for defaming him is in the court and it is a shame that a chief minister of a province has to stand for a trial. At present, the opposition leader Mr. Badal is in jail, and the chief minister Captain is in court. What a country.Shame, Shame, Shame on both.

Now a big question arises. These two THUGS are getting after each other's blood and who is looking after the people of Punjab and the business of provincial parliament.There are so many issues in Punjab which have to be resolved and skillfully taken care of and they also need the attention of both the leaders of their parties.Captain Amarinder Singh is the King of Punjab and he thinks he can do whatever he wants and only person who can check on him is the leader of the opposition party, and he is in jail.Even after Mr. Badal comes out of jail, he still would be very busy in next few years, contesting his bribary cases in the court.Captain will try to nab him and put him jail for a long long time and Badal will try to defend him as best as possible. Poor people of Punjab. Gurjit Proothee
Brampton, Ontario, CANADA.

pMjwb pRymnMd, inaUzIlYNf

balwant-gargi_114.jpg (5665 bytes)

blvMq gwrgI


Remembering Balwant Gargo in His Birthday

Balwant Gargi, the colourful Punjabi literary personality passed away in Mumbai on the last 21st April and was cremated in New Delhi the next day. There were many reports suggesting that a suitable memorial should be built for this multi-dimensional doyen of Punjabi literature in the city of his birth, i.e. Bathinda. One would hope that the activists of Punjabi literature have finalized some concrete ideas of commemorating him on his birthday falling on the 4th of December - he was born in 1916.

I had happened to notice Gargi's birthday in 1985 and immediatly wrote him a letter of congratulations and good wishes. I had not to wait long for a reply. The signed letter in English dated December 15, 1985 is a precious possession with me. I reproduce below a part of this letter reflecting the esteem of a distinguished writer for an unknown reader-admirer.

"Thank you for your letter of December 4th. It was my birthday. How sweet of you to remember this day . I hardly tell anyone about this date and do not celebrate it. But this year, my younger son, Manu, 17, brought a little freshly-baked cake with my name and one candle stuck in it. A friend turned up. We three shared wine and I blew the candle. One year gone.... Life going.... It reminds one of how transient we are, and how we are wasting time, or as the Bard says, 'Now, time doeth waste me' . "

In my letter to him I had mentioned that I had read out his short play 'Nawam Mudh', i.e. 'The New Beginning' to the Aunt of my Grandfather and my Grandmother. The innocent ladies wondered how the innocent little games of children found such an amazingly accurate description in a book! I had further added that 'The Naked Triange', published in 1980 had puzzled my wife who wondered how such intimate human relations can be so openly detailed in a book in English. I had also referred to my asking him a question, when he had come to deliver a lecture in the Goverment College of Bathinda on 5th September 1967 - the day I had joined the colege as a Lecturer.

Many more thoughts and memories come crowding on the 88th birthday of Balwant Gargi, who has made a lasting contribution to Punjabi literature as a 'playright/Director'; 'short-story writer'; the keenest delineator of character sketches, mostly of fellow writers and above all a prose stylist in Punjabi. Gargi's achievement lies in liberating Punjabi writing from the heavy overlines of the morality and religion. He championed the 'Punjabiyat' without raising any slogan about it. Long live Balwant Gari! And a very Happy Birthday to him. One can bet that he must be celebrating in style wherever he is!!

Punjab Premanand,
New Zealand

gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn-inaUzIlYNf

duAwbw swrw hI vlYq dI Byt cVH igAw
- jgrUp is�G mwn 


duAwbw swrw hI vlYq dI Byt cVH igAw- jgrUp is�G mwn

iek vDIAw lyK[ lyKk ny AKIr iv`c iliKAw hY ik smUh p�cwieq ny m�inAw ik jykr swfI is`iKAw dw muFlw FWcw shI hovy qW p�jwb dy pyNf� nOjvwn vI k�ipaUtr AYksprt bx ky ivdyS nOkrIAW krn jw skdy hn[ pr suAwl qW ieh hY ik is`iKAw dw muFlw FWcw jy shI nhIN qW TIk krx qoN kOx rok irhw hY[ bwdl mgr l`g ky qW swry pMjwb iv`c c`kw jwm ho jWdw hY pr is`iKAw dw muFlw FWcw shI krx leI koeI hrkq nhIN[ ieh ikEN?

gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn-inaUzIlYNf

ruipMdr iF`loN, nwrvy


hello ,

now i use to read 5abi.com regurally, and it keeps me in touch with punjab, really some singers have misused there profession and they made themselves as human smugglers by wearing a another face of KABOTAR BAAJ, i request all my punjbi friends not to put themselv in the hands of kabtoor baaj people, it is dream of every punjabi to see western world, it is nice to see western world and to earn and to help oconimically family , but please use proper channels to make dream true, dont throw in the hands of kabtoor baaj people , by allowing this u spoil your money and putting your life in danger.

AmrjIq pwl AwstRIAw


This is very good NEWS Badal arressted in corruption case. A Rich men.........ha ha ha


BuipMdr isMG nwrvy


pMQ dy drdIE [

gurU &qih pRvwn kirE jI[

swfw pMQ sI inAwrw,swfw gurU sI inAwrw pr swfy is``K........dyK lvo jI[

ku``t qW swfy ic``r qoN pY rhI hY ........hwly ksr bwkI sI[
hor hux swrw vrlf pVH lvygw swfy vwry[
kOx JUTw hY kOx s``cw hY, mIfIAw ilKI jw irhw hY[
AwpW nMU qW inrol pMQ cwlk cwhIdy sI[

vwihgurU sumiq bKSy suDr dyNvy hwly vI ienW mOjUdw qy ip``Cly pMQ suDwrkW nMU [

gurU rwKw[
BuipMdr isMG nwrvy

jsivMdr copVw, hMgrI


Respected Sir

Satshri Akkal. We, me and my friends are very happy on seeing our mail published on your site.All the punjabies are proud upon us that we the people from punjab celebrated gurupurab of shri GURU NANAK DEV JI first time in the history of Hungary. The role of pathi has done by sardar Manmohan Singh. All the arrangement is covered with the help of Mr.kalsi Pramjit singh who is residing in Hungary from last 12 years. The Ambassador   India Sardar Manbir Singh giving his views about the life of BABA JI.HE narrates no. of sakhi's of Baba ji.Round about 100 people from india and Hungary grouped together to celebrate the function.The hungarian people enjoyed a lot the punjabi food { samossa+channa Dal+Bhutura+Heavy milked tea}.The Hungarian people waiting for next Indian celebration.We all together pray to BABA ji that keep our efforts to make a deep impression in the heart of Europian people about the indian sprituality.

With regards
jaswinder chopra

gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn-inaUzIlYNf


s: siqnwm isMG sivtzrlYNf ny AMimRqsr hvweI A`fy bwry bhuq vDIAw jwxkwrI id`qI hY[ pr SrwrqI hwly vI bwj nhIN AwauNdy[ hPqw ku pihlW hI pMjwb dw iek jwixAw pCwixAw irtwierf APsr ieh slwh idMdw hY ik kOmWqrI hvweI A`fw qW cMfIgVH bxw idE qy AMimRqsr hvweI A`fy ƒ kwrgo vwsqy vrqo[

iesy qrHW krIb iqMn cwr vrHy pihlW jdoN qurkmYinsqwn eyAr, auzbyiksqwn eyArvyz AMimRqsr phuMcIAW sn qW cMfIgVH dy keI trYvl eyjMt cMfIgVHoN jlMDr jwxy SurU ho gey sn qW aus vyly vI pMjwb Aqy ielwkweI APsrSwhI keI idn cMfIgVHoN Cpdy iek AMgryzI AKbwr iv`c iehI ibAwn dwgdI rhI ik CyqI hI cMfIgVH kOmWqrI hvweI A`fw bx jwvygw ikauNik AMimRqsr iv`c keI qknIkI ^wmIAW hn[

ienHW hwlwq iv`c mYN aunHW swirAW musw&rW ƒ vDweI idMdw hW ijhVy AMimRqsr hvweI A`fy rwhIN pMjwb phuMc ky APsrSwhI ƒ SrimMdw kr rhy hn[

DMnvwd sihq,
gurqyj isMG, vYilMgtn-inaUzIlYNf

hrbIr isMG BMvr, luiDAwxw

231103_amrinder1_100.jpg (3928 bytes)p�jwb ƒ Ajy vI Amir�dr is�G dI loV ikauN?
- pRo� s�qoK is�G AOjlw  


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I am very pleased that we have such a good Punjabi site on the internett. We have good writers, and they should help the people. They should write about how to avoide Badal, and let him be at his status. He is missusing the word "Panth" to get support from the people of Punjab

Pritpal Kaur

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With reference to Prof.Santokh Singh Aujla's article "why do we still need Capt. Amarinder Singh's Govt." is an insight to the political spectrum of Punjab.I am against corruption and any honest and peace loving person would be of my opinion too. But let us not forget that the palace of Democratic system is erected on the foundation of 'corruption'.There is corruption everywhere and in every country in the world. It is different that it is named differently according to the situations and the need for the situation. I do not know much about Indian system because I have been away from India for a long long time, and being lived in western world, I have understood that corruption is named differently in every country and every city of the world.

Take example of "fund raising events". It is nothing but a very sophisticated name for corruption. It says "YOU WASH MY HANDS AND I WILL WASH YOUR HANDS"

The difference between eastern and western corruption is the sophistication, which comes with time. We in India have a democratic system for only half a century whereas democracy was born in the western world.


What needed now is, not to play a dirty game in politics.Let us not avenge each other. Today Capt.is the king of Punjab. Nobody stays in power for ever in this world. One day Captain will be out of office and naturally, his opponent or his associate is going to replace him.With the passing of time, Capt. or his associates will be making such blunders just like Badal did, and the New King will find out about them too.If the spirit of revenge stays, it is not going to be pretty scene.

If we stop for a moment and start thinking about what kind of system of Govt.we should have in Punjab.There is no Govt.in India, or in the world, which is corruption-free.

I am not ADVOCATING CORRUPTION. But the need is to think about how we can just make a system which works smoothly and everybody is happy. In the time of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the corruption was at its heights, and He had to burn some corrupt people alive to clean the mess.Who can tell that after this incident, the corruption was abolished completely and nothing went wrong after that. It is another fact that we had to sacrifice hundreds of Singhs to get the corrupt Mahants out of Gurdwaras and bring the S.G.P.C.

Everybody knows what is happening in all the historic and non-historic gurdwaras, NOW, not only in India, but all over the world.(This is another topic which requires an article to bring to the attention of the Sikh Sangat worldwide.
Gurjit Singh Proothee
Brampton ON. CANADA

jsivMdr copVw, b`uDwpYst, hMgrI


respected sir
satsri akkal, my self jaswinder chopra study in msc programme budapest university of technology and ecnomics , budapest,hungary.i am very happy on seeing your seight.i very crazy about my culture becouse i am from chandigarh punjab.please respond me back.

with regards
jaswinder chopra

srvmIq isMG


site vekh ke maza aa giya
agge ton sanpark rakhange

ruipMdr isMG, nwrvy


i was just surfing and i was in www.5abi.com and i am totally suprised to read so such nice punjabi website here on nett, really it is nice website and appreciate for its service for punjabi language.
rupinder singh NORWAY

sMqoK isMG, AwstRylIAw

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